Can I finally find THIS Amiga demo music sample? Let's explore the demo scene to find it…

[AUTOMATIC CAPTIONS BY YOUTUBE┬«]On the menu today join me for theculmination of my lifelong search for the origins of this amiga demomusic song welcome hello chip dippers in the late 80sand early 90s sitting in awe of my Commodore Amiga in the comfort of mybedroom I'd watch name's fly by my screen likeNorthstar Fairlight Mahony cactus end savage kind of like teenstoday watch their favorite tick tock stars on their screens now these nameswere shown in so called demos and cracktros little intros placed infront of games whose copyright protection had been cracked and again abit like tick tock that cracktro was that person's opportunity to demo theirskills to the worldsong: “i'm a savage.



” that's where this story begins becausethe word savage had a bit of a different meaning to me when I was 17 I thought itmight have two people today you see back then I found a demo by the group savagethat had a short music sample in it playing this perfect loop I just fell inlove over the years I've tried so hard tofind out where it was from but always to no avail now a few years ago I evenposted the sample on this forum type website in the hope that someone mightone day recognize it yeah I got questions asking whether the demo groupmight have written the song themselves and well to me it was clearly a sampleof something else anyway I never got any good leads back and Shazam and thosekind of services didn't produce any results either but with today's moremodern technology we might have a way to finally trace it so to do that it wouldbe helpful and fun to briefly explore exactly what the so called demo scenewas all about and whose savage even is was Fort Worth yeah you see these demohouses wolf sometimes groups mostly centered in Europe primarily adopted theCommodore Amiga because of its then incredible graphicalcapabilities and because unlike a PC the amigas hardware was essentially lockeddown there was a clear benchmark and boundary in place though the coderscould try to push the limits off for the best results they usually coded directlyin the motorola 68000 assembly language bypassing the operating system andaccessing the amigas fat agnus chips incredible copper and blitterdirectly and as the demo sceners in their intense rivalry craftedtheoretically impossible graphical feats sometimes probably under myself by theamigas own developers and perhaps interns selling more amigas for them soin turn the Amiga brought paint Cena's into their demos at times scoringthem jobs this games codice so the industry was kind of ironically fueledby some of the very people whose copyright protection cracks butultimately bring it down but back then when it all seemed like harmless funthere was some incredible demos now considered seminal works in the fieldI'm not sure what they were doing in a field but well there you gospeaking of which hello hey why did the Scarecrow win an award because he wasoutstanding in his field well a big stretch I'm one of my other absolutefavorites but I ordered through snail mail back then on three and a half inchfloppy disks from a shareware company like this one yep this is one of therare original discs that I actually kept from my childhood on there was the NorthStar Fair light of mega demo 3 by well demo groups North Star and Fairlightmoths the graphical gymnastics impressed the heck out of me and my friends at thetime for me as a musician there were sometimes a little more about the songsisn't this just the most fantastic thing that you've ever heard the putt from mysame team put some headphones on if you can close your eyes and soak up thestereo sound Beauty the amigas polar chip being pushed to her limits I'm exhausted now sorry to havesubjected you to that I did tell you to close your eyes though I literally havetwo left feet in when I'm sitting down anyway before we try to finally find theoriginal song that savage used for me one small but frustrating thing is Ican't actually find the original savage amiga demo that I saved that WAV filefrom so if you recognize where the samples from comment below and I'll adda link to the savage demo in the description below this videohaving said that the plot thickens because I asked on this amiga forum anda user called hitch-hiker said how about this demo oh oh sorry wrong onehow about this demo it turns out this is a different demousing a different sample from the same song I knew this little heard of songfrom the 80s was being sampled by so many demogroup and yet nobody seems toknow what the actual song even is well now I'm even more determined than I wasbefore before we hopefully find the song I should point out PCB way absolutelyterrible of producing synth riffs however if you need a PCB produce Irecommend you be away because as we all know PCB stands for parry frantic can'tfind bass line doesn't it as for whose savage were well by their nature thesegroups were secretive but they did release this little news troll and ittells he here as of 1994 who the members of the group were and now you can reachthem back then online if you were involved in the group would love you toreach out in the comments of this video just tell us a little bit about what itwas really like so as I mentioned today with the powerof the interwebs I think we can finally figure out where this song came frombecause now we have the all new Shazam fingers crossedor try it in just a few seconds because now we have the all new Googleassistant now really Google code um if you don't recognize it just tell me tohave to pretend there's a connection error when I'm literally one meter awayfrom my Wi-Fi Rooter I only have two feet you think she's allergic to dogsand Alexa was very helpful either sorry I don't know that one okay find women'srunning shoes Google but out or was not as asking a letterhonestly modern technology is literally the worst well in fact this whole videoit's been a completely waste if you have got mail wait I think I've got an emailfrom Tom Hanks hope he doesn't have a virus oh it's from what satsang that'sthe site I asked about savages demo a few years ago and look someone thinksthey recognize it Georgey Georgey read help the man butthis one really sound right does it well let's google it on yahoo yeah that doesn't really doesn't looklike it matches the song we're looking for okay well here's a video of the songor the HEC nothing to lose at this point wait a minute huge thank you to PR musicfor helping this man find help the man okay first thing I'm gonna do is orderthe vinyls myself I can actually own it and I can see here was released in 1985by dum-dum records hmm no wonder I like it I'm pretty fascinating now about thetrack how it came together how those super cool synth riffs were actuallymade would you believe the guy heard of the music shown here on the back coveris still active and I found him by bringing it on google yepGeorge coach Beck he and lead vocalist Phil Edwards areGeorgie red okay he's got a website there he is the man behind the musiclooks like he is a score writer a singer-songwriter well that isdefinitely of the 80s and a keyboardist in fact who's voted Germany's bestkeyboardist but with those interests I can see why he's German so that makessense why these German groups were using this song it was probably a bit of a hitover there now I couldn't find any info on how highthis song actually went in the charts but I wasn't the only one who hadappreciated the track well let's drop them quickie melts if hemight just come back to me you've got mailme Oh even better it's Georgie red this is incredible he sent me a photo of himactually working on this song and he found the mp3 of the vocal version andsent it to me for free as for how he made it he says the intro riffs and thesequencer were Anelka synth X the bassline is a Yamaha dx7classic the drums are an MSD Frick here's what that looks likeactually that's why he's using in the picture you know what let's reach out tochannel patron and fellow synth keek John McDermott how I recall has a Yamahadx7 or at least the mini version the reface DX see if you can find theoriginal sound used for that cool as cucumbers bassline so there is 30 years on I finally own acopy of the song European demo scene as sampled and that ended up on a sharewith floppy disk snail mailed it to my bedroom 30 years ago I can't believe itI don't think George coach back could either by the way he told me that thelyrics which we'll hear in a second were inspired by a friend of his who at thetime needed some help help the man I wonder if he realized how much he helpedthis teenager and countless others probably enjoy their days a little more- and as for today he did point out that perhaps the lyricsthat you're here are even more poignant for the current situation that man isfacing but just before we hear the vocal version of this song one thing remains Iinfer that the Amiga had seemingly limitless graphical possibilities if youknew how to push it and the thing about that is as recently as 2018 stunningdemos were still being created that broke new technological records or that30-year old machine but as this videos really about theoriginal savage sample let's queue up my vinyl copy of help the man that arrivedtoday and listen to it properly while enjoying the copper and glitter chipsvisual treats as old truly meets new helping manage I can do you knowThailand beat your time waiting days prey on allthe ego the main thing come on manOh don't Oh well as the Amiga dances out all theremains is for me to say thanks for watching and for listening thanks alsoto George coach bagg for helping this man put the video together I hope interm they're watching it has helped you in some small way – I'll be back soonbut for now subscribe and join below Ontario to be all you.

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