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Amy's Backyard Booty Workout | #StayTheFFHome | Freeform

hey what's up I'm Amy and this is the class called backyard booty here we are in my backyard but you definitely don't need a backyard to do this workout you can meet literally anywhere your room your office your bathroom maybe even your car a green screen anywhere works

where you have space and ideally little to no distractions okay are you ready let's go just kidding we're staying right here oh and the real today is if we spot an animal at any point we're gonna do 25 jump squats let's get those bodies movie I want you

all to move your arms up and down like a beautiful butterfly and no this does not count as an animal sighting okay time to work dim hips and I want you guys to take note of how as soon as we start to move our body you just feel

any negativity or stress from the day just roll right off they just bounce off your body look at that goodbye [Music] Oh thumbs up that means great work let's keep it going with high knees and remember not to phone this in get those knees to those hands come

on let's go now for some butt kickers let's get those feet up ooh be careful don't kick that butt too hard break too much toes don't Street now for some lateral squat walks I don't know why that why does that sound so funny squat walks I want you

all to remember your form here keep the chest up and keep the weight back in the heels ooh looks like we're going even lower I want you guys to walk as low as you can squeeze tight all right and that's our warm-up for this next group of exercises

I want you guys to grab something heavy so it looks like here I am chasing around my three-year-old nephew to see if he will serve as my 40 pound weight I don't know he looks a little squirmy it might not work out okay you want to drive your

tractor fair enough he wants to drive his tractor so I have substituted this potted plant with dirt and we are doing 25 weighted squats let's go [Music] you okay I want you all to use the same way and do forward lunges on the right leg first ten at

a time oh no where am I going what's happening Oh wardrobe change I should have known since we're taking a pause a brief note on our lunch form let's remember to keep our knees behind our toes and focus on going down oh my gosh idea okay since you

didn't see it I won't count that as continue with ten forward lunges on each leg right leg first oops I hopped a little bit on that [Music] I swear the baby we don't got what you need so wish you go be my the world whoa deal with my

training I know all right we did it the first set at least I do want you all to do three sets total of the weighted squats and lunges so have fun oh my gosh it's a real-life bunny have you guys ever seen a bunny in the wild before

you know like a little bend and snap dismount coming out of your last jump squat hey now that we're doing that let's go ahead and break that down pick a side any side keep your legs as straight as possible bent down drop your head and then whip your

head up nice now for this Lomo version bend all the way down drop the head whoosh very elegant very classy now let's grab a mat blanket or beach towel and move down to the floor pick up your right leg with a flexed foot and give me 20 pulses

up to the sky hooray [Music] whoa deal with my training now 420 kick packs with an increased range of motion and appointed – done yet we're still working this leg we're going to do 20 fire hydrants on the same leg to really work that side bootie let's go

this one really gets to burn going we're gonna fire hydrant kick to the side with a pointed toe fire hydrant back in ten of these please I believe in you the clock he can wait for us okay quick little Child's Pose stretch that puppy out and we're going

to do the exact same thing on the other leg cuz the best times are very far [Music] let's get started [Music] this field has to it [Music] [Music] keep it lit to the sun-god put your hands up it's we just begun in the manner where you came from

[Music] from oh okay I think I'm I'm ready to lie down I'm ready for a shavasana can we do a quick shavasana okay okay okay I get it I'm getting up I'm getting up hey guys we're back I just ate some chocolate let's go I left that clip

in as a reminder to you all to do whatever is necessary to get through your workout with enthusiasm so that means taking a break to go eat chocolate do it okay we are now entering the final sequence of this workout this next exercise is a lateral lunge and

kick combo I slow it down for you right here so you can see how to come out of the lunge and into the kick we'll do 10 on our right leg first and if you find you're having trouble keeping balance just remember to hold your core and keep

that booty tight [Music] [Music] [Music] please [Music] we are almost done that music doula fancy walk last combo I'm excited are you excited this one gets a little complex we're gonna start with a high knee twist your torso towards the knee kick back kick front lunge back great

let's give it a whirl do the combo ten times on the right leg first and then we'll switch over to the left also be kind of that hammy on that kick to the front I'm taking mine to a 90 degree angle but feel free to go lower you

know your own body keep that foot flexed have fun with it [Music] oh yeah yeah that's the end we did it then then snap oh come on really the bunny came back okay guys you know what that means let's close out with 25 jump squats you got this

[Music] hey guys look at that we did it no I took three hairstyles in one wardrobe change and we did it together so stay safe hey beautiful thanks for joining me and don't break up because you worked hard today treat yourself something fun and backyard theme are you

guys love you bye

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