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Carbs, Insulin, and Bodybuilding – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind BlowingHealth and Wellness in Violet Pat chat edition I'm Violet and I'm Pat we makethese videos because Patrick has a newsfeed where he finds interestingarticles sometimes interesting because the information is really good sometimesquestionable what are we talking about today Patrick so it's an article thatlike in my feed that piqued my curiosity from fitness vault and it's an articlelike tight titled all about the babu got y pro bodybuilders get it to me wasclear like the like I didn't even like have to read like the article and had aclue what's what was happening we are gonna discuss their reason for likethey're mentioning for the Babu got in true bodybuilders and actually I saw aone article just like a little earlier today this like the seven times mr.

Olympia one actually a mr.

Olympia title with and when you say bubble gut you'retalking about like some almost like a bear belly so so bubble gut what it isactually you see all those muscular guy they have they have a super lean bodymass but yeah they had a per to bring to me like almost mint so right away to mewhat we're talking about is visceral fat and right away the first thing thatmakes me think is either you are drinking heavily or eating a lot offruits high carbohydrate fruits yeah the reason I'm going there is becausethey're really healthy people ya know so what would cause you to have that bubblegut the most and something that would be considered healthy fruit so this is myguess as I'm listening to you talk but I'm gonna wait to hear what else do youhave dr.

Thomas O'Connor says that the gut is not produced by steroid use sorather it's from the excess conception of foods and so I'm just eating aregular food yeah at once and various drugs people use for a competitiveadvantage but not steroids that's not steroids okay soparticles assumed are the use of human growth hormones O'Connor Danner whoseexperience states that people who use insulin and new moon and human growthhormone to build their muscles are at an elevated risk of developing the Belugaso right now I see ok the the growth hormone I'm not sure why but insulin weall know like the damage of like insulin resistance O'Connor also says thatbodybuilders are using internal insulin these days to increase their bulk alsosome people are consuming as many as 10, 000 calories and 18 hundred grams ofcarbs in a day so all of sudden like adding maybe an essence supplement makesense to put away all those those cars mr.

Karp's 1800 grams of carbs carbs I so so first of all that's a lot of carbslike that's a lot of carbs so you kind of question now well now we understandthe insulin but the question is why are they eating that many carbs yeah no Ihad many carbs back in in that little research I did I also like fell onArnold Schwarzenegger video from like he was talking about like he's dead likehis days when he was like mr.

universe and he was actually talking about whathe was eating like in a day and it was like all but carbs so basically theywere having a lot of proteins but it was like mostly steak and eggs so you canexplai can eggs or something that seems to like to come back a lot like in thediet like we know other people that are keto in our bodybuilding like the firstlike idea that came to my mind was Kyo Savage if you look at kilo savage theguy doesn't have and we go and we talked I think before about him where he didlike six seven thousand calories Challenge a day mostly from fat therewas no carb he was like still sticking to his couple grams a dayand no God like the guy has it like teeny tiny stomach almost like or movinin the seventies so I think it's just a change in maybe the diet where I thinkwe but what I'm trying to figure out is the thought that the eighteen hundredgrams of carbs is towards what end are they saying that that is that for firstof all carbohydrates gave us energy and my question is eighteen hundred grams ofcarbs worth of energy to do one day of working out like you're doing this everyday where my mind is going is we can only store one day's worth ofcarbohydrates for usage in the lake in your muscles the rest of it gets storedas fat but then of course they're working out super hard so like the partof me is just trying to figure out like so let's say they need a ten thousandcalories per day like to to maintain their bodies be they're they're they'rea muscular mass okay we often hear that like carbs are the easiest accessibleavailable and I just above energy yes if you eat a carbohydrate have a meal someof those carbohydrates will be used right away but the reason that some ofthose carbohydrates are using right away is your body is trying to get rid ofthem so it uses some it stores some so they part of me is trying to figure outlike just yeah maybe you're right maybe that their body so maybe because of allthe muscle they have their body is using that much energy in a day like it's justusing a lot of energy in a day but Mike Mike I guess my question still is therethey're not not eating fat or are they from the article they kind of imply thatthere is a focus on carbs as the preferred source of energy okayall that said you probably need that insulin to get rid of those 1818 no Iabsolutely believe they'll median so they get rid of a but what I'm stillstruggling to understand but what I'm still struggling tounderstand is so they eat this carbohydrate heavy meal okay their bodyburns a lot of energy clearly they're super muscular people but then like theyare noticing so they're doctors I'm talking about the doctors now becauselike let's say the individual doesn't know your doctor is noticing that youare actually acquiring fat around your organs isn't our conversation that youthink would happen between the doctor and this person to be like you realizebut maybe they know maybe they've been told that this is gonna harm theirhealth and they're just doing it because they need to be mr.

top of the top ofthe mmm like at home I have a scale that gives me my covered that like beforelike my visceral fat isn't there a test like an easy test that he could do toactually measure the fat around their organs like a nice I think if you didlike some kind of scan you would see but that's but that's part of the thingthat's so interesting to me is that we already know that when you have fataround your midsection and that it's hardthat's not subcutaneous yeah right we know that subcutaneous fat is like softand mushy those guys like don't have like we see from the picture those guyshave zero subcutaneous so cutaneous fat like they're like they're ripped so soall the fact are probably around their organs see that's what makes it evenmore dangerous yeah because they have exactly the fatthat's gonna cause you to have health issues but their doctors have to knowlike that's the part where I'm kind of confused it's lit but again you knowwhat and I said this a bunch of times like the same way that you can getsomebody to stop smoking you can't get somebody to stop drinking you can't getsomebody to stop eating in a way that's harmful to their health until theydecide that is that they're gonna stop doing it so I'm making the assumptionthat doctors must be told that this is nothealthy yeah but they're doing it anywaysso so when I was happy like though that is that I found I did find like anotherarticle because it was like trying to find sources on how to reverse it or outin fix it and most of the article were were good we're right the bubble cutlike the real term is palden poison so that I discovered like the real term thereal scientific term for the blue gut is spouting poison that article likementioned the only way to reverse it is to stop using human growth hormone thatI wasn't sure like why me yeah but why like we if you really you want toincrease your let's say your gym buff you want to go to gym and you want totake advantage of a human being the HDH so but but they're saying that the humangrowth hormone is what's causing here okay but it's getting more interestinglike and the next paragraph is out to prevent it so taper off HGH and insulinso the insulin definitely stopped but again if you eat 10, 000 calories a dayand 800 grams of carbs like maybe enough on insulin grams of carbs cutting up oninsulin your risk honestly like they're injecting insulin to put awaycarbohydrates that they shouldn't be eating they're already at risk thethings if you're taking insulin you're you're behaving like a diabetic whichI'm wondering are you not diabetic at that point if you're taking insulin sothis is a big question mark in my mind if I'm taking insulin I'm behaving likea diabetic but does that actually put my body in the position of being diabeticbecause all the repercussions of injecting insulin are going to be theretip number two intermittent fasting I was happy to see like in an article likein a health article actually intermittent fasting and help you hereprevent but I'm pretty sure can you help you cure your Babu but what'sinteresting about this is that if your intermittent fasting you don't need totake human growth you just need to work out before you eathmm so it kind of solves two of the problems right thereyeah tip number three cut down cut down on carbs so that's absolutely it'sobvious to us and and like it was to me in the first place when I read the firstarticle and like the other one time you're carb load so if you're carbloading make sure you look 24 hours before you needed to look your best thisway you can help thin out your stomach while still retaining the glycogenboosted muscle mass so see that part I have a hard time with because how canyou glycogen boost your body replaces the glycogen and your musclesregardless like if you're not at that moment engaged in lifting heavy thingsor doing like some kind of exercise your body's you're placing it right itdoesn't it doesn't wait until you need to use it to replace it so I'm still abit confused of what that means that you're gonna take advantage of theglycogen boosted like actually what makes your muscle yes but they alsoimply that it's only there for a short period of time which is something Idon't understand considering what I understand of how this works if there'ssomebody out there who knows another piece of information that can share himthat would I be very interested in here but well it's like it's interestingbecause I have like a colleague at work I often have that conversation with himand he can he can not actually feel like he cannot figure in his head going tothe gym like fasted okay he really feels like he needs carbs throughout the daybefore he goes to the gym and you can see the guy's large he's like not likehe doesn't have a tummy but like he's wondering why he can get his body fatlow enough why I can get more cut why he can get like and I was trying to explainto him like just cut the carbs like it's probably just like the carbs that pushyour system to store like you access in fact that's why you can't like I can wealso like this is where we get confused like we're talking about fat butcarbohydrates also cause you to retain waterhmm right so it's like you know like at the same time it's like even it'sinteresting to me how when you read articles about Quito the first thingthey're gonna throw at you is that you didn't really lose weight you just lostwater but then you'll have these people going around and they're trying to becut but they're downing the carbs and they don't understand that you're notgonna look cut if you're loaded with water right so it's another thing that II feel like think that we we only remember that carbohydrates cause us toretain water when you've lost weight from not eating them not when you'reeating them all the time and you're retaining it hmm like to me the reasonfor the bubble that was like obvious I I think that they didn't mention the onething that's probably even more obvious which is that these athletes areprobably eating lots of fruit that leads me to the second part of the chat we'rehaving with another article that I found interesting and it was titled the bestset the seven best carbs to build muscle okay like again if carbs are essentialto build muscle like to me I'm already pausing you right there because carbsdon't build muscle protein builds muscle carbs gives you energyso I mean yes do I need energy to lift the weights too but I mean like buthonestly it's a fuel source so that's a question mark for me again but okay sodo you want to know what the best cars are oh yeah but like it's breakfastcereal though so breakfast cereal without these two grams of fiber givesyou about 60 grams the carb content to about 60 grams and the protein to 30grams with milk so like right I right off the bat you start your day with twotimes your second one bagels so basically so far we've had grainsyeah why do you yeah I think there's gonna be a theme of grains on this onthis list yeah third one bran muffins grains so there's a little bit of fiberin bran muffins but like it's still a carand muffin problem with muffin 2 is like they're probably high in fat too becausewe need a lot of fat to make a nothing if I'm not mistaken I get number 4 comesthe rice cereal so rice 30 gram of protein and 90 grams of carbs in oneswooping they don't tell you how much fats in any of these things are theytalking about the protein should be named the best carbs to build this carbsto Bill you both got mashed potatoes comes at number 5 this one is alsotricky because it's a mix of fat and carbs so I go I glycemic vegetables withlike butter and we know that number 6 white rice with raisins so use it so 2cups of white rice mixed with a handful of raisins provides point of carbs inthe picture they said a handful of raises I'm going to look at this picturethat's not an asshole that's like 2 cups of rice with like a cup of raisins andnumber 7 of course I was surprised to see that number 7 but pastor so they'retalking about pastor so I would just really mean let me go with that so ifyou had for example because all those foods you probably can have in a dayeasily if you if you have three meals a day at a couple snacks so basically youhave your bagel at 40 at 50 gram your little muffin for the snacks at probablyanother 40 50 they don't say here the rice 90 grams the past the the rice withthe raisins 115 and the pastor he have another 90 grams potatoes other potatoesI think I skipped because 42 grams of carbs per cupso a cop is not super big either so so just adding up all those those foodyou're easily at probably 350 400 grams of carbs building but it's interestingbecause they didn't reach 1800 can you kind of wonder what are these peopleeating that are getting to 1800 that's first of all but again they probably aredoing shakes and all these other things as well but what I will also say is oneof the things I remember and we were talking about The Biggest Loser was thefact that when when the people from the Biggest Loser are exerciseexercising the way they do were they were exercising as if it was their joband so one of the things that I want to point out is that the fact that thesepeople are ripped everywhere except except their gut goesback to that piece of information they're exercising as work this is whatthey do so I also want to point out for the regular guy like the guy at yourwork mm-hmm that's not his job so he can't getripped like these guys because he can't exercise the amount that they wereworking out like he's not going and spending the entire day at the gym likethey are right and so I think that's the other piece of the puzzle that peopleneed to think about when you're reading these articles and how to get billed andripped and whatever like grain of salt right like you're not able to do whatthese guys are actually doing to to use all that energy that they're actuallyeating so when they're encouraging you to eat cereal and bagels and all thesehigh carb foods so we got to 300 grams adding that up you need to keep in mindthat's 300 grams and then you're sitting at a desk probably or you know driving avehicle probably or like you're not you're not lifting 400 pounds everyevery day like they are feel like the second half of this patch hat could bedangerous for a lot of people if you try to accomplish what these people areaccomplishing because you don't have the luxury of working out for a living evenif you were going to the gym every day and I try to my colleague and it doesn'twork unfortunately like just like stick to a low-carb diet I think it would beprobably better to stick with the low-carb with like the cleanest carbsyou can find not probably like the white rice and I don't know it's like we wedon't believe in clean carbs but it probably would be best to keep likeunder Surrey like year 100 125 grams of carbs per day and and have healthy fatsand good routine sources in terms of like people who probably could manage todo a low carb lifestyle it probably are these guys but they're not doinganywhere near low carb at 1800 grams of carbs per day like that's that's eventhough if he goes like everyday you still have yeah for sure but I had apiece of this puzzle though so if you're looking at these the the people in thesein this article like if they were doing 125 they wouldn't have them above thatprobably right although fructose I mean I still thinkbut the perk dose could be a problem but like to that extent I have I'm not sureI'm not sure so again like the like to relate to those in the second articlethat it's more like targeted to to everybodyum it's mostly greens instead of like our greens actually better for yoursystem 10 foods in terms of your liver yes I think I think your your livermanages them better so yes I think that might be a yesbut I I'm not a hundred percent sure it depends on how much fructose is in whatright so I know obviously fruit there's a lot of fructose but there are somevegetables that still have a good amount of fructose in them so this is wherepeople need also to be careful so maybe a little challenge for viewers if someof you guys girls go to the try to go fast it like I've tried it acouple times like a while ago we were doing a longer faster I think the fouror five days I think I went to the gym after my third day my second day mythird day I didn't die it was like a little bit weird at first but once youget going it's fine like I think it's more like psychological it's in yourhead more than like in your body because you can do itI was in it I was able to push the same amount of weight I was able to do mywarm-up the same the same way I will say that for myselfalmost every activity that I do is fasted because I eat one day a meal aday my meal is the supper meal so every other thing that I'm doing whenever youwhenever we go doing any activities and when I was working out because I do havea gym in my basement for those times when we can't be outside and so when Iwas doing that I was doing it fasted when I did longer fast I would didn'tstop working out because I was doing a longer fast so I agree with you I thinkthat most people eat before they go to the gym because they've been told you'resupposed to eat before you go to the gym not because you actually needed to eator not even sometimes because you were actually hungry because you're planningyou plan it and you plan your gym around when you're gonna eat so yeah it's avery interesting idea and I think that I do agree let's see I want everybody totell us in the comments do a fasted workout and let us know was it moretiring than when you didn't do a passive workout if so like be specific whathappened what was your observation of working out fasted versus working outafter you've eaten I might be actually curious to know the answer to that ifyou found this video helpful there are Amazon links patreon links and nowteespring links in the description below we also have more videos that you guyscan check out YouTube thinks you like this one and this is our last video Iwant to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violetcan't wait to talk to you guys again next week see you next week.

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