EASY AND FUN HOME PARTY HACKS || Crazy Party And Food Tricks by 123 GO!

Don’t wanna leave home? We’ll show you how to host a killer home party! When it comes to throwing a party, It’s all about the grub! This party’s gonna be epic, right Bella? Especially with a cake as delicious as this! But slicing it ahead of time can be tricky.

Careful there… No! Untouched by human hands, right? Just par for the party course! Stop! I’m about to make things way easier.

These tongs cut the perfect slice! See? Now you can cut them all evenly.

Just be sure to wash the tongs after.

Who knew cutting cake could be well, a piece of cake! If Vicki can do it, anyone can! Man, look at all that sugary goodness! There’s no party like a slumber party! What’s with the TV? Hey! Did it come unplugged or something? Let’s see here… I don’t know, it must be busted.

You don’t have a spare lying around, doyou? Wait a minute! Maybe we can do without the TV! Intrigued? It’s time to think outside the box! But first, we’ve got to empty it.

Yes! Look how big my teeth are! Okay, let’s get to work.

On one side, Trace a hole with the magnifying glass.

Carefully cut it out with a blade.

This is where the lens will go.

The hot glue will hold it in place.

Sit the box back up.

Bend a paperclip so it looks like this.

With two of them, you can stand up your phone! Put the lid on and boom! You have a real video projector! Talk about a cliff-hanger, huh? This is the best part! Slumber party’s back on, people! Cards are always fun at parties.

Depending on your hand, of course.

Gotta get in on that dip! Let’s see here… Hey, careful with that thing! Salsa down!! What a mess! Major party foul! It was an accident, I swear! So embarrassing! I wish I had dishes better for this stuff.

Too late to go shopping now.

Wait a second… This could work! Put your dip bowl in your chip bowl! Just disguise it with more chips! It’s like a makeshift chip and dip! Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

Yum! Okay guys, I’m ready for round two! Hey, one dipper at a time here! Delicious! Enough snacks, we’ve got a game to play! Gah! I’m getting light headed.

I give up.

Too bad we don’t have some helium, huh? You look crazy, girl! Blowing ballon’s sure exhausting.

’ Hey! That was my last one! Actually, this thing may come in handy.

For this hack, take off the bottle’s sleeve.

Take the cap, trace a square, And cut it carefully with a blade.

Cut the tip off a deflated balloon.

Now cut open this middle part.

Cut it in half again.

Spread this little piece over the cap And use tape to secure it.

Yep, keep going! Now put the cap back on the bottle.

Put more tape around the bottom.

Next, with scissors, poke a hole in the side of the bottle.

Put a balloon over the top and pump air into the balloon with your hand! Check it out! The perfect balloon.

Now it’s starting to look like a party! No fainting required.

Let’s see, what’s left to do here… The decorations are finished.

Don’t mind if I do… Snacks, done! But what about music? This thing on? Nothing’s happening! I can’t have a party without music! C’mon, please work! The party’s off, people! After all my hard work, how could this happen? It’s just so sad.

Wait, can this thing help me amplify sound? This cup can do it too! Create your own stereo with a paper towelroll! Take some tape, and completely cover the cardboard.

Then cut a rectangle out of the middle.

Then take a paper cup And cut a circle out like this.

Now put the pieces together! It should look like this.

Lastly, stick that phone in and hit play! Okay, this is my last hope! Bella’s definitely getting her groove ontonight.

Hey, save those moves for the party, girl! Vicki! Check out my new party popper! Gahh! It’s gonna explode! They sold me a dud! Maybe it just needs some more man power.

C’mon!! Here.

Woah! Where’s that thing going? That’s definitely not supposed to happen.

Ugh, get off of me! Are these balloons? Maybe I can fashion my own popper! Once you cut the tip off a deflated balloon, Place it over the paper roll like so.

Then take double-sided tape and wrap it around.

You can take off the outer layer now.

Now put colorful paper around the roll.

Pull on the balloon to pop the confetti! Speaking of which… Drop the colorful pieces right on in! You different colors or glitter — whatever you want! You ready? Here we go! That was fun, do it again! Woohoo!! Blowing balloons is exhausting.

Care to lend a hand, Vicki? I will later, okay? Right after I finish my smokey-eye look.

Wow, those look pretty good, Bella! Where are all the colored balloons? Don’t tell me these are the only ones left! Now what am I gonna do? Okay, Bella, I’m ready to help! White balloons? How boring.

Perhaps I can adda pop of color… And a little sparkle too! And what great use for all these fun sequins! Just put them into the deflated balloon.

With as many colors as you’d like.

Then blow those suckers up! Woah! It looks like they’re dancing! Careful not to inhale, Vicki! There you go! And if you rub fabric against it, the the sequins go to the sides! Wow! That’s a real work of art! These look so good! You can even use this to expel confetti! The sound adds a little something extra.

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