Hey Lana, having some trouble there? OK, are these trick laces or something? Why can’t I tie these darn things?! Woah, that’s one crazy knot you have there.

Who taught you how to tie your shoes? Oops! Better tie mine too! Woah! Look at that fancy finger work! Can you show us how it’s done, Vicki? Simply take the strings in your pinkies, twist them around your pointer and thumb, pull, and bam! You’re done! See, that’s the thing about fashion hacks! Don’t worry, Lana, we’ve got a whole bunch of new DIY tricks coming right atcha.

Ooh! Looks like we’re partying tonight! And with parties comes having fun and chatting with your friends.

But word to the wise: don’t take a sip of soda before your friend gives the punch line to her joke.

Oh my gosh, Vicki, I’m so sorry! It’s all good.

I’m just, uh, gonna run to the bathroom really quick.

If you’re ever the victim of an embarrassing spill at a party, don’t freak out! Just think outside of the box.

If you happen to have on pants similar to these, simply take your shoes off and place both your legs into one of the pant holes.

Be careful not to fall! Now pull the waist all the way up, covering your chest.

What about the remaining leg, you ask? Simply put your arm through it and voila! You’re rocking a fabulous asymmetrical look! Yep, no one’s gonna remember your unfortunate spill once you walk out in this number.

Woah! did you go shopping back there? You look amazing! Wait a sec, were those your pants? It’ll be our little secret.

Well, let’s raise a glass to happy accidents, shall we? Cheers! Aw! Look at these two love birds! Hey, you guys really know what you’re doin’! How romantic.

Ooh! Hey, it’s okay, just be careful.

Looks like nothing’s ruining this gorgeous night, even toe pain! Oh no! I’m so sorry! Are you alright? It hurts but I’ll be okay, don’t sweat it.

Okay, it’s finally time for the most impressive move of the night! Lana! Your dress! Kevin! How could you? Oh man, Kevin may be single after tonight.

What am I going to do? This dress is completely ruined! If only I could find a needle and thread in here.

Woah! who knew you could fit a ukulele in that little purse? I was wondering where I had left this shoe! Geez, who gave you this bag, Mary Poppins herself? What can’t you fit in there?! Hey! Here’s something I can use! As weird as it sounds, a stapler may just do the trick here! Things are about to get crafty up in here.

For a tear like Lana’s, you’ll want to put the staples on the inside hem so that they don’t show on the outside.

Simply run them all the way up the entire hem, even where it isn’t torn so that the hem matches on the outside.

Hey! Not too shabby for a last-minute fix, Lana! Think you’re ready to brave the dance floor one last time? I wonder when Lana’s coming out, she’s taking forever in there! Hey Kevin, wanna dance? Will you please forgive me for ruining your dress? Eh, no biggie, I actually kind of like it better this way.

Aw! Nothing can stop this dancing couple! Alright, I’d better get off to class it’s nearly 8:30! These new jeans are super nice, I just wish they weren’t quite so long on me.

See what I mean? I wonder if I’ll regret wearing them.

Nah, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Hmm, I wonder if any of my friends found a table yet.

Vicki! Over here, girl! Uh oh, I sure hope she doesn’t trip on those long pants! Oh no!! She’s totally gonna place plant it in front of the entire school cafeteria! I sure hope you didn’t want those fries.

Yep, this is definitely gonna hurt.

And Boom! Floor, meet Vicki.

Uh man, that was so embarrassing! Think that many people saw? Wish you hadn’t worn those pants now, huh? Hey! I have an idea! Thee hair elastics are about to save the day.

Roll up your pant legs into a giant cuff like this.

Next, take one of your hair elastics and wrap it around the middle of the cuff before rolling it back down over it.

Keep going and the elastic will catch the bottom so thy won’t roll all the way down.

Hey guys! Did you miss me? So I fell, it’s not the end of the world, right? Aw, you guys are the best friends ever! Thanks! Another fashion crisis averted! Sometimes spending a Friday night reading a good book is much-needed.

Huh? I wonder who that could be.

Hey Vicki! Are you ready to go? Uh, why aren’t you in your costume yet? Oh yeah! The superhero party’s tonight! I completely forgot! Okay, just give me five minutes I’ll be right back! Oh man, what can I turn into a superhero costume in five minutes? That won’t work, that won’t work… Hey! I think I can do something with this! Hmmm… Oh, I know what I’ll do! If you’re in a DIY costume jam, a computer print-out is your best friend.

Hey, I think I know what you’re going for, Vicki! Take your shirt and lay it flat.

Then cut out your print very carefully.

It’s important to make sure none of the white paper is left on there.

There you go! Take a sheet of plastic wrap and lay it over the spot you want your print to go.

Next, place the print on top so that it’s back is touching the plastic.

Now cover the front of the print with another sheet of plastic wrap.

Next, take some wax paper and lay it right on top of the cut-out.

Once it’s placed where you want it, take a hot iron to it for a couple of minutes.

Make sure to keep it moving, don’t just sit it on top.

Remove the wax paper and boom! You’ve got yourself a brand new superman outfit! Check it out! You look amazing, Vick! Oh shoot, you still need a cape! This’ll do! Boys and girls, have no fear! The DIY costume Queen Vicki is here! And she’s ready to party! Woah! Did you just come up with that in five minutes? Supermans unite! Have fun, guys! Wow, Lana! You’re looking extra spiffy this afternoon! Waiting for your lunch date, huh? Oh! Hey! I’m over here! Hey girl, nice to see you! Aw! And you brought the pup! He’s so cute! Ugh, I just can’t get over how handsome your dog is! And his little shirt is adorable.

Can he come say hi? Hi good boy! Aw! You’re so cute! Yes you are! You’re the cutest boy in the world! Yes you are! Um…Lana? You may want to put the dog down… Hey, what’s that foul smell? Oh my gosh! He literally peed all down my shirt! This is so disgusting! Lana! I’m so sorry! He’s never done that before, I swear! Lana you’d better go to the bathroom and wash that off before the other patrons start to smell you! Ick! What on earth can I do to fix this? Ugh, I stink.

Hey, maybe I can turn this scarf into something more useful! To make a quick shirt out of a scarf, tie two of its corners together in a double knot like this.

Then twist it around and put your head through the hole you’ve made.

Now use the extra material to cover up the front of your shirt.

Don’t forget to pull the rest of your hair out! Wow, Lana! This thing looks better as a cover up than a scarf! Okay, where were we? Wow! How’d you make that so quickly? And how can I get my hands on one! I guess I can let you in on my secret…one day.

Sure, these guys made these fashion hacks look easy, but these bloopers show it takes a few times to get things right.

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