Chris Bumstead's Post-Workout Nutrition | Clean Fast Food | Drive-Thru Edition

(loud bass reverberating) (chill vibe music) – What's up, Muscle and Strength? Chris Bumstead, here.

Just wrapped up a workout and we've got a long drive home.

So, luckily we have a TimHortons across the street.

We're gonna head over there, check out the menu, see if we can getsomething relatively clean, high in protein for agood post-workout meal.

(chill hip-hop music) (air whooshing) – [Car Passenger] So what's Tim Hortons? – Tim Hortons is our staple coffee, donut, quick morningbreakfast sandwich type place, which developed into more.

It's actually a really good bakery.

The donuts are amazing, themuffins are really good, and it's kind of, like, withon every corner everywhere, if you were to combineDunkin' and Starbucks, that's how many Tim Hortonswe probably have in Canada.

It's not as bad as Dunkin'and it's probably, like, a tiny little level belowStarbucks in quality and less expensive.

So, it's just a perfectcombo of everything.

Luckily, one store didthe all-day breakfast and now everywhere hadto do all-day breakfast.

So, we got that optionup there all the time.

Top left is all pastries, we got some wraps, a lot of sandwiches and stuff like that, but you're gonna try and avoid bagels, like croissant bunsbecause those are, like, high in fat and in carb, a little high in calories.

Typically aiming for a wrap or something.

The donuts here are amazing, but I'm gonna avoid that for now.

We're just trying to get a high protein, little less fat and carbs.

So, I think I'm gonna go with a wrap and maybe combine abreakfast sandwich within it.

They have multiple options for the wraps.

There's like a grilledchicken, or crispy chicken, and a steak option, kind of.

So, I'm gonna go with chicken right now because there probably is a little higher fat in it, regardless.

So, we're gonna go with a leaner meat and of course breaded, deep fried, it's just not quite as good for you, so we're aiming for that grilled chicken.

(air whooshing)Hi, could I get a grilled buffalo chicken wrap with no cheese? – [Employee] All right, let me double check my grills, give me one second.

– Shit.

– [Passenger] What happened?- They might not have grilled chicken.

– [Employee] I only have crispy chicken, at the moment.

– Okay.

Do you have steak wraps? – [Employee] Sorry?- Do you have steak wraps? – [Employee] The steak wrap? No, we don't carry the steak wrap.

– Oh, you only have.



– [Employee] We only carry— Crispy chicken.

– [Employee] The chicken.

– What should I do? (beeping) All right, then couldI get a Farmer's Wrap with no cheese? – [Employee] Sausage or bacon? – Yes, please.

– [Employee] Which one? – The Farmer's Wrap? – [Employee] Yes, with sausage or bacon? – Oh, sausage, please.

– [Employee] Okay, no cheese.

Anything else? – Could I also get another breakfast wrap, but could I just get theegg in it, nothing else? (whooshing air)(chill hip-hop music) Wow, we just got beat up right now on the drive thru.

They were sold out of the crispy chicken and this location does not hold steak.

So, on the fly, we had to think quick, what else do they have? The other proteins for usthey had with breakfast, obviously, so went with a wrap, again, because we're kind of avoidingthe high dense thick buns, so we got an egg wrap.

One of them I kept the sausage on, but we got no cheese on it.

The cheese here is so processed.

It's never good for you in fast food, not that anything's not processed, but the cheese is really bad.

And, then, I got a second wrap with no sausage or bacon or anything, just egg in the wrap, nothing else.

So, kind of getting in theprotein from the eggs there, and adapting with the menu, and the poor option choice that this Tim Hortons has.

(air whooshing) I know I'm being that guy.

This is like when you go to arestaurant with a bikini girl and they, like, couldI get the fajita bowl, but could I get nofajita, and just chicken, and just salad, and no sauce, without grilled with any oils? And, they're just like, maybe?(laughing) (beeping)(chill hip-hop music) – [Employee] Here you go.

– Thank you.

– [Employee] You're welcome.

– Have a good day.

(chill hip-hop music) (whooshing air) All right, let's see what we got here.

(bag rustling) Both wraps done up in here.

You never really know inthese fast food places when you give them kind of a weird order changing the menu.

Sometimes they're just, like, fuck this guy.

I don't wanna, kind of, make this guys custom wrap.

But, no, it looks good.

There's just egg in that one.

This one's literally just an egg wrap.

The other one does have sausage in it for a little protein.

Normally I wouldn't go with that, but because they didn't haveany of the crispy chicken, you know, it just kindof is one of those things you gotta adapt, which is the whole reason why we're here, is adapting.

Sometimes you have a long rideand you're missing a meal, or something's going on that just, like, you're forced to not have thefood that you normally have and kind of strayed off your routine, and it's really not the end of the world.

The goal is to be consistentas much as possible, but not stress about it when you're not.

Because a couple of things like this and doing a little variations, like, avoiding, obviously thehigh carb, too high fat, getting something like a wrap, getting grilled chickeninstead of crispy chicken.

There's always a variation tomake it as optimal as you can, even if it's not perfect.

So, just, kind of, findthe balance that you can in hard situations anddon't stress about it because shit happens andyou're not always on point.

(air whooshing) (bag crinkling) All right, we're gonnagive this one a shot.

Sadly, this Tim Hortonsisn't really doing justice for my Canadian lovefor it, but, you know, we're gonna dive in and see how they did.

(crunching food)(chill hip-hop music) Actually tastes really good, so, it's a little bit of a win, there.

Not quite as clean as I wanted, not super dirty, but it tastes good, so we'recoasting in the middle, no complaints.

(bell chiming) (chill hip-hop music)All right, so, if you are stuck in, like, a sticky situation and you are eating out, there's some things thatyou can look out for.

Personally, I always focus on a lot of things will haveextra carbs added into it, like, a sandwich wascrispy, a hashbrown on it, or something in breakfast, which you can cut out, a dirty pork sausagesometimes you can cut out or I'll at least have one, instead of two.

I always take cheese off, maybe put dressing on the side, or try and find differenttypes of dressings.

Sometimes I'll have a honey mustard, which is typically lesscalories than, like, a chipotle which is kinda of dairy based and a bit more fat.

So, the little thingsto kind of look out for.

Use your knowledge, use your own intuition of what you understand is healthy and try and pick it apart.

And, see what the menu, what the restaurant, how they'll work with you.

All right, guys.

Thanks for watching the video.

Hope you guys learned something and if you liked it, please subscribe below.

(chill hip-hop music).

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