Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Tips for First-Time Dads and New Grads

-Arnold Schwarzenegger, how are you doing? How are you feeling right nowat this moment? Here we are, a couple of monthsinto this quarantine.

How are your spirits? -I feel great.

You know, because I did a lotof work always at home anyway.

I always split it up, going two, three times a week to my office, and the rest of the time I spendat home, making phone calls, FaceTime, and have meetings, and playing with my animals.

How about you?-I'm doing the best I can.

I think you'll be very happyto hear this, but I've been stayingvery physically fit.

I think of you.

I think of — 'Cause I used to do thesephysical fitness things all the time with — my schoolwould do them with you.

So I have you to –I think of you, and I will — “Oh! I have Arnold coming on.

” I go, “I can't disappoint –I can't let him down.

” So I went for a walk todayfor 5 miles with my dog.

-That's good.


-That burns around500 calories right there.

-Yeah, that's like two beers.

-Two beers, okay.

I know, that's the sad story about the whole thing aboutstaying lean, right? I mean, it's like, you put so much effort into it, you do the bicycling, and you dothe training and everything, and then one ice-cream cone, and it wipes everything out.

I mean, that's the sad storyabout the whole thing.

But you look good.

And I think there is something to be said about the thingsthat we have learned, I think, during this crisis of how manythings that you really can do withoutthe normal way of doing it.

You know, like, for instance, you're doing it from your home, let's assume now, your show.

I'm doing it from my home.

So I'm not coming intothe studio.

But it works.

I think that we still have a conversation, we stillcan dialogue and everything.

So I think a lot of peoplewill adjust to this new way of living, maybe, or new way of handling the situations, and the television studios don't have to be that bigand that huge and that extravagantand costing that much money.

So there's something to be saidabout all that.

-Are you super excited now? I know you're aboutto become a grandfather.


Can you believe that? I mean, that is really exciting news that Katherine now, you know, be pregnant and have a baby.

I don't know when, exactly.

Sometime this summer.

And inevitably, I'm really looking forward to playing aroundwith whatever it is, she or he, and have some fun.

I think this is kind ofa unique experience.

But I was just thinking aboutthe gene pool.

I mean, think about thisfor a second.

It is part Kennedy, and part — You know, there's three gene pools here.

You can do Kennedy, Schwarzenegger, and Pratt, I mean, we can do anything.

We can go and solvethe Cuban missile crisis, we can go and kill Predatorswith our bare hands, and we go and train dinosaurs.

I mean, think about this.

-[ Laughing ] -That is a lot of power here.

Worst thing is if this kidends up, you know, with my accent.

That's what we don't want.

-[ Laughing ]I'm looking forward it to.

I remember years ago, I wasdoing stand-up in Los Angeles, and I was gonnagive you a compliment, because you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest star in the world.

And I remember going to a mallor something, and you were taking your kidsfor ice cream or something.


-And I was like, “What a good dad.

“I love that they have — You know, as much as you gotgoing on, you got — “Yeah, I got everything.

I can do whatever.

” You actually got –It just takes it — I now have two little girls, but it's like, doesn't matter if I did”Saturday Night Live” or I did a movieor I did something.

That doesn't even matter.

You're a dad.

And you have to be a dad.

-Well, you know, it is so much fun being a dad, and the trick of it is, it's just as you know, it's communication.

-You did a virtualcommencement speech yesterday, that was fantastic, by the way.

-Thank you.

-Did you think about –I love that you did that.

You must get requests every yearto do every school.

-Yeah, you're right.

I have gotten requests.

I've done many commencementspeeches in the past.

And I was asked again to dothis year commencement speeches, and they, of course, were all cancelled.

So I was very, very happyand honored when Snapchat said to me, “We would like youto do our official commencement speech, becausethey have a huge outreach, over 220 million people, potential people watching that whole thing.

So it really got a lot ofexposure, and I'm very happy, because, as you know, I'mkind of an international guy.

So it was fun to goand to speak to students in the Middle East as much as inAsia, as much as in Europe, or in Africa and Australia, all over the place.

So, to me, the world ismy kind of a place, you know? I feel very comfortable in eachone of those parts.

So it was great to do a speechfor the whole world, for all the students.

-You got great reviews.

And I think a lot of kids reallyappreciated you taking the time and giving them some adviceand talking to them.

That was really cool.

-I wanted to pump them up.

Because it's a very odd thing that you don't havea graduation.

You work at this for four years.

And my son just has graduated, Christopher, at the University of Michigan.

And so we did Zoomfor his graduation, having a Zoom kind ofgraduation.

I felt, in a way, sorry for the kids.

But I wanted to tell them –It's actually a good opportunity to say to them, you know, this is life.

There will be obstaclesthrown in front of you.

This is not the last obstacle, and it's all about how do you deal with those obstaclesand move around it.

Aurelius, the Roman emperor, said, you know, “What is in your waybecomes the way, ” and this is exactly what it is.

That was kind of the messagethat I wanted to give them.

-There's moreI want to ask you about.

Can you stick aroundfor like three more minutes? -Yes! I have nothing elseto do right now.

-[ Laughing ]-I put aside — Well, I put aside two hoursof discussion with you.

-[ Laughing ]Oh, my gosh! You're our guestfor the whole week.

-Yeah, exactly.


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