25 ADVANCED SnowRunner tips, tricks & secrets

following on from my 25 essential tips tricks and secret snow runner guide here are 25 advanced tips for the slightly more experienced player hello and welcome to my 25 snow runner advance tips tricks and secrets video if you're new to the game maybe consider watching the prequel if you're more of a veteran however then grab that tee and sit down now i'll be honest the general promise of snow runner is pick up drive deliver that's what it boils down to so let's not expect einstein levels of knowledge in the following video but i have tried to make each point insightful as usual your support is appreciated so subscribe like and comment if you have any advanced tips to share that i missed watch to the end for maximum enlightenment and also for a best comments roundup from all my recent snow runner videos number one rank up fast sticking in michigan can help you rank up faster as the missions and terrain are more newbie friendly but if like me you wanted snow in snow runner makes sense and found the allure of russia's trucks hard to ignore and a little bit of fast xp and money can be great why because in the case of the tager and many other trucks mud tyres require you to be a certain rank and given how much mud there is in snow runner they are borderline essential to make this tip work basically all you have to do is run timed contests over and over preferably you should find a contest near a garage to minimize time wastage so you'll rank up and be rich in no time at all be sure to check out my fast xp and money video on this very subject after this video number two it's fun to explore snow runner and so if you want to make the game last longest then avoid looking everything up but if you want something specific such as a cargo type truck or upgrade then use map runner it's a sublime tool i found on reddit works brilliantly and best of all it's free link in the description that no one ever reads something that can really grind your gears is not knowing when to use each gear so here's a quick summary h or high is good for constant speeds in moderately difficult terrain such as shallow mud on a hill where a gear change would disrupt progress and upset the balance of your truck if pulling a heavy weight or tarmac bear in mind and if you go too slowly the truck will begin to stall learn actually still so come out of that gear or into it once you have some momentum really deep mud can result in lots of wheel spin particularly for scout trucks with smaller wheels in this instance use the low gear to help gain traction and avoid digging yourself a hole ideally you want to have the off-road or advanced special gearbox upgrade as you can then select one of three low gear speeds the wheels rotate too fast drop down a gear the lowest of low gear can really help in some situations especially with a trailer and extra weight behind you going down or up a steep slope meanwhile or when navigating tricky terrain with big drops nearby is also best served at a constant crawl so definitely use those low gears for maximum control as for awd or all-wheel drive awd off saves fuel but if you find yourself really slowing down then switch it back on as all wheels being driven will help keep you moving diff lock meanwhile if engageable some trucks have it always on remember makes the wheels rotate at the same speed so this is also useful in really tricky terrain basically if your current method isn't moving you forward try something else until you do move zoom in with the camera to see if any progress is being made because even the slightest change signifies a potential escape also don't forget to try reversing detach a trailer to reduce weight or use the extra winch range when your trailer is attached to find that useful tree i would definitely recommend driving near wintable objects when crosstalk cross were shawn corrow when crossing harsh terrain and do it in burst to avoid snapping your winch point if it's small number four sell upgrades you aren't using now many of you who have seen my previous 25 essential snow runner tips video will know you can sell trailers for the same price you bought them as or as if they are new if you found them in the wild vehicles meanwhile make about 10 to 15 less now thanks to a recent patch but did you know you can sell upgrades you can actually make decent money doing this plus the multiplier next to the upgrade tells you how many spares you have lying around this trick can be great for when funds are low but you need to prioritize one particular truck's upgrades number five prioritize the best upgrades there are quite a few upgrades in snow runner but the ones that make the most difference besides frame add-ons and flashing lights obviously are the gearbox engine and raised suspension a better gearbox gives you more control and a higher speed a better engine gives you more oomph to pull things go faster and get stuck less while the raised suspension upgrade missing from some trucks sadly such as the voron ae4380 gives you superior ground clearance for going up down and over things do bear in mind that sometimes not using raised suspension for instance can actually help improve the balance of a vehicle it can also be a good idea to ditch something like the crane as they are heavy and make a truck more tippy number six is avoid rushing seriously it can be frustrating engagement careful seriously it can be frustrating engaging the low gear to make careful and assured progress but do you really want to fail this cargo journey again is it worth it to be 10 seconds faster no it isn't sip on that tea and relax you'll make fewer mistakes number seven cornering on steep slopes is a bad idea even though trucks weigh a lot they are happy to tip over especially once you apply the raised suspension and bigger wheels all that weight that keeps them planted can be a double-edged sword and accelerate the sideways process once you go beyond the tipping point so make sure you are straight on or slightly diagonal to a slope to reduce the angle your truck has to coat with if you do have to steer make it gentle and try to avoid being at a big angle for too long when going downhill meanwhile you can tap left or right to reduce the amount of weight on the wheels but still steer this has nothing to do with horses now i know the map fails you if you can attach a trailer depending on whether you have the high or low saddle fitted but it can actually be easier to have no saddle at all and let the trailer store choose the right one for you number nine use bigger cranes for bigger jobs while most trucks can have a crane actually some could even do it with a side board at the same time the smaller liftees may not have the strength to cope with bigger cargo or trucks so use a truck like the dan 96 320 and slap on that larger crane it's not just cargo you can pick up you can also put trucks in places for a photo such as on the airplane at the airfield in alaska being a sandbox game there's a lot you can mess around with including making a truck that wheelies everywhere more on that later number 10 advanced tire 101.

tire choice makes a big difference in snow runner fortunately if you've ever rather if you've ever rather fortunately if you've ever bothered to read my description in previous videos you will know i link to a handy guide posted on reddit basically the rule of thumb is that if a tyre looks chunky and suitable for mud it probably is on the flip side if it's smooth then the least amount of friction will take place on tarmac and therefore it will improve your fuel efficiency and speed but it won't work very well off-road as for size wider tyres provide more stability and surface area in wet conditions while spreading the truck's weight up all of which help with progress size meanwhile helps with getting over obstacles and makes you less likely to take damage as they are typically bouncier number 11 return that fuel this is a bit of a cheeky tip basically if you're about to recover and near a fuel tanker trailer or another truck then dump all the fuel of the truck you're recovering into said trailer or truck this will save you topping up the tanker or truck you're not taking home as often as possible and there's no harm in doing it because you get a completely full tank when you arrive back in the garage anyway number 12 is preemptively use the winch the ninja winch which involves looking in the opposite direction to where you will tip over so you can quickly winch is a useful technique it saved me falling over many many times sometimes there you can preemptively attach a winch before you start to tip over as this can help keep you upright and not give you a heart attack the trick is to make sure the tree is diagonally in front of you and keep the winch wire taut as you move swap to another tree once you go past for maximum stability and rinse and repeat as much as you need great for cargo and extremely steep slopes that you need to go sideways on in the case of the 9400 autonomous winch you can have on scouts you can actually save yourself after a full because it works when the engine is stalled as long as you have something to attach to nearby that is number 13 hide the hud for photos here's one for those that want to take nice photos of the scenery or thumbnails if you're a fellow youtuber pause the game go into settings then visual and here you can find a toggle to hide the user interface or head-up display as it's known in this game now you can screenshot in gloriously clean fashion it's by no means a replacement for a full camera mode like you get in say forza horizon 4 but it's nice there is at least something to help you get nice images number 14 speedy fuel stops time is money in snow runner or maybe you're just frustrated about repeating the same mission whatever the reason you can refuel fast enough at a fuel station to never drop out of top gear i could make a joke about a cold stake here but i won't anyway just drive in keep the gas nailed then do a rapid combination of buttons and voila never need to worry about having the time to buy an overpriced stale service station sandwich again wow that's a lot of s's number 15 manual reverse keeps diff luck on it's annoying to manually go into reverse knowing that automatic does it for you but if really stark or you need maximum traction you can head into the low gear or gears then go into reverse manually as this seems to keep the diff lock enabled providing you locked it before number 16 high range gearbox makes you more money in xp something i overlooked for too long was the high speed transmission combined with my xp and money ranking trick you can easily boost your earnings per hour how because the lack of gear changes to slow your pace makes it great for off-road while the extra speed will mean generally faster speeds you can pretty much jump straight into the h-gear for super speedy acceleration depending on the truck number 17 carrying extra cargo this is a bit random but for those times when you're unable to carry everything it's possible to have an extra cargo slot by attaching cargo to the crane and leaving it there as you drive along who cares about health and safety just make sure you lower the crane as much as possible keep it centered to avoid upsetting your truck's balance and rest the cargo on the roof as best as possible or the trailer behind sadly it means you lose the ability to use the winch and remember to unpack the cargo to pick it up number 18 crave even more cargo space you're probably the type of person who has to take all the shopping from the car in one go even if it snaps your spine aka a man to do the equivalent in snow runner pull a truck and trailer with a truck and trailer using the winch do this and you can drag cargo from one area of a map to another just remember to reattach your truck when you get to the other side as for some reason it detaches automatically for ultimate cargo silliness consider using the crane to carry a scout or cargo as well or just do two trips your nutter number 19 put fuel trailers in areas without a garage as i said in my original snow runner tips video you can use trailer stores to buy a fuel or repair trailer then refuel repair respectively and sell it back but sometimes this may not be that useful if the trailer store is miles away instead pull as large a fuel trailer as you can to a tactical location and leave it there think of it as a sort of forward base for emergency situations or just for routes that you need to use a thirsty truck on you could also add a maintenance trailer for repairs too and make life easier number 20 master the crane while we're on the subject of cranes we should talk about how to use them press up then x square or whatever it's assigned to one pc then you're in crane mode regardless of the size of crane the controls remain the same and can be found at the bottom of the screen it's just how much weight you can lift and how high that changes use a rx to attach then drag the cargo around where you want it and attach with the same button just remember to unpack cargo before trying to lift it as i previously said because otherwise you won't have an attach point for maximum stability i would suggest deploying the legs aka anchor as things can get tippy fast if you're a bit hasty or lifting a lot of weight this is done by pressing the left joystick in pc users can check what button is assigned when done you can restore the crane by pressing b or circle to come out of crane mode then hit restore crane funnily enough number 21 don't bother with neutral in real life neutral can get you further on a tank of fuel a fact that saved my broke teenage ass many times but not all of them basically it removes engine braking from the equation so gravity can do its thing better but in snow runner i've tried it a few times and it seems to do absolutely nothing you neither speed up nor see a reduction in fuel usage you can however stop the engine and then quickly back out of the up option menu to regain control so it is possible to eke out drops of fuel if you're running really low providing your destination is down a hill of course number 22 speedy getaways for when you want to get away quickly or launch yourself off the top of a cliff for fun totally worth it some trucks that creep forward when you accelerate with the handbrake on can launch rapidly in the high range gear when you release it useful for tight spaces when you need a run up as well number 23 wheelies are a thing yeah if you saw my international lodestar 1700 video and you should have oh sorry about that then you will know wheelies are a thing simply attach a crane pick up some cargo and hang it out the back the combination of extra weight and forward motion lets you wheelie on demand try different positions for the cargo and different weights for differing results useful no fun for seeing what snow runners physics system can do though you bet number 24 drifting is possible too yay yes you can even drift like it's tokyo drift then your name is michelle rodriguez but not toretto because he wasn't in that one much this is best done down a hill with a slight curve the most powerful engine and slippery conditions with tyres made for the road rear-wheel drive trucks tend to work best but it's possible with trucks that have all-wheel drive and diff lock always enabled again this is a completely pointless pursuit but it's bags of fun and that's what gaming is meant to be about no really and point number 25 wow that's been a long video now it sounds obvious but the spare wheel is there to repair any damage to your wheels useful if your truck is prone to getting damaged in this area and you need to keep going for a long delivery using the spare wheel upgrade to repair your engine or suspension however isn't happening which makes sense to me and that my friends is the end of today's lesson in snow runner go forth with your newfound knowledge and um deliver things from a to b although i don't need to tell you guys this be sure to subscribe like and comment as usual then prepare yourself for my favorite comments i've had recently coming at you like clear yeah some of you aren't old enough to get that reference now my favorite one was from someone called diony paradise on the taiga king they said stupid video cheers for that somebody else guessed in my essential tips and tricks video the original one but the car at the end of the video is the 2020 land rover defender good job here's a virtual cookie uh sire galahad said still can't get used to this steering smh yeah some trucks are particularly annoying when it comes to going left and right acepilot2k7 said your videos are great keep up the good work don't worry your check is in the post anti-school uh i mean no one really likes school do they said mate how the bloody hell did you manage that i'm not sure what he's referring to they still haven't responded probably out missing school ah mr sanmob told me how to pronounce okay here we go mini so i'm gonna assume that's right but i i haven't checked uh dream day or is that doctor aim day i'm not i'm not entirely sure said the international is my favorite scout by a mile i just love the name into nasty it's just so good thank you internet someone else said subscribing because of dubstep wheelies yeah valid apparently i used the wrong music i should have used eurobeat yeah that's uh that's fair enough someone else said i fan baits brilliant glad i found this channel are you aware of colonel failure per chance now i wasn't before but he has a cool voice and he does really nerdy and like even nerdy nerdier than these videos uh video game videos so yeah he's cool he seems interesting i'm not sure how i compare maybe i also look old and have a call now i can't be true a few people congratulate me i'm reaching 3 000 subs i know crazy i remember when i had 20 and i was like why am i doing this this just seems insane but now i don't know it's like someone flicked a switch and yeah we're growing it's exciting i mean i'll get more hate but yeah most of you guys seem pretty happy anyway that's enough for this time i feel like reading the comments out could be quite fun for the end of every video so maybe we'll do it uh if you guys enjoyed it then let me know and on that note take care i will see you in the next video bye [Music] you.

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