Building a melody with "Live Mode" chords • @Music Maker JAM Tutorial (Jam X @Eryn Martin cover)

This melody has been all over the Music Maker Jam app in early 2020.

It's Eryn Martin's song “Ball” that was featured in a Jam X pack and at the center of a remix competition on MMJ For this video, I am muting Eryn Martin's vocal (sounds from jam X packs are not allowed on YouTube), but .



But thanks to fellow D-ROCK DIGITAL who played the melody of the chorus on his saxophone and used the Music Maker Jam audio recording feature, .



We can show you, how “Ball” became a Vintage Rock song.

First, I increased the tempo from the pack's default 83 to 100 beats per minute Step 1: Make it faster and find a good guitar sound.

As you know from my tutorials, not all loops sound good with all chords.

As Eryn Martin's pack contains some harmonies that are not available in many packs, it took many experiments.

Step 2: Figure out the right chord progression (the changes in harmonies throughout the song).

For the first time, I used the updated “live mode” for playing with the chords (maybe you remember the old “Live Mode” that was discontinued a while ago) While “play”is pressed, you can now experiment “live”by tapping the chords in the center of the screen.

It will play that chord (marked red) until you tap another chord.

But after some experiments I found out: The 3 chords from the pack just weren't enough Time to harness the power of Music Maker Jam PRO and add a C minor chord (“c”) I found “c” as a result of some musical theory knowledge (I suspected that the song was written in the key of A# wich contains the C minor chord) and a lot of experimentation (it is very easy to swap chords in PRO) Starts sounding like a song, but .



I needed to experiment a lot more for a full progression I eventually I picked another chord from the key of A# major – an “F”.

It does not sound 100% perfect with the Stoic Strum guitar but I liked the slight edge of the imperfection.

Again, “Live Mode” helped me try different changes (sequences of chords).

I settled on cccc gggg A#A#A#A# FFFF.

Stopping playback & cleaning up little “live mode” errors.

When you press the chords in real time your timing is not always exact, so it is useful to do this “by hand” afterwards.

Sounds good-Needs instrumentation now.

The challenge: Finding loops that sound “in tune” with c, g, A# and F Didn't have that problem with drums.

They sound equal with every chord.

Looking for a bass.

“Straight Bass” from Rock Pop Vol.

2 is one of my favorites and sounds good with the chords I chose.

Adding the audio recording from “D-ROCK DIGITAL” to the mix.

Experiments with additional guitar sounds.

After adding a country music guitar and fixing various volume levels .






we can duplicate this promising segment.

That way, we save the status we like and have a foundation for further experiments.

After countless loops and instruments .






I liked this the most (“Slow Piano A” from the “Metal”pack) But the last notes of the melody (on FFFF) sound off.

“Live Mode”to the rescue! Again, pressing PLAY and while the segment plays back, pressing different chords in different sequence in order to figure out what sounds good.

Pressed chords turn red.

Cleaning up “LIVE MODE” inaccuracies Making a copy of this segment in order to preserve the instruments and tackle the verse next in a separate segment.

I used “live mode” a lot to find a chord progression that sounded good with Eryn Martin's singing (“Sorry to my mom.

Sorry to my dad”) .



Slowly, an idea emerges from the chaos.

Correcting my “Live Mode” timing errors by hand.

The verse is complete! Next: See the final result from start to finish All Jam X sounds are muted (copyright restrictions: Jam X sound not permitted on YouTube) Full song (with Eryn Martin's Jam X vocals) at www.


com/profiles/tom_z Saxophone played by D ROCK DIGITAL: www.


com/profiles/derrickbradley More MMJ tutorials & info at: www.



academy And now check out the saxophone god of Music Maker Jam!.

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