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10 Min Core Workout with Bridget

Hello! My name is Bridget and I am a certified group fitness instructor at Penn State Campus Recreation.

This break we're dealing with right now is very challenging.

Mental and physical health is super important and we are here to help.

I got a quick at home workout for you today.

No equipment needed.

If you want you can use a mat or a towel but really with any old carpeting you are going to be fine so let's get started.

We're going to start standing and we're going to start off with an incline.

So just bend forward at those hips.

Bend those knees.

Get those hands to come to the ground and we're going to walk them out until our wrists are stacked under your shoulders and we're in a plank position.

And then you walk yourself back and stand back up.

You keep that pattern rolling.

Just after a few.

You're going to peel your body.

Keep up right away.

Breathe into this move.

Focus on that nice strong plank position at the bottom.

Wrist in line with the shoulder.

Back and glues are flat in line.

Staying off that chest.

Lets do two more right here.

And on this next one we're going to pause at that plank on the bottom and then hold this for 30 seconds.

That is it.

30 seconds.

You have the option if you would like to go down to your knees.

Or you can come down to your elbows.

You're already 20 seconds in.

10 to go.

Focus strong.

If you want, you can tap out.

Real close to the side.

Five, four, three, two, and bring those knees down.

And then I want you to flip over here.

And we're going to rock back onto that tail bone.

Rolling our shoulders behind us.

Hands are going to come to give our upper body a little bit of support right here.

Lift those heels off the ground, and we're going to do a pulse in and out.

Adjust your hands as you need.

Promise me you'll keep those shoulders rolled back.

I know its super super tempting sometimes to bring them forward on this move.

You should feel the ache in your shoulder blade and you can't let drop roll those shoulders back.

This is level one.

If you want a little bit of progression here.

Take away those hands.

Focus on that core.

Four more here.

Four, three, two, and pause at the top here.

We're gonna go with some feet up now so we're going to kick those heels to the ceiling.

And back down.

If you want to bring those hands back behind you for a little bit of extra support you can do that.


Tight core.

Hold strong.

Four more here.

Three, two, and one.

Drop those feet.

Slowly roll down till our shoulder blades hit the mat.

Feet are shoulder width apart.

And hands are going to come behind your head.

We're just going to go into some crunches here.

Lift and lower.

Just a small movement, lifting our forehead to the ceiling and back down.

Making sure we got plenty of space under that chin right here.

Lift and lower.

Inhale and exhale.

Pushing that lower back into the mat.

Lift and lower.

Good job.

Lets do four more here.

Three, two, now this next one, hold it up, take those hands.

grab them together and pulse them through your knees.

towards the ceiling and back down.

Stretch out that core muscle.

Four Three Two and lower down here.

Hands back behind that head.

We're gonna lift our left leg up.

We cross it over our right and them with our opposite shoulder, we're going to glide towards that opposite knee.

So we're going to pull our figure forward twice to work those obliques.

*unintelligible* Let's see four more.

Next one.

Let that hand go.

Pulse it to the side in towards the corner of your room.

Right past that hip.




and one.

Go back.

And cross the left leg.

Right leg comes comes up.

Other side.

Here we go.

Lift and lower.

Shoulders down to the muscles are talking back to us.

But you got this.

Hold strong.

You're stronger than you think.

Four to go.

Three to go.


Get ready to pulse.

Unravel that hand.

Right past that hip and pulse towards the corner of the room.


Four, Three.


and one.

Back down here.

Bring knees together.

Then we're going to lift both feet into the air.

Hands are going to come right by our side.

When you're ready, we're going to start picking those hips off the ground towards the ceiling.

And then letting them softly land on the ground.

Try to resist gravity.

Let that core do all the work.

Keep nice and flexed.

Just like you're making little imprints on your ceiling.




And one.

Now take your hands.

Reach them up towards those toes and pulse.

Theres a $20 bill in between your toes.

You're reaching.

You're reaching for it.




Few more.

Again, keeping that chin off of our chest.

Four more There are four.


You got this.


And one.


One more move and we're done for the day.

You wanna kinda stretch out right here.

Go right ahead.

Laying all the way flat on the ground, bring one knee towards our chest and then hover like this.

When you're ready, go ahead and switch.

And switch again.

Feel that beat of music and just find a pace thats good for you.

If you want to get a little harder, you can pry those shoulders off the ground.

and then finally taking those hands away and turning into some bicycles.

We're here for 30.

Take it at whatever pace you would like.

if you want to stay down here, you can do that too.

Totally up to you.

Whatever feels best.

Five seconds to go.





And one.


Stretch those legs long.

Hands come above your head.

Roll out those wrists and ankles.

We're just gonna stretch it out real quick.

And then when you're done, go ahead and roll up here.

And come and face me.

One big inhale.

Arms come up.

And exhale.

Reach forward and try to see how far you can reach.

Walking those fingers out just a little farther.

Come back up.

Lace those hands together.

Bring them above your head.

And just go ahead and lean to your left side.

Opening up that chest and breathing here.

And go ahead and lean right.

Now release those arms and lock them behind your back.

And roll those shoulders back, separating your chest as much as you can.

Head comes up just a little bit to breathe.

And go ahead and shake it out and relax.

Again, my name is Bridget.

Thank you so much for joining me.

I really hope you liked this at home core workout.


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