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ConsumerWatch: 5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns Over Impacts on Health

is a cell tower going up in your neighborhood if it's not now it may soon wireless carriers are installing millions of them across the country to enable the new faster 5g cell phone technology but tonight Julie Watts asked the question you're not supposed to ask are there legitimate

health concerns it's keeping John he stand up at night this new pole outside his bedroom window where Verizon will soon install a next generation cell tower just feet from a school this would be a big tower pushing out radiation outside of our bedroom window 24 hours a day

seven days a week for many years it's called a small cell or distributed antenna system similar to this one in San Francisco the industry says they're safe many in Piedmont aren't convinced our daughter is a cancer survivor thirteen year old Sophia has been one of many petitioning the

City Council to denied this cell tower and others I'm also brain cancer survivor and I am against the cell towers I mostly talked about my cancer and how it affected me but according to federal law the city simply can't consider health concerns it's outlined in this small section

of a telecommunications act based on science from 1996 to turn your phone on or off but when this was the height of technology but if cities do consider health the cell companies can sue so with few legal arguments to deny a cell tower they're popping up outside bedroom

windows and school campuses despite objections from across the country 5g can be a tremendous boom to California but only if it can be put up quickly and easily Hayward Assemblymember bill cork co-authored legislation that would make it even harder for cities like Piedmont to object– to a tower

you wouldn't have to go through the Planning Commission through the City Council the former NASA scientist says he may resurrect the bill recently vetoed by the governor I know scientifically that putting up these cell phones cell phone towers is safe but the International Association of firefighters disagrees they

began opposing cell towers on fire stations after firefighters complained of health problems these fire has developed symptoms doctor goon are Heuser conducted a pilot study on firefighters at a station with cell towers and the symptoms included problem with memory problem with intermittent confusion problem is weakness Poyser says

their brain scans suggest even low-level RF can cause cell damage and he worries about more vulnerable groups like kids so we found abnormal brain function in all of the firefighters we examine so following lobbying by firefighters quark and his co-author accepted fire stations from their bill making them

one place cell companies couldn't put a tower this is the first piece of legislation that I think anyone's aware of where somebody got an exemption because they were concerned about health did they tell you it all about all I know is that when the firefighters ask you know

I do what they ask me to do because they're strong lobbyists yes so if say school teachers and parents had a strong Lobby and they asked you to pass something that would prevent these from going up near schools would you do that if I couldn't get the votes

any other way fire fighter and cancer survivor Toni Stefani notes it's not only fire fighters it's the people that live in the general vicinity vicinity of these towers current regulations don't take into account continuous low-level exposure from these small cells 24 hours a day were these studies have

to be done there are 230 scientists from 41 countries who have apparently reviewed more than 2,000 peer-reviewed studies and they're calling on the World Health Organization to do more studies they're not convinced that this is a I think doing more studies is always a good thing do you

think that maybe you should consider putting a pause on legislation that speeds up these towers until there's definitive evidence that there is no harm we could do a lot of studies and there are people right now believe it or not who are sure the world is flat in

a statement the wireless industry says it defers to experts when it comes to cell tower safety and says according to government agencies the scientific evidence shows no known health risk but what about the unknown back in Piedmont the he stands don't want to wait around to find out

we're gonna get some meters and we're gonna measure the microwave radiation today and then when the cell towers go up we can measure it and see how dangerous it really is and he says if he has to they'll move for my daughter's health definitely well Julie reports Piedmont

did block some cell towers and is now being sued meanwhile new government research set to be published next month could radically alter the debate it's expected to link RF radiation to health effects in lab rats

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