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changed it we're reacting live in the times and do you know that before we were in a national pandemic a third of Americans were not getting the proper amount of sleep and do stress to that and fear and it's even higher are you sleeping right now I have so many of you calling me texting sending messages on social media saying hey I can't sleep these are called snooze chew and you are going to get an amazing melatonin in this you're also going to get a ton of other ingredients to help you with beautiful deep long-lasting sleep 29.

95 or 49.

95 are going to be your options it's 30 days or at 60 days three one six six to zero is the item number I'm sending it back to Terry so that we can talk about what these are and what they're not as well because I think people talk you know Terry they hear us talk about sleep and they're like okay is it something that's gonna knock me out am I gonna get addicted to it none of those things happen with this right no this is a naturally occurring sleep aid this will allow you to go to sleep very quickly and allow you to slate stay asleep based on sleep science that I'm gonna tell you about in a little bit but listen to me never before in our history has sleep for you been more important this has been shown to boost your immune system along with the Primo see more significantly than almost anything if you want to be your strong to your healthiest you must right now get a full night of in a uninterrupted sleep let me tell you what this is based on this is based on a combination of ingredients that are naturally occurring in your body as we get over particularly past the age of 40 there's this one hormone that's naturally occurring in our brain in actually ated what's called the pineal gland our brain called melatonin you've heard of melatonin before it signals to your sleep centers that it's time to go to sleep the problem is we get older we don't make a proper amount of melatonin and if we do make a proper amount we tend not to make it during the proper time of the day what this is is a five milligram dose of melatonin along with tryptophan tyrosine amino acids chamomile oil and other ingredients that give you a natural sleep cycle sleep science is based on two things sleep latency which means you put your head on the pillow how long does it take you to fall asleep and sleep duration how long do you sleep uninterrupted this targets both of those get you to sleep right away it gives you uninterrupted peaceful sleep not like a drug does this is not a prescription drug that has side effects that you get addicted to this will change your sleep game and right now is the most important time to do that hey you guys know me we've been here for five years you know I'm super sensitive to things that I really can't take prescription medications if I took a prescription sleep drug I'd be knocked out for two weeks probably what I love about our snooze chews is that you know melatonin is a hormone it's something we naturally have in our bodies I love how natural this is with the tryptophan and all of these incredible ingredients it's absolutely delicious it's a very light honey lemon flavor but the best thing for me is I am now able to sleep I have had trouble sleeping for the last few years with hormones raging and perimenopausal you know symptoms and all that stuff and I know a lot of us keep talking about all that but right now more than ever none of us are sleeping I am homeschooling for kids I my husband is home all the time that's a whole nother story and we're worried about what's going on I'm up every hour on the hour but not anymore trust me on this this is the most natural delicious easy way to get a restful peaceful night's sleep and that is something that we all need right now and we cannot take for granted in 83 cents to get a great night's sleep if you get the larger pack you're spending eighty three cents of serving you fall asleep you stay asleep you feel great you don't wake up lethargic you don't wake up feeling like you took something 49.

95 both of them are available in my mind though your value pays only eight dollars and 33 cents get the larger pack I don't know when these sell out I don't know how quickly we're going to be able to get some of these items back in stock right now at 83 cents a day falling asleep staying asleep not taking over-the-counter drugs nothing that needs a prescription by the way I'm gonna hold this and just show you they taste fantastic I didn't eat a whole one because I don't wanna fall asleep out here on the air but I did just do a little nibble and they taste almost like um like when you think of a honey lemon candy they're super super creamy and super delicious three one six six four zero is the item number on them you can do bill to ship two on this as well if you want to send it to a loved one you can absolutely do it they're gonna come individually packaged so right here if you're going to share them as a family maybe set them on the bedside set them on the night cabinet put them in by the toothbrush and falling asleep staying asleep not waking over and not taking drugs not doing any of those things things that your body naturally produces three one six six to zero is the item number on the snooze choose let me take you back to Terry and Heather Terry you were giving a statistic about how important sleep is overall it's important but particularly right now right with everything happening well even before this global pandemic before we had a lot of trouble sleeping up to a third or more of Americans have difficulty sleeping that's just science fact so this would be perfect even if we didn't have the stress of the global pandemic crisis but right now more than ever before in modern history you need to make sure you're getting a complete night's sleep and you need to make sure you're not tossing and turning and you're not taking a long time to fall asleep sleep latency is the technical term for how long it takes for the moment your head hits the pillow for you to get to sleep this snooze chew will decrease that sleep latency allowing you to go right to sleep but even more importantly it allows you to sleep the entire night uninterrupted because if you have agitated stress loaded sleep you're not going through the normal phases of sleep you know there's REM sleep there slowly wage sleep there's deep sleep more superficial sleep you have to pass through all those critical phases of sleep otherwise you're not maximizing your immune system you're not rested and you're not prepared to take on any pathogen that may come your way I made it honey lemon do you know why I just love honey lemon the I want to toss this over to my wife in a second but I want to tell you something this is not a drug this is a naturally occurring hormone that is in your body that's depleted that will allow you to have beautiful restful sleep yeah honey lemon is a great flavor it always reminds me of like nice warm tea it's like a nice way to end your you know day they're really really really delicious but you just chew one and what's a great thing to do is use it as your dessert after dinner you know wait half-hour have one of your snooze chews and when you are ready to go to bed you are just gonna have a beautiful mellow peaceful sleep and unlike prescription medications you're not going to wake up feeling hungover you're not going to wake up feeling drugged they're all I have one here that's wrapped and one that's unwrapped they're all individually wrapped in these bags so one bag is a 30-day supply and two bags is a 60-day supply but we individually wrap them so that eventually God willing when we're all able to travel again you can take them with you but for now what a great way to put a few to your honey and a few to you and to anyone who needs them you know what Heather and I think this is one another really great product for Bill to ship – yeah I do too I mean all of us none of us are sleeping right now I was just while you were visiting my producer Christine was saying her kids are all over the board they're up there not napping they're sleeping they're falling asleep in the middle of the day parents are homeschooling we're worried we're fearful this is gonna help us relax it's gonna help us unwind it's gonna help us fall asleep and we're gonna do it in a drug-free way that's totally safe three one six six to zero is the item number on snooze chews now I want to recap for everybody some of the big things that the dubrow's have brought in for the weekend if you didn't pick up yet on your cherry pomegranate primo see you are getting 1, 000 milligrams of primo C okay so right here primo see you guys get this before these are completely sold out as well three one six six three three this is the equivalent one scoop of 20 oranges 16 kiwi and 13 cups of broccoli are you eating all your fruits and vegetables are you able to get to the store to buy your fruits and vegetables when you get there can you afford them or when you get there are they available this is a super dose of vitamin C which is known it's a proven immune booster when you have the right amount of vitamin C thousands of you have said yes to this just during the show that was the must-have I the other item that you're all going bonkers over is the persistence hand sanitizer duo we already went through 2500 almost 2600 of you that have picked up on the persistence hand sanitizer duo I'm going to wrap up on the choose three one six six two zero is the item number.

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