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Dana deceives everyone about her health | Love Thy Woman Recap (With Eng Subs)

We welcome you all to the25th anniversary celebration of Dragon Empire Builders! [CLAPPING] And of course, we would like toacknowledge the presence of the VIPs who madeall of this possible.

Our President and CEO, Mr.

Adam Wong! [CLAPPING] Our Senior Vice President forMarketing, PR, and Sales, the radiant Madam Lucy Wong! [CLAPPING] Ladies and gentlemen, we would like toacknowledge the arrival of a very dynamic woman, one of our leaders, Mrs.

Dana Wong-Chao! [CLAPPING] Why are you here? We thought you couldn't make it.

I thought so too.

So where should I sit? Michael, why don't yousit here beside me? Jia.



Mama, I'll just goto the ladies' room.

– Okay, Jia.

– Excuse me, Uncle.

Mama, I'll just go tothe restroom really quick.

– Do you need help?- It's okay.


Dana? Are you on your own? Do you need help? Okay, let's go.

Oh! I'll get it.

Dana? Shock of your life? What? You thought I had alreadyforgiven you for what you did? I don't want to fight with you.

Well, I want to fight with you.

You can walk? Oh, yes.

And I can do so much more.

That felt so good! – But it's not enough.

– Dana, please.

– Please— Where are you going? – Dana, please!- You bitch! You whore! That's not enough! You bitch! Dana, stop! – You whore!- Please, stop! – You lied to me!- No, please! You made me look like a fool! Of all the men in the world, why did you have to flirtwith my husband?! A filthy whore like you deservesto be flushed down the toilet! Come here! – Help!- Get up! – Somebody help me!- Come here, you whore! Help! Dana, please, enough! Jia.

What happened? Jia! [COUGHS] Dana? Dana! Dana! What's wrong? Dana.



Dana, come here.

Stand up.

Dana, come here.


Slowly now.

Dana! Oh my god.

What happened to you? What did you do to my daughter? Hold on.

I didn't to anything to her.

I found her on the floor, so I helped her! Dana, who did this to you? It was Jia, Mama.

My daughterwouldn't do that.

Really? Why'd you haveto come back here? Because your husbandasked us to.

Stop it! – This is all your fault!- What's your problem? Is that what you want? Excuse me, there's anotherrestroom in the other wing.

Come on, let's go.

Hurry up, please.


Lucy! Kai! That's enough! What's going on here? I came in here and helped Danabecause she was on the floor.

Then your wife comes withall these accusations! She provoked me! For all I know, you plannedthis with your daughter.

That's not true, Adam.

Papa, Jia and I gotinto a fight.

And then we got physicalagainst each other, then.






she shoved my headinto the toilet bowl.

Yuck! Papa.



I'm so sorry for what happened.

I don't need any apologies.

I need to understandwhy it all happened.

You said Jia shoved youinto a toilet bowl? Why on earth would Jia do that? Because, Pa, she was mad at me.

Because I confronted her andDavid right there and then.

Again? I thought we were past that.

I saw you two before my speech.

You were in good terms.

Yeah, but that was beforeI caught them, Papa.

I caught David and Jia kissing.

They're still having an affair, I'm sure of it.

She saida confrontation happened.

She caught David and Jiakissing in the restroom.

She's such a liar.

And you believed her? I don't knowwhat to believe anymore.

Then listen to this, because thiswill definitely shock you.

Dana can actually stand upon her own.

She can even kick like a horse.

[PHONE RINGING] Hello, Dana? Mama, help me.

Wait, wait, wait.

Why are you crying? The incidentwas caught on video.

What?! I'll send you the video.

I don't know what to do.

Okay, I'll wait for it.

[PHONE BEEPS] You get up from that chairright now, Dana.

Ma? Get up from that chair.

Get up.

– Mama.



– Stand up! – Ma! Stop!- I said, get up! Get up! So all this time when we wereall worried about your health because you couldn'ttalk nor walk, you were actuallyjust fooling us?! Now you know what it feelsto be lied to! It was for your own good! How about thislittle act of yours?! What's this for?! Because I wanted tosettle the score! To stop David fromfiling the annulment! To exact my revenge on Jia! But look how itbackfired on you! What if that video goes public?! I don't know, Ma!It might be extortion! Let's just pay whoever this isand get it over with! – I need your help, Ma!- Oh god! I should leave you aloneto handle this mess! You know, I raised youto be a fighter, not a scheming witch! But I'm only acting according tomy sense of justice, Ma! I'm only doing this because ofmy sense of justice! And.



I don't know, it's– What I did wasn't enoughpunishment for what they did! I want Jia and David to suffer! And I need your help, Mama! I was hurt, and I'm still hurting! Until now, I'm in pain!I'm in so much pain! Aah! – Please!- Aah! Dana! Mama! I need you, Mama!I need you! What is it? Someone took a video ofwhat happened that night.

– What?- Yeah.

Help! Somebody help me! How'd you get this? – I haggled ten million.

– What? I had no choice.

Ten million?! Ma– You spent millions! How can you besure that person didn't send that videoto other people? We have no control over that.

But at least we have it.

-We have it here.

-Oh my god.

You know what?If ever it leaks.



Mama, if ever itleaks online.






don't worry, we have an IT team.

They can take it down.

Calm down.

Please calm down.

Mama, calm down.

What if your fatherfinds out about this? Wait.

It will not.

You need to trustthat it won't happen.

Breathe, Mom.

Calm down.

It will never happen.

Sir, Ma'am Dana's nursewent on leave.

She asked me togive this to you.

She asked me to tell you not to tell anyone about this, most especially to Ma'am Dana.

She's just concerned, sir.

You need to checkeverything carefully.

You just keep movingeverything around.

Get out.

– Papa, I though you already— Get out! Is this what you'relooking for? Huh?! Dana?! Papa.



Papa? Papa.



Papa! Ma! Mama! Help! Mama! Mama, help! Papa? Papa? Ma.



Adam?! – Mama.



– Adam.

Call an ambulance! Now! Hurry! Adam.



Help! Manny, how's Adam?Is he okay? What happened? We're still waiting for updates.

I won't ask how youfound out about this.

I thought I just talkedabout boundaries.

And you have the gutsto come here? Whose faultdo you think this is? Most likely yours.

Both of you.

You were with Papabefore it happened, right? – You watch your mouth.

– Dana, Dana.


The operation went well.

He can now be movedto a private room.

Oh, thank god.

I will talk to you aboutthe details later, Mrs.


But in the meantime, let me just talk to the staffabout this first.

Yes, yes, yes.

– Okay.

– Thank you, doc.

Papa's going to be fine.

You heard that? Now it's time to leave.

We're not planningto stay any longer– God, Jia, you're gettingon my nerves.

Because we're herefor Papa, not you.

I've had enough of you.

Stop it, Jia.

What mattersis your father's okay.

Let's go home.

Oh, by the way, your injuriesseem to have healed.

Care for a retouch? Go ahead if you want.

You were never sick, anyway.

I guess the charade's over now.

You fooled us all, you know.

You've got a talentfor acting disabled.

– Dana, Dana.

– Jia.

– Dana, Dana, no.

– Enough, Jia.

Lucy? Lucy.


How are you feeling?Are you in pain? Do you need the doctor? I'm okay.

Calm down.

I cannot calm down! Don't let thishappen again ever, Adam.

Okay? Everything will be.



Everything willbe alright.

I'm okay.

[INDISTINCT SOUND] How are things at the office? Everything isgoing smoothly.

You don't have to worry.

You just got discharged, so just take it easy.


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