Es Krim Milo Oreo Lembut & Padat + Tips & Trik

Assalamualaikum, Hi guys … Today I'm going to show you on how to make this Extra Easy and Delicious Milo Ice cream, which is topped with the crushed Oreo.

Today recipe will be easy to make and yummy to taste.

This one called: “Milo-Oreo Ice Cream”.

Not only we'll get a thicker and denser result, but also a great sweetness at the end … It's perfect for a dessert or for our children's snacks.

Since today recipe can produce a lot of Ice cream, so don't be hesitate to pick it as a home-based business.

Ok, I bet that you've been curious to know on how to make it, just check it out … Ingredient & Direction First, prepare a can of sweetened condensed milk about 370 gr.

Empty all the milk it has inside.

Set aside.

Then, prepare 1500 ml Water, to ease the measurement: use the previously used cans as a measurement base.

Measure out the water as much as 4 cans full.

Well, since I directly use the can to measure, the water turns a bit white just like a milk solution.

But it's okay … Next, let's switch to the next ingredients, So, when all of the ingredients are complete, we can start to make Ice cream right away.

The ingredients are: 140 gr (4 of 35gr sachets) Milo milk powder, 4 tbsp.

Granulated sugar, up to taste.

60 gr or 3 tbsp.

Corn starch Pour the previous 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.

Then also the water that we had prepared earlier.

Mix well.

Bring it to a boil, while stirring it often as not burnt.

Make sure to cook the batter until thickened to avoid the Ice cream flavor tastes like a raw flour.

Yup, look at this, once it's thickened and starts to pop up, turn off the stove.

Set it aside for about 1-2 hours.

TWO HOURS LATER Next, let's prepare a container, pour the batter already cold.

Then keep in the freezer to freeze, to optimize the freezing process, let the container wide open.

10 HOURS LATER Look …! after 10 hours, the batter's texture now is perfectly frozen, next, let's scrape the batter hardened using a spoon or chop it with a knife.

Then pour into a stainless-steel bowl.

So, the use of a stainless-steel bowl here is to maintain its temperature as to quicken its blending process.

To ease the process, the batter is divided into 2, well, the blending process will be done into 2 batches.

Then here it is, the first batch is ready to blend.

But before that, prepare sufficient emulsifier, this is the SP type Emulsifier.

This SP Emulsifier will give a soft texture to the Ice cream and gives a dry impression when ice cream is taken from the freezer.

Its measurement must be precise, because if it’s too much added, the ice cream will be hard to freeze, but if it’s too little added, the ice cream will be less tender.

For today's single recipe, it needs 2 tsp.

SP Emulsifier.

Well, since I divide it into 2 batches.

So, the SP-Emulsifier needed in each part is 1 tsp.

or about ½ tbsp.

I bet, a lot of you must be wondering about why the SP-Emulsifier isn't to be melt in advance? Is it safe? Is that safe for our throats? But don't be afraid, since the SP-Emulsifier is in fact a derivative of Esther just like Margarine/Butter.

So, it's safe to use it without being melted first.

Since I fond of practicality, here I directly mix the SP-Emulsifier right away.

Mix it at high speed for 20-25 minutes.

Here I use Signora digital mixer, and thanks to its powerful ability, even just in 5 minutes, it's already expanded 2 times now.

So, we don't have to wait for 20-25 minutes as usual, but with Signora Digital Mixer, 8-10 minutes is enough.

Cool stuff isn't it? Well, now you may add 1 tbsp.

of Black Forest chocolate powder.

Of course, it's just an optional, it’s not a must, it's coz that I love a chocolate ice cream … So, if it's skipped, definitely not a problem.

Mix it well.

So, make sure that its texture is rather thick as this way.

Its texture is still a bit mushy (don't mix it to well-stiffen) as to get a denser Ice cream.

Ok now set aside.

Here I put it into the plastic piping bag as to ease the pouring process.

Ok, set aside.

Next, mix the 2nd batter the same way as the 1st batter.

Don't forget to add 1 tsp SP.

But this time I skip the Chocolate powder.

Now, when the all batter is done.

Next, let's prepare 2 sachets of Oreo mini packaging 23 gr for the ice cream topping.

Put it into a plastic as this way, then crush it until smooth.

The Oreo stuffing doesn’t necessarily need to remove.


Once it's well-crushed, set aside.

Then prepare an ice cream cup as needed, I use a small cup with a capacity of 45 ml.

Pour the ice cream batter into a cup, here I deliberately pour half of it first, so, there I'll put the darker one on the bottom of the cup.

Well, the result is surprisingly quite a lot.

Do the rest with the same way as before.

So, just pour it up to the limit of the ice cream cup line to prevent from falling apart.

ere they are, it shockingly makes 125 cups.

It's means, we got about 5.

625 ml at the end.

The Ice cream indeed only expanded for as much as about 2 ½ times.

So, let’s just mix it in a brief as long as it’s just soft.

That way the result can be soft and dense.

And by the way, I once shared an ice cream tutorial with a longer mixer time.

The result expands for five 5 times, and it turns out that the ice cream texture tends to be light pretty much like a foam.

Well, when I eat it, it tastes more like a foam … and of course it also melts faster at room temperature.

So, it’s better this way, jus mix it to expand for only 2- times or 3 times at max.

Ok, now add the ice cream topping with our previous Oreo crumbs.

Once we close the ice cream cup cover, store it in the freezer until frozen.

The duration is according to the type of the freezer used.



about 6-10 hours.

AND TEN HOURS LATER Here it is, it has completely frozen.

Ok, let’s try it out.

Ah, it has a denser & thicker texture … and of course it tastes great … Well, its taste so refreshing and sweet.

So, I’m sure our children will love this.

Ok next, tips and tricks for %^*#@#$ Oh, My Goodness … Lemme take a break, Erghmm … Ok next, tips and tricks for Milo-Oreo Ice Cream For the main ingredient in this ice cream, the Milo milk powder is in fact can be replaced with full cream milk powder.

Well, I once replaced it with 5 sachets of Dancow milk powder and the result was also great.

And if you skip the Milk powder or Milo powder, you can replace it with Coconut milk.

Because coconut milk and milk powder both contains a skim.

A skim is one of the important substances in the making of ice cream which increases the density and the durability of an ice cream at room temperature.

Or we may use UHT liquid milk.

So, if the milk powder is skipped, the water can be replaced with full cream UHT liquid milk.

Another way to avoid the ice cream to easily melt is by adding crushed fruit or fruit juice.

This one, for example, I add 2 pieces of a mashed Banana, for the banana itself, it can be immediately mashed or boiled first, so it’s up to your taste.

But make sure the banana is perfectly ripe, because if the banana is unripe yet, the ice cream will taste raw because of its banana sap that isn’t ripe yet.

So, the bananas and the SP-Emulsifier are added together, then beat until soft as this way.

Well, take a look …! Once it’s frozen .



The ice cream mixed with crushed fruit has a stronger texture and not easy to melt.

This one is also a good nutrients supplier for our children.

The fruit doesn't have to be a banana, we can use mango, durian, papaya, or even a grinded steamed purple yam … so please adjust it up to your own taste … The ice cream flavor is also up to your choice, you don't have to use chocolate powder if you want to.

We can also use pasta flavors in liquid form as this.

Its measurement is just as needed.

Since if we use a cocoa powder and add it at the same time as the SP-Emulsifier will affect its color to be slightly faded.

So, to get a darker brown color, please add the chocolate powder when the ice cream batter is cooked.

This is the result, with the same dose of cocoa powder, the result is darker than the earlier ice cream, because I added this when cooking the batter.

In addition, its texture is denser, so it looks more fudgy … So, when it is scooped, the texture is tougher.

Well, will you add it up when cooking the dough or when mixing it? The choice is in yours … For the SP-emulsifier, I highly recommend the SP-emulsifier from Cortina brands.

But if you don't have it, just use a repackaged SP-emulsifier as I do is also okay.

Even there are some who replace the use of SP-emulsifier with *Ovalet one, yet the result is still soft anyway.

It also goes to the use of the Corn starch, if it’s skipped, it can be replaced with Tapioca starch or Cassava starch with the same dose.

Well, “All roads lead to Rome” … we have many roads to Rome … *** Business Talk *** So, there we go Everybody, on how to make the Milo-Oreo Ice cream à la carte The Hasan Video.

Hopefully this will be useful … I hope you Guys Enjoy this tutorial today.

*** Another joke in my mother tongue.

*** Thank you so much for watching, See you Guys Next time … Wassalamualaikumwarohmatullohiwabarokatuh ….

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