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– (FBE) Today you're gonna beplaying another round of You Build It, You Keep It! – (laughs) How exciting! I really liked this, the first one.

I was able to build the little side table, and it's right next to my bed.

– I love building stuff.

As a kid, I built a lot of stuff.

It was my and my grandfather, 'cause he had a farm, and so we were all, every weekend we were like doing something.

Repairing a fence, building a shed.

– Usually I do things by myself.

Most of the time, I don't usually read the manual, unless I feel I need to, 'cause I'm like oh, I see it, okay.

– (FBE) You'll have 15 minutes in round one.

– Cool!- (FBE) 20 in round two, and 30 in round threeto make one of three objects.

– Nice.

– (FBE) In each round, you'll be giventhree options of things you can build, however, you will onlybe able to build one of them.

So once you make your selection, you can't change your mind, and anything you fullyand completely build, you'll get to take home, so choose wisely.

– Yes.

We definitely will try that.

– (FBE) Also, we do havethe instructions for each of these for you to look at, so if you choose to look, you will lose some time.

We'll give you a minute to look, but we'll also cut a minute off your build time in additionto the minute you lost looking.

– Oh, I see, okay.

– (FBE) I'm confident in myselfon putting stuff together.

It's not like it's hard.

I mean, for the most part, it's process of elimination.

If this doesn't fit there, okay, next part, and you just move forward.

– (FBE) First up, we havea gumball machine.

– Gumball machine?How cool! – (FBE) We also have a Nintendo Labo.

– (laughs) This feels like it would be easier, 'cause all the creases and stuffare pretty much there.

You just bend it! – (FBE) And finally, a bar cart.

– Oh, I do want one of these.

– I think I'm gonna do the Raskog.

This one has a lot more small parts, 'cause that gives youthe full breakdown of all the parts you're gonna be using.

– This one I could dosuper easy.

I want this one though, so.

(laughs) I think I'ma go with this one.

– This is probably the one I'll do.

No, you're not gonna takethe box, are you? Oh no.

Oh no! – (FBE) You got 15 minuteson the clock.

You ready to do this?- Let's do it! – (FBE) Alright, in three, two, one, build! – Okay.

– Okay, so four wheels.

That's good, good start.

These things look like they hold these things, and then we have little tools! – Okay, this looks like that goes together, right? That would be likethe gumball holder, so that's easy.

That fits there.

Aw man, okay.

– Okay, I think I'll usethe instructions please! (laughs) – (FBE) Alright.

(clock beeps) – Picture, okay, the picture helps a lot.

Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, cool.

I think I'm good.

– (FBE) Alright.

– Thank you.


– (FBE) So you have 12 minutes.

– Wow.

That went by so fast! Wow, what the heck?Oh my God.

Oh my God! I'm freakin' out! – I can have one minute, right?- (FBE) Yes.

– And I'll lose a minute for looking at it.

– (FBE) Right.

– Let me do that.

Oh, I see, this is the bottom piece.

With these.

Yep, and then the slides go on the sides, which I kinda figured that.

– Let's see, if I'm going here.

It's gonna go in that way.

That matches up there.

Oh yeah, slide these on last.


– I know you had to put these like that, and then like that.

That looks right, so we'll do that! Shout out to nails.

Oh, nails is gonna makethis so hard! Look at that, look at the little pieces! Oh my God, they're so little! Oh my God, oh, there you are! Okay.

(laughs) (screams) – Let's see, what are we gonna do here? We have all these little slidesand doohickeys going on.

– [bleep] Damn it.

Yeah, this is the partthat's gonna [bleep] me.

[bleep] I totally had this too.

I was, had this in the bag!I'm mad! – Maybe this is like a middle one.

So let's build under this.

There you go, that looks right.

This looks like whoa, then this is backwards.

Ooh, okay.

Welp, it's fine, we're building it from the bottom up.

– Mmm, smell that gumball goodness.

Okay, just gonna put a couple in.

Doo, doo, doo, alright.

Does it, oh there it goes.

Woop, oh no! Flew off!Does that mean it's not right? Yikes! – (FBE) Alright!- No! – (FBE) One minute! – I wanna do it, I'm so close! – Flip that.

♪ (tense music) ♪ – Good enough.

It's not coming off, I'm not complaining.

– (FBE) You got 30 seconds.

– Oh wow.

[bleep] No, I need that wheel! – Let's try it, we'll put some gumballs in.

These smell so good.

This might work! (laughs)(bell rings) It made it! – They're on, they're on, they're on! It rolls!(bell rings) – (FBE) You had 15 seconds left.

– Let's go, boy! (grunts) Let's go! – (FBE) Alright!- That's how you build some [bleep]! Without instructions! (buzzer rings) – (FBE) Alright, Brittany, that is time.

– No, look at, it's so close! I'm so sad.

Dude, lookit.

If you stand it up like this way, that's done if you ask me.

If I didn't have my nails, I think I would have been able to finish it.

'Cause like half of the timewas me like struggling to twist the little thingys in, because my nails are too long.

– (FBE) So next upyou'll have 20 minutes to put togethera Marvel LEGO kit.

– Ooh, I love LEGOs.

– As much as I would loveto build the Hulkbuster suit in LEGOs from Iron Man.

I don't think I'll be ableto do that without instructions.

– (FBE) We also have a minifoosball table.

– Ooh, how cute! – (FBE) Finally, we have an end table.

– Oh!Okay.

If I glanced through this, in the minute, I could probably remember most of it.

I think it's gonna be IKEA.

– I'm gonna go with the fun little foosball table.

– This is way more complicatedthan that first one, just because there's so muchmore going on, and there's a lot more pieces.

LEGOs is a cluster[bleep] of its own, so, yeah, I'm gonna go foosball table.

– (FBE) We are going to start the clock in three, two, one!- Alright.

My idea here is to first kindajust lay out everything, get an idea of what I got.

– So I'm gonna look atour options.

So these one, two, three, four, okay, so we know what these are.

– I might have just [bleep] myself.

Yeah, I might have [bleep] myself.

Yes, I can't bend the bar.

– Right, yeah, that lines up.

Like that.

But that does not line up there.

Ay-yi-yi! Okay, I think I'm gonna look at the instructions now.

Aha, there's a shelf in between that.

Okay, got it.


(clock beeps) Oh my gosh! I'm a little nervous now.

– I'm gonna assume we just slide these through like a skewer.

Wow, that's kinda, that's kinda kinda odd.

This is very weird.

Oh my God, this is the smallest.

(gasps) Dude!Oh my God! I mean, [bleep].

I'm really trying not totake my nails off.

Oh my God! (screams) – Drawer left, cabinet left.

Haha! Everything's going great, guys.

– Bro, I'm gonna fight you right now.

Oh, and one of the screws fell out.

[bleep] you! – I'm trying so hard to like.



Hang on, I can't do it.

(nail crunches) If I don't get this!(laughs) I wanna win, okay? Oh my God, that makes lifeso much easier.

Oh, my nail tech's gonna kill me.

Should I have put it in too? (laughs) – Okay, that's done.

Uh, let's see, front, front.

Front, front, okay.

Should be lined up good.

Great, perfect.

– Are you kidding me? ♪ (tense music) ♪ I can't do it.

(laughs) This is silly.

Whatever, we're just gonnaput that like that.


(laughs) I hate the word give up, but I think I want to continue to the next round.

(laughs)(buzzer rings) – Man, I don't feel likeI got enough screws.

'Cause like, I still, even if I had time left, I'd still have to screw onthe scoreboard, and I got the wheels to attach.

(buzzer rings) And then these would just slideover the top.

– (FBE) That's time.

– Still, I wanna put this one screw[bleep] right there.

– I'm not giving up, even though we're out of time.

– (FBE) Three, two, one, time's up.

(buzzer rings) – (whimpers)(laughs) Look at how close I was! – (FBE) For the grand finale, you'll have 30 minutes to put together either A, rolling shelf.

– See, as much as I am confidentI could build this.

There's a lot going on.

– (FBE) We've got an electric guiter.

– Oh my gosh.

How cool would it beto put your own guitar together? I mean, I don't play guitar, but like I would, if I was able to put this together.

– (FBE) Finally, we've gota model ferris wheel.

– A model ferris wheel.

Oh, these are all relatively difficultto one degree or another.

– I'm gonna say what the hell, I'm gonna try the guitar.

– I'm not confident in myselfthat I'll be able to build any, so I'm just gonna go outon a limb and say this one.

– As much as I do notwanna have to deal with the small parts, I still think I might go with the ferris wheel.

– (FBE) In three, two, one, build!- Okay.

As I do, I'm gonnapick out all the pieces and take a look at everything.

There's a lot of little bitsgoing on here.

– Can I see the instructions please? Oh, interesting.

Yeah, no dude.

(clock beeps) Ah, oh my God! What the heck? – C'mon.

Once I figure out how it should be pieced together, it shouldn't take me long.

– Okay, well that's not even fitting.

So we're off to a great start.

– Oh my, okay.

Give it a little tap.

Probably some person that's like”what are you doing!?” Don't bang on the guitar like that! Unless you're rockin' out!♪ (guitar riff) ♪ – (laughs) I have no ideawhat I'm doing.

This looks right, and then this looks right.

Like that, so like that's cute, that looks like a little drawer.

Can I take this home, just like this.

– I'll shave off a few minutes to check it? Yeah, I might as well.

(bell rings) Yeah, I'll shave off twojust to see it, see the instructions.

– (FBE) Yep.

– Okay, those are all the carts, that's what these go to over here.

– Hmm, are they different sizes? Oh, they are different sizes, oh my gosh! – What? Whoa.

How does that make sense? This is blowing my mind.

I didn't know things were this hard! Oh, ah!Yay! Okay, I'm happy.

I got something on this done, and that makes me happy.

– (FBE) You have 15 minutes.

– [bleep] me, I was so hopingto be way further along in 15 minutes.

Yeah, I'm gonna needto look at those instructions again.

(clock beeps) Hmm? Oh! Did I completely discount a partbecause it was part of the paint? I did.

– Alright, I think we've successfully, oh boy.

Say that, and then this doesn't fit.

It doesn't fit, which means it's one of the other ones.

Oh my God.

– Um.



– (FBE) You have a mallet.

– Mallet, oh! Something tells methat doesn't go in there.

Oh, maybe for these though!Let's do that.

(laughs)Now it's right, doesn't it? – (FBE) Did it go all the way through? – Yeah, that's why I'm so confused.

– Alright, there's one.

Come on, come on, come on.

We got less than 10 minutes, let's go.

– Yeah, that part, that makes sense there.

I don't even.

(squeaks) (laughs) I don't knowwhat to do, I'm, that's it.

I'm gonna have to give up on the guitar.

Yeah, there's just no way.

(buzzer rings) – Okay, so, dude, I don't know if you've realized this, but I have nothing assembled.

I see those same holes on this side, so I feel like that's supposed to do that.

Oh!Got it, got it, got it.

(laughs) This is so, this is, ow! This is literally impossibleto build.

Just keep doingwhat we know how to do.

Get a little nail, oh, they have even smaller little nails.

– (FBE) Alright, you have four seconds left.

– One, two.



– (FBE) That's time.

(buzzer rings) (Brittany laughs) – Oh boy, okay.

Ugh, yeah, I.



Okay, well there's that, I'd make it a little closer together.

Let me see if I can get one cart.

There it is, oh wait no, I need the back of the cart.

(buzzer rings)- (FBE) And that's time.

– Damn, yeah, this is.



These alone would takea solid amount of time.

– (FBE) Well Brittany, in the end, you get to take home nothing!- A hug! (laughs) Overall, I wanna sayI gave it my all, and I'm proud.

Very disappointedI did not take my nails off sooner.

– I feel awful, but I also likejustify like, because I didn'thave the instructions, like, that's a really tough task to do, and it kinda like, I don't know, it puts you in check.

Like yeah, it's not as easyas you think.

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