BRILLIANT HAIR HACKS AND TIPS || Funny Hair Situations And Problems by 123 GO!

Short, long, thick, thin, straight, or curly— we’ve all got hair! And while we all have the stuff growing off our heads, some of us are better at dealing with it than others.

That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite hair hacks to make your life a little bit easier.

But be careful — some of these hacks requirea little bit of practice before becoming perfect.

Sometimes, you’ll just be going about your day, minding your own business when a new problem comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face.

Yikes! That had to hurt! Oh man! How could Lana not see me standing there? Well, I guess walking and talking may nothave been the best idea.

Ooh! That definitely left one heck of a mark, didn’t it? Unless… I can totally use my headband to cover thisthing! First, take all your hair out like this sothat it’s not tied back.

Gather a section of your hair just past your forehead like this and tie it into a little ponytail.

Once you’ve done that, make a small opening just below the tie and pull the hair through it.

Carefully place it over your forehead to fashiona pair of blunt bangs.

Make sure to spread them a bit to make themlook as natural as possible.

Don’t forget to put the headband back onto cover up the hair tie! Better get off to class.

You didn’t win today, stupid locker! It’s Saturday morning, which is the prefect time to go spend my new crisp, twenty-dollar bill! But before you put that thing in your back pocket, remember when that creep stole your money from you that one time? But if you don’t wanna carry a purse, whereare you supposed to put the thing? Ooh! I know exactly what to do! And the solution was sitting in my hair thiswhole time.

Hold on, folks, I’ll be right back.

To turn your scrunchy into the perfect cash concealer, simply take a small pair of sewing scissors like these to remove the seam.

Once you’ve gotten rid of that, open thefabric so that you create a hole.

Now you’ve got your very own secret pocket, see? Next, take some velcro with sticky adhesive and put it onto the scrunchy so that you can open and close the hole when needed.

Stick a small piece to either side just likethis.

Make sure to cover it with the fabric so thatit isn’t obvious.

Finally, take whatever cash you want to hideand fold it into a thin strip.

Now stick it right in and seal it up tight! So instead of lugging around a bag or bulky wallet, just put on your scrunchy and you’re good to go! Oh yes! The candy man is coming by! Lucky for Sophia, she had her cash handy fora quick exchange.

Just be sure to put that cash away beforeanyone sees you holding it.

Perfect fit.

Don’t forget to put that sucker back inyour hair, you don’t want it to be obvious.

This hair-do is sure worth a million bucks— or however much you have in there.

Wish you had long, luscious locks like Lana’s? Sophia! You’re sitting on my hair! Geez.

While having long hair may look fabulous, it can get in the way of the simplest things.

Like putting on your backpack, for example.

Okay, I can’t take it anymore.

I think it’s finally time for me to get rid of this hair once and for all.

Lana, no!! I can’t believe you almost cut off yourgorgeous hair! I know you want to, but I just can’t letyou cut your shiny mane! Hey, is that a bow there on your overalls? Mind if I borrow it for a sec? If your long hair is making your life difficultthese days, try this game-changing hack.

First, put the wrap around your neck and wrapit back around your hanging strands.

Now tie it in a knot and slowly pull it down so it’s just about three quarters down the length of your hair.

Once it’s tight, lift the tie up so thetail gets tucked under the rest of your hair.

Next, tie the bow over the top of your headand into a bow.

Next thing you know, you’ll have a new, short haircut without ever having come into contact with any sheers.

Lana sure looks fabulous, doesn’t she? Lana! I can’t believe how good your new hair do looks! Who needs to make expensive trips to the salon when you can completely revamp your look with a simple scarf? Ever wonder what your hair would look likewith cute, cork-screw curls? Ugh, how can my hair look like this? Alright, there’s no time like the presentto give this look a try.

I’m just gonna take this flat iron and twistit around like this… Ugh, that didn’t work.

Ooh, yikes.

I’m just gonna share this mirror if youdon’t mind.

Hey! Think you could share that eye pencil with me for just a minute? Curly hair, here I come! Simply wrap a single strand around a thinpencil like this.

Then with your free hand, press the flat ironover the hair wrapped around the pencil.

Wow! Check it out! A real curl! Pretty soon, you can cover your whole headwith them! Man, you look awesome with hair like that, Sophia! Oh, and here’s your pencil back, Lana.

Wow, Sophia! You made your hair look exactly like the picture! And now without further ado, it’s selfietime.

Have you ever been enjoying a snack when you suddenly are faced with pure, jaw-dropping beauty? Man, look at all those gorgeous colors! It’s amazing! Where did you go to get your hair done like that, Lana? I’ve gotta know! Who needs a salon when you have some blueeyeshadow handy? Simply take the eyeshadow and rub it directlyonto your hair like this.

Wow! I can’t believe how easy that was! Love your style, girl! What can I say, I’m pretty awesome.

While these hairdos looked great, that doesn’t mean it didn’t come without a little trial and error.

Stick around to see our hilarious bloopers! Think you could rock some of these awesome‘dos? Share this video with your friends to testthem out! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go!’s YouTube page so you never miss out on our helpful videos.

See you next time!.

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