Classical Musicians Take The Harvard Musical IQ Test

What is my score? *Brett shrieking* Hey guys! Oh, headphones off.

How's it going? (both) Uh-oh! I'm scared.

We're going to be doing the music IQ test, on the Harvard thing.



– the Harvard music IQ test.

– The Harvard thing.

So guys, feel free to also go on the website and take the exam.

Test your musical IQ.

Depending on how good the test is, it could be accurate or it could be inaccurate, right? That's true.

Disclaimer, I think this test is gonna be inaccurate anyway, so.



– I already know it.

– And then you get, like, – 100 percent, right?- Yeah, it's like, “Oh ****.

” Alright it says here, “The experiment is being conducted by researchers at Harvard University.

” So it's an experiment.

Wait, look at the logo.

It's literally a brain, a treble clef, and a.



and the world.




When your brain's in music, you can make the world a better place.

That's right, guys! Or you can take over the world.

It depends.

Ling Ling's like, “Ha ha.

” “Been there, done that.

” I have a feeling we might have to go separate rooms.

– Let's do that.

I think it's safer.

– Alright.

Yeah, I think so.

– Alright, so we're gonna split into different rooms.

– .



complete setup.

Alright! Ooh.

I'm so ready.

I'm ready.

Let's go.

They're the same, so number 3 would be out.

♪ Da da da ♪ and ♪ da da da ♪ A tone versus a major third, so the third one's out.

Three, three, three.



Number 3.




Number 3! ♪ Da da da ♪ It should be a sixth, they did a seventh.


It's gotta be 3! That was very, very obvious.

Number 3.

Correct! I think it's 3.

Come on, come on, come on.



Ahh!! All right, I'm gonna be fair.

Brett distracted me 'cause he started screaming.

But I think it was 1 that was out.

Number 2.

Number 1.

Um, I think number 1.


Number 1 is out.

Number 2, yeah, I think.

Oh my god.

Number 1 was out.

The contour was different.

Number 3, I think.


Yo!! I got them all right.

Ahh, so it's a rhythm one! Alright, let's go.

Dragging a bit.

I feel like the second's more on time.

The second one.

Oh, that's tricky! I don't know.

I'm gonna go first.




These are really hard.

I'm still gonna go first.

I felt like the second was, so maybe it's the first one.

'Cause, yeah.

I was right.

Wow, you really gotta focus.

Otherwise you just embarrass yourself like me.

First one, more on the beat.

No! I don't know anymore.

Second one! I think the first one.

Oh, sh – Ahh, I knew it was first! First one! Second one for sure, if it's not I'm gonna die.

Come on.

Come on! Second.

Ah, **** it.

Ughh! I suck.

Ohh, this one you need perfect pitch, hey? This will be embarrassing if I get this wrong.

'Cause I got perfect pitch.

He's flat.

Number 1, he's flat.

I think the first one.

It was slightly flat.

In my opinion.

First one.

I know it was correct.

Just kidding.

That's out of tune.

That's even more out of tune! I don't know if you guys can hear that, but I think the second one was more out of tune.

It was a bit sharper.

He was sharp! Second one.

They're both a bit out of tune mate, but.



They're both so out of tune.

This test is painful.

But I think the first one was more out of tune.

The first one, 'cause I feel like that's what the examiners want.

Aw, come on.

Dude, it's getting harder! Are you ****ing serious?? Oh, I pressed the wrong one!! First one.

Dammit! The second one's out of tune.

Second one's out of tune.

Second one's out of tune.

Holy moly!! First one.

I feel like I should've focused more.

I got too cocky.

Oh, I did so bad in that.

I'm so ashamed of myself.

This so ****.

Noo! Nooooo!! Oi, Brett! What? Eddy: Did you get your results yet? I'm doing it now.

I ****ed up.

– Eddy: I ****ed it so bad! I got cocky.

– Brett: Yeah! Yeah, I got cocky, I was like, – “Definitely this one! NO!!”- Yeah! What is my score? Eddy: Wait come here, come here.

I'm so triggered.

We're both so low! **** it.

I completely ruined it.

– Melodic discrimination, I got 149.

– I got 126.

– I failed that one.

– I think that one.



was because perfect pitch, – and I can hear.



– I got the— I failed the last two.

– Yeah.

– I was on a roll with this one.

The last one I got cocky.

But I'll also say one thing, though.




Out of these three areas, melodic discrimination is the only one that you can objectively say.

– That's true! Yes.


– It's either the right notes, – or the wrong notes.

– Yeah.

That's true.

But ****ing beat.



– .



alignment, and tuning.

– And tuning.

– It's a bit.




– It's.



I would argue as a musician, if you do it 100% perfect, that's not music anyway.

– You're a robot.

– Yeah.

It's like, sometimes people wanna play a little bit lower.



– It's expressive!- Expressive.

**** this.

This doesn't equate to musical taste.


And musical harmonic structures.

Beat alignment.

I failed this one! Yeah, I did pretty bad as well.

I, okay.

One of them, on the beat alignment, I knew the right one, I just clicked the wrong one.

Ahh! I knew it was first! I noticed some, like, at.



At the later half, it's more on time.

– Yeah.

Versus the beginning.

– So I went with that one, 'cause that's when I focused, – so I was like, “This is the one.

“- Yeah! But then— – Exactly.

But then the.



– “Okay.

” – Sometimes the later half is more on time, – Yeah.

– but front half wasn't on time, – Yeah.

but then we hear the in time in the second half, so we assume that one was more in time.

On mistuning I got 98.

I ****ed the intonation.

I got 117.

I got 98.

– Ohhh.



!- But that's 'cause I got ****ing cocky.

I wasn't listening properly.

And no, like, and some of them was like, – you're just sitting sharp, or sitting flat.

– Yeah.

Alright, so.

Literally, as we're checking the screen recording, Brett's just going, “Yeah, second one's more out of tune.

” Which is what I selected.

We're like, “Yeah, yeah.

” And it says incorrect! So we both thought the same.

So we've gotta listen to it right now.

Number 1.

Flat, right? (both) It's flat.

It's sharp as ****! And then he almost switches keys! He like, he.



– ♪ Ah-ah ♪- He goes into.



He's like, ♪ Ah-ah ♪ Yeah.

– It's like, yeah, which one's MORE out of tune.

– Which is like, more in terms of decibel points.

– But it's like.



– But.



– It's so annoying.

– It's not always like that.

Here's a test, if you're a violinist.

Play first finger E's.



– on your D string.

– Yeah.

Play it with an open A.

You'll notice that the E – will have to be a bit higher.



– Yeah.




than the E when you play it with an open G.

– Yeah.

– So the sixth and the fourth, the E is different.

What is this one? Your total musical IQ.

Total is.



Mine's 88.



If I didn't misclick, I would be on 90.

I want to do it again.

– But nah.

– Dude, I think.



If this was high school, and my mom saw this, she'd beat me.




! “LiNg LiNG gOt 1000 pERcEnT!” I'm so sad.

Yeah, it's pretty sad.

I'm actually so sad.

– I thought I'd at least get 90!- Yeah.

Anyway, guys.

This test is very subjective, but, I mean, it's objective but subjective.

Who cares.

We're just not happy.

We got.



An 84! I frickin' failed! I'm not a musician, – I'm not a professional.

– This IQ test is harsher – than my uni music exams.

– Yeah.

Alright, guys.

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And we'll see you guys next time.


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