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Elmo and Zoe Play the Healthy Food Game | Sesame Street Full Episodes

(cheerful music) ♪ Sunny day ♪ (Big Bird laughs) ♪ Sweepin' the clouds away ♪ – Ah ha! ♪ On my way to where the ♪ – Hello Dorothy.

♪ Air is sweet ♪ (monsters laughing) ♪ Can you tell me how to get ♪ ♪ How to get to Sesame Street ♪ – Ah ha! (Cookie Monster grumbles) ♪ Come and play ♪(Count laughing) ♪ Everything's a-okay ♪ ♪ Friendly neighbors ♪ – Oops!♪ There ♪ ♪ That's where we ♪ – Huh?♪ Meet ♪ – Ha, ha! ♪ Can you tell me ♪ – Ha!♪ How to get ♪ ♪ How to get to Sesame Street ♪ – Look, it's Super Grover! ♪ Can you tell me how to get ♪ ♪ How to get to ♪ – Whoa!♪ Sesame Street ♪ (Grover groaning) – Uh.


(cheerful music) ♪ X is for x-ray ♪ ♪ Y is for yellow ♪ ♪ Z is for Zoe ♪ – Yay! – Wow.

(both laughing) – Oh, hi! – Hey, welcome to Sesame Street! – Yeah, welcome to Sesame Street.

Boy, boy, jumping ropehas made Elmo very hungry.

– Yeah, me too.

– Yeah.

– [Announcer] (gasps) Did I just hear two little monsters say they're hungry? – Uh, yeah.

(upbeat music)(audience applauding) – Then it's time to playthe Healthy Food Game.

– Oh, yay! – With me, Mr.

Healthy Food.

– Yay, yay! – How do you play?- Yes.

Well, you have to find four healthy foods and, yes, these four healthy foods must be four different colors, (audience gasping) red, green, white, or purple, and you have to findthese four healthy foods before this mouse.

– Yeah, who's the mouse? – I'm the mouse.

– Who's the mouse? – I'm the mouse.

– Who's the rodent? – I'm the rodent? – [Mr.

Healthy Food] Climbs all the way to top of the refrigerator (audience gasping) and plays that grand piano.

– Oh, but Elmo wants to play.

– Yes – Yeah, let's play.

– Okay, then, let's find out what is your first color.

(cheerful music)(audience gasping) Ooh.

Ooh, red.

– [Zoe] Red! (alarm buzzes)(audience applauding) – The mouse is off.

(mouse grunting) Better hurry up, the game started.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, hey, hey, you help usfind some red healthy food.

– Yeah, um, where? (gasps) Oh, the fruit stand, come on! – Oh, good idea.

– All right, look out, healthyfood, they're gonna get ya.

(Elmo laughs)- Let's see.


– Oh, oh, wait, wait.

– What?- Elmo has an idea.

– Huh? – Well, apples are red.

– Oh yeah, hey, everybody, look for apples.

– Yeah.

– Mm-mm.

– No.

No, no, hey! (Elmo laughs) Oh, well, these areapples, but they're green.

– Yeah, we need red.

– Yeah.

– Hi Zoe, Elmo.

– Elmo can't talk Luis.

– Yeah, yeah, we'relooking for red apples.

– Yeah.

– Oh, no problem, I'mlooking for red peppers.

(speaking in foreign language) I'm cooking my special fajitas.

– [Elmo] Oh.

– They're probably overthere with the vegetables.

– Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait, Luis, did you say red peppers? – Yeah, Luis! – Oh wait!- Luis, Luis! – Yeah, they're good foryou, and they taste great.

– Mm.

– Oh.

Oh, oh! They're red peppers!(bell ringing) (upbeat music) – Yes! Those are red peppers! Congratulations, youfound a red healthy food.

(audience applauding)- Yay! – That gives you – One!- one healthy colorful food.

(audience applauding) You need – One, two, three.

– one, two, three more healthy foods.

(gasps) But where is that mouse? – I am the mouse, I am the mouse! – [Elmo] The mouse isgetting closer to the top.

– Then let's get your next color.

Oh, oh, (gasping) ooh! – [Elmo] White.

(audience applauding)- White.

Find some white healthy food.

White food, healthy! – Hey, hey, hey, look.

– What?- Gina's having lunch.

Maybe it's white.

– Yeah, let's go! Oh, you too.

(laughs) – [Zoe] Gina! – Gina!- Yeah? – Hi, Gina, hi.

– Hello.

– Listen, what are you eating? – Yeah.

– Oh, a sandwich.

– On white bread? – Uh, pumpernickel.

– [Zoe And Elmo] Oh! – Brown.

– Well, what's inside, what's inside? – Uh, bologna.

– Oh!- Oh, pink.

– Well, mustard, there's mustard.

– Mm.

– Oh, yellow! (hooves clopping)- We need healthy white food.

(cowbell ringing) – Yes, yes! – Did I hear ya say whitefood, little monsters? – [Elmo And Zoe] Yeah! – Ah, well, I got some right here.

Might I trouble ya for that glass, missy? – Sure.

– All right, there ya go.

All right, Gladys, it's milkin' time! (milk squirting) All right, there ya go, there.

There we go, careful now, careful.

Ah, lovely.

Here ya go, straight from the cow.

– Oh!- Milk! – Milk, yeah! – Did I mention thatI'm proud to be a cow? Not everyone can make foodthat's chock full of vitamin D.

– And it's white.

(audience applauding)- Yeah! (upbeat music) – All right! Congratulations, myfurry little contestants.

– Yay!- You did it.

You found a white healthy food.

– [Elmo And Zoe] Yeah! – That means, you now have – Two!- two healthy foods.

Only – One, two.

– one, two more to go.

But the mouse is.

– [Zoe] Near the top of the fridge.

Hurry, hurry! – I am the mouse! – What's next, what's next? – Let's spin that wheel and see.

Ooh, oh, oh, oh, (gasps).

– Ooh.

– Green.

– [Zoe] Green! – [Elmo] Green! – Can I play along? – Sure.

(laughs) – Where can we find green food? – I would try the garden.

– [Elmo And Zoe] Oh.

– Follow that cow.

(laughs) – All right.

– See ya back at the homestead, Gladys.

(humming “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”) (Gina sighs) – Enjoy that bologna! – Oh, thanks.


Healthy Foods chuckles) – [Susan] Okay.

– Here we are, a vegetable garden.

– Oh, oh!- Susan! – Samantha, Susan!- Oh, hi! – Hey, hey!- Hi! – Do you have any green food? – Oh yeah, these zucchini seeds, they'll grow into green food.

– Oh, but, but, but we don't have time to wait for it to grow into food.

– No, the mouse is almost tothe top of the refrigerator! – [Zoe] Yeah! – What, huh? – I'm afraid we need somealready-grown green food.

– Mm.

– Yeah, before time runs out.

– Yeah! – Oh, well, let's see, thelettuce came up already.

– Yeah, look, it's over here.

(bell ringing) (upbeat music)(audience applauding) – Yes! Congratulations, you dug it up! Lettuce is a green crunchypart of any healthy meal.

– Yeah!- Yay! – You now have – One, two, three!- one, two, three healthy foods.

(audience applauding) You just need – One.

– one more! (gasps) But the mouse is (gasping).

– [Elmo] At the top of the fridge! – [Zoe] Oh no! (mouse panting) – I mouse! (mouse laughing) – [Zoe] He just needs to play the piano.

– Yes, my heart is just pounding.

– Hurry, what's the last color? – What could that color be? I'm all a twitter.

– Purple!(Mr.

Healthy Foods gasps) – Purple.

(audience applauding) – Find purple healthy food, everybody.

– Yeah.

– Before we run out of time! – Come on! – Food luck.

– Hm, hm, Elmo doesn'tsee any purple food.

– I don't even know a purple food.

– Yeah, what food is purple? – Well, there's purple grapes and– – Oh, oh, excuse me, guys.

– [Elmo] Oh, hi Big Bird.

– Hi.

Hey, would you mind justmoving back a little 'cause Snuffy has a gianteggplant from the Snuffle garden.

– But, well, we can't talk Big Bird.

– Yeah.

– We're looking for purple food.

– Yeah.

(mouse grunting)(audience murmuring) Oh no, the mouse is about to play! – Oh! – But we have to get this giant purple eggplant to Snuffy's cave.

– Hey, everybody, my mom'smakin' eggplant parmalupagus.

It's an Italian-Hawaiian dish.

– [All] Purple! – Yeah!- Yay! (bell ringing)(audience applauding) (upbeat music) – You did it! – [Elmo And Zoe] Yay! – Yeah, you found a foodthat's healthy and purple.

Food-tastic! And that makes.

– [Everyone] One, two, three, four.

– Colorful healthy foods, and you did it before themouse played that piano.

Who knew? (peaceful piano music) (mouse groaning)(audience gasping) – Uh, I'm okay.

(audience cheering) – [Everyone] Yay! – We did it, guys! We did it, guys, yay! – I don't even know what's going on.

Wow! – [Elmo And Zoe] Yay! – And thanks for helping, everybody.

– Hey, what fabulous prize did we we win? – You get to eat all thathealthy food you found.

Now, I'm off for some rainbow trout lie.

Remember, everybody, livelong and eat colorful, ta-ta! – Come on, let's getall this food to my mom, so we can make picnic lunch.

– [Big Bird] Yeah.

– Yeah, Snuffy!- Yeah.

– Because now, Elmo's really hungry.

– Me too.

(Elmo laughing) – Oh, oh, well, Elmo willtake this in with Big Bird.

– Okay.

– Zoe, you have the middle? – I'm gonna push.

– Gladys, you have the other end? – Okay.

– You take the middle too, Snuffy.

Okay, here we go.

– Heave ho.

– Heave ho!- Oh boy.

Oh boy.

– [Big Bird] It's heavy.

(upbeat music) ♪ I eat the colors of the rainbow ♪ ♪ Veggies and fruits that help me grow ♪ ♪ Red, red, my favorite foods ♪ ♪ Are apples, cherries, strawberries, and tomatoes ♪ ♪ Orange, orange, my favorite foods ♪ ♪ Are carrots, oranges, peach, and sweet potatoes ♪ ♪ Yellow, yellow, corn and lemon ♪ ♪ Pineapple and banana ♪ ♪ Green, green, spinach and broccoli ♪ ♪ Lettuce, peas, and kiwi ♪ ♪ Blue, blue ♪ ♪ The only food I eatthat's blue is blueberries ♪ ♪ I eat the colors of the rainbow ♪ – [Food] Hey, what about us? – Purple, eggplant.

♪ Plums and grapes, oh, every day ♪ ♪ I eat the colors of the rainbow ♪ ♪ Ba ba ba bum ♪ (speaking in foreign language) – [Maria] I'm Maria, me mommy and I are making something special for a barbecue at the park tomorrow.

(cheerful music) We are making platanitos, which are fried bananas.

We also always have rice and beans.

My parents and grandparents are from Cuba.

My family is Cuban-American.

Mommy said I could bring myfriend Stewart from school.

Mommy gave us pastelitos toeat, which are Cuban pastries.

I hope Stewart likes them.

(people chattering) Diaz Senior brought his guitar.

– Come here, everyone.

– Come on.

– Michelle.

(speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) ♪ I can count to 10 ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ – [Maria] We're teachingStewart a song in Spanish ♪ Adios, amigo, adios, my friend ♪ (singing in foreign language) ♪ Till we meet again ♪ ♪ La la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ – [Maria] We're goingwith mommy for a swim.

(cheerful music) – Careful! (children chattering) – [Maria] Now, it's time to eat.

Swimming makes you hungry.

We're having salad, platanitos, rice and beans, and pork.

(speaking in foreign language) Cuban music is great for dancing.

Music, food, family, myfriend Stewart, and the ocean.

I love barbecues! (tense music)(audience applauding) (upbeat music) (audience applauding) (upbeat music) (tense music) (upbeat music) (audience applauding) (upbeat music) (tense music) (audience laughing) (upbeat music) (audience applauding) (upbeat music) (tense music) (audience laughing) (upbeat music) (audience applauding) (cheerful music) – Hello there, let us findout what letter of day is.

Shall we? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, uh, wait, letter of day, where you? This no good.

Me no can find letter of day cookie.

That's funny, prop manusually here hand it to me.

Oh no, oh, where are you, letter of day cookie? Oh, oh, this terrible.

Without letter of day cookie, we no know what letter of day is.

Oh, oh no, this deeplyemotional time for monster.

(air whistling) What that? Oh no! (cookie crashing) (Cookie Monster groaning) Oh brother.

Oh, now this what me call letter of day.

Wow, it, it, the letter G, like, like gee, this is some big cookie.

Yeah, it ja ja, gigantic, and (sniffing), oh boy, it smell ga, ga, ga, good.

Oh, oh, mm, me never eaten a cookie this big before in me life.

Me want to eat it all up.

No, no, no, no, no, no, me not supposed to.

Oh, (sniffing) oh, it's so good.

Maybe one little nibble, nobody notice, huh? (Cookie Monster grumbling) Oh, that delicious.

(Cookie Monster sniffing) Well, another little nibblewill not matter, huh? (Cookie Monster grumbling) Oh, this so delicious.

What they hay, huh? Another bite won't bother anybody? (Cookie Monster grumbling) Oh, what the hay, let's go for it! (Cookie Monster grumbling) (bird chirping) (dramatic music) (macaw squawks) (snake rattles) (G yelling dramatically) – [Kids] G! (G yelling dramatically) G! G! G! (Cookie Monster grumbling) – Oh, oh, that delicious cookie! Oh! Oh, that good.

(Cookie Monster sighs) Oh, me never had big cookie, wait, what me do? Me eat letter of day cookie! Oh no, how me going toteach letter of day G now? (Cookie monster belches) Excuse me.

Me kinda ga, ga, gassy.

Gassy, gassy start with G! Oh! See, me teach G with gassy, me genius! Ah.

(Cookie Monster groaning) Taxi! (upbeat electronic music) – [Kid] G.

– [Kid] G.

(suspenseful music) – Jane Tuesday on the job.

I love to eat my colors, and my favorite green is green beans.

G for green.

– Green.

– G for green beans.

♪ Green beans ♪ – Mm, that's good.

Green, the color of goodness.

♪ Trust me, yes, siree ♪ – This is Jane Tuesday saying.

– [Both] Eat your colors today.

(cat meows) – [Woman] Okay, okay, I know.

(phone ringing) Just a second.


Oh, hi Harry, how are you? I'm fine, no, I wasn'tdoing anything important.

Are you coming to the bridge club tonight? Now, you gonna bringthe chips and the dip? Oh, that would be just swell.

You bring the cookies too? How 'bout one of those party mixes? Oh gosh, we could put peanuts and Chex.

Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, how 'bout dinner? What are ya makin' for dinner tonight? Are you trying that new recipe that you got in that magazine? Did ya clip it out? Oh, I know, I've never seenstroganoff look quite like that.

(laughing) Well, I tried to getone of those patterns.

Oh, it just didn't work out.

Oh yeah, if I came home with that on, Ralph would just kill me.

(laughs) Oh my gosh, wait a minute.

(can opener whirring) There you are, come and get it.

(cat panting) (cheerful music) ♪ I start in a cow andcome out with a squeeze ♪ ♪ I can turn into yogurt, butter, or cheese ♪ ♪ I'm great in a glass, say please ♪ ♪ And pass the milk ♪ Mm, milk.

(upbeat music) ♪ Well, me known for eating cookie ♪ ♪ When I don't, they should, look ♪ ♪ He tryin' to throwloyal fans the curve ♪ ♪ What's he doin' eatin' fish ♪ ♪ Or a vegetable dish ♪ ♪ Man, he sure got a lotta nerve ♪ ♪ You need balanced diet ♪ ♪ Come on and try it ♪ ♪ Not believe how great you feel ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Munching carrots or beansor poultry or greens ♪ ♪ Along with your chocolate chip ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Banana or plums ♪ ♪ Will make you go, yum ♪ ♪ Nutrition, it really hip ♪ ♪ So hip ♪♪ Yum ♪ ♪ Healthy food, boy, it tastes so good ♪ ♪ Me one healthy dude ♪ ♪ 'Cause me eat healthy food ♪ ♪ Me love it ♪ ♪ Boiled or stewed ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Whole or chewed ♪ ♪ You'd feel just great if you'd ♪ ♪ Eat some healthy food ♪ ♪ There's broiled spring chicken ♪ ♪ Grapes ripe for picking ♪ ♪ And swordfish, tuna, and trout ♪ ♪ And apple and cherry, all kind of berry ♪ ♪ And broccoli and Brussels sprout ♪ ♪ There's lettuce, tomatoes, and boiled new potatoes ♪ ♪ There's spinach and celery and beet ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Milk and honey and cheese ♪ ♪ Parsley, pepper, and peas ♪ ♪ There's peaches and cream of wheat ♪ ♪ Yo ♪ ♪ Healthy food, boy, it tastes so good ♪ ♪ Me one healthy dude ♪ ♪ 'Cause me eat healthy food ♪ ♪ Me love it ♪ ♪ Boiled or stewed ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Whole or chewed ♪ ♪ You'll feel just great ♪ ♪ If you eat some healthy foods ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Red tomata, brown potata, green celery, celery, broccoli, yellow pepper, and the startof the show, orange carrots! ♪ First, ya slice it down the middle ♪ ♪ Divide it again ♪ ♪ Slide it through the dip-a-dee-doo ♪ ♪ Why, you can juice it in a juicer ♪ ♪ It's an energy producer ♪ ♪ 'Cause it's really, really good for you ♪ ♪ It goes great across the grater ♪ ♪ Mix it up for later ♪ ♪ Colorize a vegetable stew ♪ ♪ If it's a carrot ya need ♪ ♪ Just start with a seed ♪ ♪ And look what a carrot can do ♪ Seed, soil, sun, rain.

Wait, wait, wait, now! ♪ Keep it, share it, makeyour little sister wear it ♪ ♪ Look what a carrot can do ♪ (laughing) Oh yeah.

– And Maya? – Yeah? – To keep healthy, what do you think we all should eat to keep healthy? – Um, carrots.

– Carrots.

– And all vegetables.

– And all vegetables, yes.

What is your favorite vegetable? – Um, carrots.

– Carrots, yes.

Why? – Because they're so, so, so yummy.

– Mm.

(cheerful music) – Hi there, this is farmer Ernie.

(laughs) I bet you're wondering, what's a city kid like me doing on a farm like this.

Well, I'll tell ya.

(cheerful music) ♪ I came to the farm tosee how things grow ♪ ♪ And I learned somethings I didn't know ♪ ♪ Plants can grow high ♪ ♪ Plants can grow low ♪ ♪ Some grow above the ground ♪ ♪ And some grow below ♪ ♪ For instance, a tomatodoesn't grow like a potato ♪ ♪ Tomatoes push andshove to get up above ♪ ♪ Meanwhile, a potatodoesn't grow like a tomato ♪ ♪ Potatoes never show, we stay down below ♪ ♪ Plants can grow high ♪ ♪ Plants can grow low ♪ ♪ Some grow above the ground ♪ ♪ And some grow below ♪ ♪ Now, if you want a lettuce ♪ ♪ I'd tell you where to get us ♪ ♪ We always can be foundright above the ground ♪ ♪ Look high for a zucchini'cause they're never very teeny ♪ ♪ But if you want a beet, look under your feet ♪ ♪ Plants can grow high ♪ ♪ Plants can grow low ♪ ♪ Some grow above the ground ♪ ♪ And some grow below ♪ ♪ Maybe next time you'llsee something you'll know ♪ ♪ If it grew above the ground ♪ ♪ Or it grows below ♪ – Hm, I wonder where cilantro grows, and then there's parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

– Sorry, Ernie, we're outta thyme.

(all laughing) (tense music) – [Farmer] Hm? (birds chirping) (Farmer whistling) Hm? (Farmer humming) (wind howling) (Farmer humming) Yowee! (cheerful music) (Grover groaning) – Oh, bonjour, that means hello in French.

I just came all the wayback across the ocean, and the Triborough Bridge, from Paris, mm-hmm.

That is a city in Francewhere they speak French.

Oui, oui.

My friend Lia gave me thiscute, little shopping basket.

Is it not adorable? Ah, I am going to fillit up with vegetables and fruit and cheese and bread, just like they do in France, and then bring it home to grandma.

Ah, she will be so proud.

(people chattering) Ooh la la, here comes vegetables and fruit and cheese and bread now.

Mm, my, you look delicious.

Okay, broccoli, come on, into the basket.

– No way.

– Come on, broccoli, I justwant to put you into the basket and take you home to grandma-ma.

– Forget about it.

– How 'bout you, apple? Up at at 'em.

– Absolutely not, hm.

(Grover sighs) – Um, pardon me, excuse me, cheese.

– In your dreams, buddy! – Don't even look at me, I'm not puttin' onebread crumb in there, hm.

(Grover sighs) – But this is how it is done in France.

The fruit and the vegetablesand the bread and the cheese all go into the basket.

– [All] No! – Yes.

If you do not believe me, just watch this.

– Hm?- Oh.

– What?- Where? – Right there.

– Oh! (light music) – [Lia] My name is Lia, and I live in Paris, the biggest city in France.

Some people say the city is beautiful.

It's nice, I like it.

Every Saturday, I go to thefarmers' market with my dad.

It's called (speaks in foreign language).

My dad likes to get thefruits and vegetables first.

(speaking in foreign language) – [Man] Mm.

– [Lia] Then we get meat.

We also get a chicken.

(speaking in foreign language) Sometimes, my dad buysfish, but not today.

(speaking in foreign language) We always get cheese.

(speaking in foreign language) We eat it at the end of dinner.

My favorite of all iswhen we go to the bakery.

(speaking in foreign language) Usually, we just get bread.

But today's a special day, sowe're going to get pastries.

(speaking in foreign language) Because today, my (speaksin foreign language) is coming to visit us.

She lives near us.

It's fun when she visits.

I love her.

– See, what did I tell you? All the food goes into the basket.

Maybe they do not understand.

Allow me to demonstrate.

(Grover groaning) You see? Ah, ah, I am in the basket like so.

– Oh! – Oh, look at that.

(speaking in foreign language) – What? – That's French for, let's go! – Let's go! – Come on, apple.

– On the team! – Wait, wait! Where are we going? – Easy.

– All right.

– Easy.

– Here yo go.

– We're goin' home to grandma's.

– Grandma's? What, wait, wait.

– What? – I think I am what youwould call a basket case.

– That's right.

Move it! (cheerful music) ♪ Ah ah ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ah oh ♪ ♪ Ah ah oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪ ♪ Ha ha ha ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♪ (cheerful music) (upbeat music) ♪ One, two, three, four, five, six ♪ ♪ Seven, eight, nine, 10 ♪ ♪ 10, nine, eight, seven, six ♪ ♪ Five, four, three, two, one ♪ ♪ One ♪ ♪ Two ♪ ♪ Three ♪ ♪ Four ♪ ♪ Five ♪ ♪ Six ♪ (cheerful music) Six! (cheerful music) ♪ One, two, three ♪ ♪ Boats on the sea ♪ ♪ Four, five, six ♪ ♪ Children come quick ♪ ♪ This is my favorite song about six ♪ ♪ Six is the number of kids in the mix ♪ ♪ One, two, three ♪ ♪ Four, five, six ♪ ♪ Six running feet ♪ ♪ Leaving footprints in the sand ♪ ♪ Six dancing children ♪ ♪ Holding each other's hand ♪ ♪ Six mighty sand castles ♪ ♪ Can't go wrong ♪ ♪ Six little children ♪ ♪ Come on and sing along ♪ ♪ One, two, three ♪ ♪ Four, five, six ♪ ♪ Now, six little children ♪ ♪ Running into the sea ♪ ♪ They swim under water ♪ ♪ And what could it be ♪ ♪ It was six little fishesswimming naturally ♪ ♪ One, two, three ♪ ♪ Four, five, six ♪ (Count laughing) (cheerful music) ♪ Flowers on the doorstep, one, two, three ♪ ♪ If we add three more, how many will there be ♪ Hey, wow! ♪ There are one, two, three, ♪ ♪ four, five, six now ♪ ♪ Three and three are six ♪ (thunder crashing) (spooky music) (Count laughing) – Ah, mm, mm, mm.


Now my pets, (laughs) makeyourselves comfortable.

(Count laughing) (Count groans) Yes, it's time for ourfavorite television program, Six Feet Under.

(tense music) Yes, quiet, my pets, it begins.

– [Narrator] And now, tonight'sepisode of Six Feet Under.

– [Mom] Hey, hey, feet off the table! Get your feet off the table.

– [Monster] Oh, I'm sorry, mom! – [Monster] Oh boy! – [Monster] Sorry about that.

– Told you.

– Sorry.

– Oh.

– Ooh! (tense music) – Ah, and now we see thefeet, my pet, under the table.

(laughs) I shall count them.

One, two, three, four, five, six feet! Six feet under! (Count laughs) – [Monster] I wanna eat, now, where's the food? I wanna eat some chicken wings, yeah.

(Count laughing) (thunder crashes) (Count groans) Oh, an excellent program, my pets.

What shall we watch next? (cheerful music) Three's Company? (cheerful music) Eight is Enough? (clock ticking) 60 Minutes! (Count laughing) I am a one happy couch potato.

That's one, one happy couch potato.

(Count laughing) (thunder crashing) (Count sighs) West Wasteland, my foot.

(Count laughing) Mm.

(gentle music) ♪ Some folks go crazy for bein' lazy ♪ ♪ But he gets right in the groove ♪ ♪ He can't sit still ♪ ♪ He just thinks it's silly ♪ ♪ When there's so many ways to move ♪ ♪ Over those fences ♪ ♪ Under that table ♪ ♪ 'Round and around with you ♪ ♪ Through the green bushes ♪ ♪ Fast as you're able ♪ ♪ Over, under, around, and through ♪ ♪ The folks I mentioned ♪ ♪ Prefer that bench ♪ ♪ And they just like takin' it slow ♪ ♪ But she can't sit ♪ ♪ She gets wait too itchy ♪ ♪ When there's so many ways to go ♪ ♪ Over that sister ♪ ♪ Under that brother ♪ ♪ 'Round and around with you ♪ ♪ Through the front gate ♪ ♪ And back through another ♪ ♪ Over, under, around, and through ♪ ♪ Over, under, around, and through ♪ ♪ Over, under, around, and through ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la Elmo's World ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la Elmo's World ♪ ♪ Elmo loves his goldfish ♪ ♪ His crayon too ♪ ♪ That's Elmo's World ♪ (Elmo laughs) Hi, this is Elmo's World! Yeah, Elmo's very happy to see you.

And (laughs) so is Dorothy.

Oh, say hello, Dorothy.

(Elmo laughs) Guess what Elmo's thinking about today.

♪ Da da da da ♪ (tense music) Oh.

(Elmo laughs) Chocolate chip cookies? Door.

(Elmo humming) ♪ Da da da did do do do ♪ (Elmo humming) Oh! – Ah, tasty closet, Elmo.

(Elmo laughing) (Cookie Monster grumbling) – [Elmo] Cookie! (Cookie Monster sighs) – What the hay? (Cookie Monster grumbling) (Elmo laughing) – Oh.

You're so silly.

(Elmo laughs) Yeah, yeah, Elmo's thinkingof eating, yeah, eating.

You know, food.

(cheerful music) Ooh, Dorothy, hm.

Dorothy's been thinking about eating too because it's time forDorothy to eat her fish food.

(Elmo laughs) Okay, ready? Here you go.

Just a little bit.


What, huh? Ooh, ooh! Dorothy has a question too.

How do people eat? Oh, good question, Dorothy.

Ooh, let's watch Mr.

Noodle eat.


Noodle! (Elmo humming) Oh.


Elmo's having a bad shade day.

(laughs) Don't laugh.

Oh, come on, Shade! Thank you! Look, Mr.

Noodle's going to eat noodles.

– [Children] Yay! – [Elmo] Yeah, don't forget your napkin.

– [Kid] Don't forget your spoon and fork.

– [Elmo] Yeah.

Bon appetit, Mr.


– [Children] Too much, too much, too much! – [Elmo] Yeah, too much.

– No, too much!- Too much spaghetti! No, you won't be able to eat all that.

No, (laughs) Mr.


Too much.

– No, too much time.

– [Kid] Try again.

– [Elmo] Mr.

Noodle, you'll do it this time.

– [Kid] You'll do itthis time, Mr.


– [Kid] Don't forget.

– [Children] Your spoon and fork.

– [Elmo] Just a little bit.

Oh, just, uh oh, uh oh.

You got one stuck.

(child laughing) Mr.

Noodle, be careful! Be careful! (children and Elmo laughing) Mr.

Noodle! – [Kid] You did it! (Elmo laughing)- Yay! – [Elmo] Okay, now eatthe noodles, Mr.


– [Kid] Again! Again! – [Elmo] You can do it.

– [Elmo And Children] Yay! – Mr.

Noodle did it! We're proud of you, Mr.




What, what's that Dorothy? Oh, Dorothy wants to ask someone else.

How do people eat? (cheerful music) – Dorothy, this is how I eat a pizza.


– Dorothy, this is how you eat spaghetti.

You twist the fork and thenyou pick it up and eat it.

(cheerful music) – This is how you eatwith chopsticks, Dorothy.

You hold it like a pencil, andthen you take it and eat it.

See? (cheerful music) – Thank you, Dorothy.

Now, Elmo will ask a baby, yeah.

Oh, hi baby.

Baby, how do you eat? Go ahead.

(Elmo laughing) Thank you, baby! Yum, yum, yum.

(Elmo giggles) (cheerful music) And now, Elmo has a question for all you! Yeah, you! Um, let's see, how many hotdogs pass in front of Elmo.

Let's count.

Hot dog, there you are.

One, one hot dog.

(marching music) Oh.

Still one.

One very long hot dog, butwait, how many baked beans? – [Elmo And Children] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

– Wow, 10 baked beanschasing after the hot dog.

(Elmo laughing) Great counting.

Elmo knows more things about eating.

What eats and what doesn't eat? Let's watch.

(Elmo giggling) Well, drawers don't eat, usually.

(Elmo laughing) (Drawer belches) Excuse you, Drawer.

(Elmo laughing)(Drawer belches) (Elmo laughing) Combs don't eat, but they do have teeth.

(upbeat music) Trains don't eat, but they do chew! (train whistle blowing) Get it, choo choo trains? (Elmo laughing) Grownups eat.

(peaceful music) Unless Grover's their waiter.

– Oh, waiter, can I have my food? – Coming, sir.

(Grover yelling) (glasses clattering) (Elmo laughing) (Drawer belches) – Now, Elmo wants toknow more about eating.

But where can Elmo find out more? Hm? (tense music) Whoop, oh yeah! Elmo can watch the Eating Channel.

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] The EatingChannel, all food, all the time.

Don't touch that dial.

– And now, let us begintoday's main course.

The Girl Who Loved toEat and Try New Foods.

– [Narrator] Once upon a time, there was a girl who lovedto eat and try new foods.

– I love to eat.

– [Narrator] And shetraveled all the world to try new and unusual foods.

– Hi, what's for dinner? – [Narrator] She went to Italy and tried linguini with calamari.

– You gonna finish that, Marcelo? – [Narrator] She went to India, and she tried spicy vegetables curry.

– Some like it hot.

– [Narrator] Mm.

(whistle blowing) She went to Japan and shetried udon with chopsticks.

– (laughs) I love noodles.

– [Narrator] The girl thought she had tried every food on earth, but then, she heardthat the Jabowski family of Brooklyn, New York, apartment 4C ate something truly extraordinary, smushed peanuts on bread.

– Huh? – [Narrator] Also known aspeanut butter sandwiches! – Wow, I never ate that before.

– [Narrator] So, they gave her a peanut butter sandwich to try.

– Hey, it's different, but I like it.

I really like it.

– [Narrator] Then theygave her a glass of milk to go with it.

– Milk, weird.

But refreshing! – [Narrator] And so, thegirl who loved to eat and try new foods continuedcircling the globe and ate happily ever after, the end.

– [Announcer] Coming upon the Eating Channel, The Last Taco in Paris.


(Elmo laughing) – Oh, now what? Elmo still wants to knowmore about eating food.

(loud banging) Who could that be? (Elmo humming) Oh.

– So, I'm food, you can talk to me.

– Oh, Elmo knows whatyou are, you're an apple.

– Yeah, kid, you're right.

I am an apple.

– Uh huh.

Well, you know what, Elmo loves apples.

– Oh kid, ya got good taste.

(Elmo laughing) Let me tell ya about myself.

First of all, I'm a kindof fruit, and I'm red, see? – Oh, oh, and Elmo's red, see? – Oh yeah, and look, I gotthis little stem up on my top.

– Right there.

– [Apple] Yeah.

– That's pretty.

– And inside of me, Igot a core, a apple core.

– Oh, very cool! – And did I mention I was red? – Yes, and so is Elmo, look.

– Yeah.

– [Sandwich] Hey, what about us? We're food!- Yeah, we're food too! – I'm a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

– Yum! – Thank you.

– I'm corn.

– I'm broccoli.

– [Corn And Broccoli] We're vegetables.

– Ah, delicious.

– And I'm a pizza.

– Oh, Elmo loves pizza.

– Not only do all these foods taste good, but they're good for ya too.

They help ya to be healthy and strong.

– [Food] Food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food! – Food for thought.

Oh, apple, where can Elmoget food besides his closet? – Well, you can get thepizza at a pizza parlor.

– Ah! Ooh, look, look, look.

Dorothy's imagining Elmo in apizza parlor making a pizza.

(cheerful music) Elmo loves this part.

(Elmo grunts) Elmo thinks it's supposed to come down.

– [Apple] While we're waitin', I'll tell ya where youcan get me, an apple.

Off a tree.

– Oh, yeah.

(peaceful music) Elmo picked an apple.

(Elmo laughing) (air whistling) Pizza! (Elmo laughing) – [Apple] And sometimes, after we're picked, we're sent to grocery stores where you can buy usand all kinds of food.

– Oh, look! There's bread, grape jelly, peanut butter, mm.

Ooh, oh, there's apples.

Elmo will buy an apple, yeah.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, look out! Elmo's glad he didn't pick a watermelon.

(Elmo laughing) (Elmo laughing) – Yeah, and that's where you get food.

– Aw, thank you, apple.

Apple really likes beingan apple, doesn't she? – Oh yeah, down to my core.

Well, see ya.

I'm gonna go meet my Granny Smith.

– Oh, bye, apple! Wow.

Apple is a great food.

Hey, food is a great food.

Elmo even made a video aboutsome of Elmo's own food.

Elmo be right there, give Elmo a second! Oh, there it is.

(Elmo laughing) With this camera! Yeah, it's called, Elmo's Breakfast by Elmo.

(Elmo laughing) What? Oh, TV, come on, TV, stay there, ah.

Good TV.

(Elmo chuckling) (Elmo laughing) This is Elmo's breakfast before he ate it.

Okay, now, I'll put you down.

(Elmo grunting) (Elmo grumbling) Mm, good.

(Elmo gulping) Oh.

(Elmo giggling) (Elmo grunting) Oh boy.

(Elmo laughing) And this is Elmo's breakfastafter he ate it, yeah.

(Elmo belches) Excuse Elmo.

(Elmo laughing) Woo, woo, woo, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya.

(Elmo laughing) Ooh.

Oh, oh, oh, silly TV! (Elmo laughing) Elmo really likes all kinds of food.

(Elmo giggling) So, does Dorothy.

That's why Dorothy wantsto sing the the food song! Ooh, you can sing along too.

(Elmo laughing) (“Jingle Bells”) Here we go! ♪ Do do do do do ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ Eating, eating food ♪ Everybody! ♪ Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eating, eating food ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ Eating, eating food ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ Eat, eat, eating, eating food ♪ (Elmo laughing)(cheerful music) Say goodbye, Dorothy.

Bye! – Read Trash! Read Trash! – Hey, Slimey.

– Read Trash!- Your baby sister's excited about Trash too.

Aren't ya there, little Sloppy, huh? (Sloppy giggles) – Read Trash! – Okay Okay, Slimey- Read Trash! – Hold your horses.

I'm reading.

– Read Trash! – Here we go, chapter 842 in The Adventure of Trash Gordon.

In a heroically heroic act of heroism, a hero heroically turned the wheel and went around the giant space chicken.

And why did Trash Gordon goaround the giant space chicken? To get to the other side.

(chicken clucking) Our hero laughed heroically.

(Gordon laughing) And stated.

– Sesame Street has beenbrought to you today by the letter G and by the number six.

(triumphant music) (Sloppy snoring) (peaceful music) – More Trash! More Trash! – Hey, shh, shh, Slimey, shh.

– More Trash! – Slimey, Sloppy is asleep, and it's time for you to go to sleep too.

We'll read another chapter tomorrow.

(Slimey snoring) (Oscar laughing) Aw, he just can't getenough Trash.

(laughs) – [Slimey] Trash.

(upbeat music) (horn tooting) (horn tooting) (gentle music) (Elmo laughing) (upbeat music).

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