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20 Minute Full-Body HIIT Workout with Keighty Gallagher

– Three, two, and rest.

(vocalizing) Hey everyone, it's Keighty Gallagher from Tight Club Athletics.

I'm a lululemon ambassadorhere in Vancouver, and I'm bringing kind of a classic KG full-body pretty highintensity workout to you, for the Move & Stay Connected challenge that lululemon's doing with Strava.

Super stoked to be back again.

All you're gonna need is a yoga mat, a set of light weights, and a towel.

You ready to do this? Okay team, for our warm-up, we have three movements that we're gonna go throughthree times, four reps each.

So, first movement, I'll do it this way so you can see better.

We have a shoulder extensionwith a leg abduction.

So you're pulling away from center, holding it for a moment, and then bringing it back in.

That counts as one, other side is two, three, remember thumb up, flex your foot behind you.

And four, good, second movement.

Let's pull back, bend your knees.

I call this a prowler.

So look before your hands, now extend those legs strong forward, step your left foot forward, left up arm up, that's one.

Do that again, two.

(upbeat funky music) That's three.

Good team, and that's four.

Third movement in our workout series.

We have a squat and a twist, that's one.

Big exhale at the top.

Three, four.

So, those are your moves.

Let's try to get that inabout two or three more times.

All right, team.

We have five movements to get through, all for about 30 seconds each.

And our first round is gonnabe kind of a discovery round.

We're gonna learn the movements.

We're gonna get to know them.

Be curious, be kind this round and let's get it.

Okay team, 30 seconds here.

All we're gonna startwith is we got a tap, a squat, a kick, squat.

Tap, kick, three, two, one.

Tap, squat, kick, squat.

Tap, kick, 'kay, five seconds.

We stay low.

Three, two, one, tap, tap, squat.

Touch at the top, then down.

So, tap, tap, up, down.

Tap, tap, up, down.

Get your butt to the end of your mat.

Get nice and low.

We've got a frog or a duck walk.

So, walk it out.

Once you get to the topof your mat, heel click.

Walk it back, 'kay.

Nice and low, walktowards you, heel click.

(laughs) Wow, it's happening.

Step your left leg back, here in this nice low lunge.

We're gonna come down here.

Connect your knees, or youdon't have to touch them, but drive your knees, one, two, three.

Now, power all the way up for one.

So it looks like this, follow along, 15 seconds.

Two, three, thrust.

Low, low, low, thrust.

Other side in three, two, one, let's go.

One, two, three, all the way up.

One, two, three, all the way up.

We're almost there, this is the fun one.

This is the one that I like.

We have three options.

Option one, 'kay, we're just gonna walk itout, moving laterally.

Option two, high knee runs.

Option three, this is theone that I kinda like.

Track, track girl vibes.

We've got a lateral hop, hop, hop, hop.

Switch legs, up, up, up.

Good job, everyone.

That's your first round.

(sighs) Take a little sip of water.

Find that voice.

Tell yourself what you needto hear to get through this.

'Kay, we're gonna be great.

Okay team, we're gonna move on to our upper body and core segment.

It's gonna be prettysimilar to what we just did.

We've got five movements and we're gonna take them onfor about 30 seconds at a time.

(claps) Sounds good? Let's do this.

All right team, so our first move, we're gonna be doing somethingcalled a traveling pushup.

So, I'm gonna show you standing to start.

We're gonna start on one side of your mat, hands and feet together.

Then we're going to open up nice and wide, lower down for your pushup, and then back together, okay team? So, 30 seconds here, hands together.

Let's do this.

So, open wide.

Pushup, come back together.

Option, you can also come down onto your knees if you need to.

Nice team, open.

'Kay, so our second movement.

You are going to need your dumbbells.

Dumbbells or like, cans.

Or nothing at all, no pressure.

So, this movement.

We're gonna get into anice plank position, 'kay.

Step your right foot to theoutside of your right hand and we've gotta row, row.

Step back and forward, row, row.

30 seconds here, team.

'Kay, drive those elbows back.

Pull back into your downward dog.

Okay, lock up those elbows.

We're gonna take little steps back.

Little steps back, little steps back.

And little steps forward, all the way forward.

Awesome team, little inchworms.

Stay with me.

Okay, boom, boom, boom.

Walk yourself all theway back to your toes.

Nice one.

(claps) All right, we got your towel.

'Kay, here's how this one goes.

It's kind of like, you know, you're baking, you're baking bread.

So, side lunge.

Hit your side lunge, okay.

You reach in to grab your bread.

You pull the bread out.

You stand up, you takea look at your bread and you go, “Nah, I don't like it.

“Let's put it back in.

” (upbeat funky music) Boom, done with that.

Shake those arms off.

Okay team, last move in the series.

We're gonna step your rightleg forward, left leg back.

Let's drop down into a lunge.

This is called sprint float sprint.

So, the first 10 seconds, we're gonna sprint your armsas fast as you can, 'kay.

Use power, drive those elbows back.


(chuckles) Now, our float.

Relax those arms, just dropyour knees down a little bit.

The awareness is gonnago to your lower body and that's what it's supposed to do.

Now, for the last 10 seconds, we're gonna let it ripagain in three, two, one, run, run, run, run, run, whoo.

'Kay, three, two, one, shake those arms out.

Give the leg a little shake.

Here we go team, other side.

Sprint, float, sprint, let's go.

Get that core goin', get that core goin'.

Four, three, two.

And you're done.

(chuckles) Thank you for participating in my Move and Stay Connected workout.

Huge thanks to lululemon and Strava for giving me this opportunity.

Let's keep connecting, team.

And don't forget, you're the coach.

I'm not the coach, you're the coach.

(upbeat music) Also, cheesy break.


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