3 Blues Riffs Every Guitarist Should Know!

hey guys it's sterile here welcome back to the channel today we're going to be playing the blues so one of the great things about learning pentatonic based blues soloing is that it's not just applicable to the blues these pentatonic licks can be used across a bunch of different

genres whether you're into rock or metal or country or whatever jazz will just be sort of tweaked towards that specific genre but getting a foundation in blue soloing is super important for developing your overall soloing abilities okay so let's check out the first example now all three of

these licks that we're going to go through today can be found on the essential blues licks sheet that's up on my Etsy store I'll pop up the link right now you can download that for three bucks and have a paper copy of a bunch of different examples but

we'll just go through three today okay so let's take a listen to the first example here it is okay so let's break it down now the first three notes are very famous two blues phrasing these three notes have probably launched a thousand blues songs but let's take a

listen to them so you've probably heard something like this before or maybe with double stops so yeah a really famous blues phrase which is why I included it in this lick now if you're not used to bending probably a great way to practice is simply to go up

2 frets from your Bend so in this case we're bending from a D 2 and E so if you go up to the e note on 9th fret that's our target pitch that way if you're under bending you can quickly hear it or if you're over bending so

yeah if you want to practice those full bands just get that target pitch and then try to bend up to it as best as you can alright so the second classic blues phrase is the beginning of measure 2 so you've probably heard this before something like that so

that's going to start off our second measure and then we have a hammer on that goes from minor to major which is another hallmark of the blues so we have a minor third in this case of C and then we hammer onto a seizure ok so let's listen

to the first two measures at a nice slow speed now the other bit of articulation our two staccato notes so you'll see them on the third and fourth notes of the first measure so when we bend up we want those two staccato notes and then the second Bend

and you can do the double pump or just straight in whichever you prefer so yeah let's listen to those first two measures again all right so let's look at the third and fourth measures now these are an alternate way to interpret the first two measures so they're just

slight differences let's take a listen alright let's play through the whole thing at a nice slow speed okay so the second example we're going to look at is number nine off the worksheet and there's a couple elements here that would sort of make me say everybody should know

this or it's an essential blues lick and the first element is the introduction of the second scale degree and that's represented by seven or a B note so it's the second note of the lick normally we would play the flat three but in this case we're gonna be

playing the major second guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn David Gilmour a bunch of people you know incorporate this into their playing and it's a nice color note so we're going to hammer on from A to B and then pull off back to a so if you need to

sit there and practice that a bunch til somebody wants to throw you out a window that's fine just do it and then we're gonna slide into the room note so instead of bending up like our previous example we're gonna slide up a full tone so that first phrase

sounds like that and then the next few notes are very similar to the intro of our first example okay so that first bar now the second element that I think sort of makes this one of a certain essential blues lick is the use of chromatic notes okay so

here we go instead of playing up the pentatonic scale like we should we're going to add all the in-between notes and chromatic just means you're playing side by side notes so it's going to go so nice easy lick and make sure your alternate picking with your right hand

that'll make things go a lot smoother so let's play through the whole thing at a nice slow speed and then at a more reasonable temple our final example is going to be number 13 off the sheet so here we go there's a couple things to look at before

we start you'll notice right away we've got triplets so instead of being a sort of a straight sixteenth or eighth note riff we're going to be dealing with triplets and the other thing you'll notice is we have some stack notes with an open string in between them so

that means we're going to be doing some hybrid picking so here's what it sounds like so we're really cool it sounded riff so the first element what that we're going to do is hybrid picking which means on the third string you're going to use your flat pick and

then on the first string you're going to use your middle finger or some people like to use with the ring finger so you may need to just isolate that section and practice it a bunch and the rhythm is going to go triple it all right so then we

launch into some double stops and that just simply means playing two notes to stack notes on the guitar so we're going to do a half band and another half man and some vibrato and that's really important to blues all those little things because we could play those notes

just like that but it sort of loses its feeling when you add the bands and all the articulation suddenly it has some emotion behind it and it's not so robotic awesome and then the second bar again we continue with the triplets we start with hammer on and we

have the chromatic movement and we also have the major minor so we have that major third again just the lower octave of it and then we end up with v which is your a and then your flat seven here which is a G and when you let those

three notes ring out it creates an a7 chord which is a great way to end it so let's play through though this example at a nice slow speed second measure and again alternate picking throughout and you guys will have it down in no time let's play it at

medium speed I hope you guys enjoyed playing through these blues licks if you did leave the video a thumbs up drop a comment below share the video all those things are greatly appreciated and if you want a paper copy with a bunch of additional examples you can head

over to the store for a few bucks and download to alright I hope this was a great way to kick off your week we'll see you guys next Monday for another video take care

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