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Federal ministers and health officials provide COVID-19 update – April 14, 2020

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Teresa Town our deputy chief Public Health Officer Lu dr.

Kawa knew by video link the minister of northern affairs dan Mendell le président de l'institut Rizal Jean Yves du Clos and of course with us is our Minister of Health Patti hi do available to answer your questions so dr.

Tam please bon jour and I'll start with our usual update on the number of covert 19 cases in Canada so there are now 26, 000 631 cases including 823 deaths these results of course change over the day for the lab testing we've completed tests for over 450, 000 people with now close to 6 percent confirmed positive as Canada continues to improve our testing to track where the disease is spreading these tiles have been challenging for all of us but they can be especially hard for children children's daily routines have been turned upside down and the things that they have most been looking forward to have been canceled as for us it is for them silence and secrets do not protect children honesty and openness do there are things we can do to help build resilience like talking to kids honestly and reassuring them that we will get through this open discussion help kids to sort fact from fiction to look for ways to have some control and to be mindful of their media consumption we can also show children how to express gratitude for the efforts of everyone who is helping us through this time like health care workers on the front line and all the people working to keep our essential supply open and grocery store stocked at the same time is a lesson in all the many roles that people play all across Canada to keep our society running over the weekend I was reminded that this April marks the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope Terry believed that anything is possible if you try and that even one person can make a difference although Terry was not able to complete his journey his spirit of hope remains with Canadians all these years later right now we mean to heed his message more than ever the sacrifices we are making to maintain physical distancing are making a difference to slow the spread of Kovan 19 so stay home save lives and let's give our best efforts to Clank the curve then crush it thank you thank you very much dr.

Tam aim at nausea don't let the whole dr.

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insert at CERN proved FF indifference MEMS in the poppy tech – Paco Damir put the Kennedy in Medel display he continued the news in speery Carlton cuter on a fella massage the Terry Fox nigemaiti ocm Porter kill a new job Dewey sac sacrifice canoe Devon fell from Antonia leaning on one physic contribute Afeni la propagation on the covetous nerve a la cresta she knew for so VD v e a shock no new a platter lock up the poo rapid no perceived chigorin maxy maxy doc doc no and now we will hear by video link from Winnipeg from our Minister of northern Affairs Dan van del Dan please wait good morning since the cove in nineteen have been in constant communication with territorial premiers as wetlands first nation into it and matey nations and partners across the North the concerns their ideas and solutions have been informing our response over 19 in the North since day one we recognize that many Canadians are facing financial hardship and they are concerned for their health their jobs their loved ones and their neighborhoods this is especially true in Canada's North there are exceptional challenges in meeting the unique needs of northerners in this pandemic numb what down the eight means I don't know sarafina's ma the tourists I think Medianet allowed a traveler Canada at a condo bhisma immediately a coded business peanuts Masucci enfolding the only business at the premier Nacional it is in DeWitt II can't predetermine Athena's here so manner disposition or the typical Indian quinoa the premier methionine it says it is Inuit territorial governments have identified their critical priorities to prepare for and to respond to the KO mid-nineteen pandemic and to avoid the spread of the virus today we are announcing significant next steps to address cancer facing the North including supports health care or nutrition and for air transport Government of Canada is transferring eighty nine point nine million dollars to the territorial governments to assist with health preparation and response and to support support continuity of air transportation services to northern communities a majority of this funding is primarily for territorial health care systems including critical health care needs preparedness and mitigation efforts and as we know airlines are a critical link to maintaining a supply chain for the movement of essential goods and services in order to do this the Government of Canada providing seventeen point three million dollars in immediate relief to support critical air transportation links on key central routes and Miniver in Northwest Territories and Luke on precise on many other dollar right the NRC and the owners mess only between eight Sancia the system the sweet salty thank you a territory oh um oh you can't call my CEO the COO is a circumstance particularly Aero can become faulty big ulama territorial we also recognize the increased cost to many essential goods in the North families are facing increased financial pressures and should not be worried about how to pay for nutritious food or essential household supplies that is why we are investing in additional 25 million dollars the nutrition North Canada the better support northern families in accessing sufficient safe nutritious food by increasing the subsidy rate on basic and essential goods that families depend on we have also added cleaning and personal hygiene products to the list of eligible items of nutrition North Canada to all northern communities I'm also very pleased that funding for the first year the harvesters support grant has been allocated to indigenous nations and partners we are working diligently to flow the next wave of money quickly this grant co-developed with indigenous partners helps northerners return to traditional harvesting and food sharing practices by alleviating the high costs associated with traditional hunting and harvesting of foods as you know this crisis is evolving very rapidly and we recognize that we will continue to support the health safety and the well-being of northerners we will continue to collaborate with territorial provincial and indigenous and other partners to determine future responses as part of our ongoing efforts to fight ovid 19 by ensuring we maintain our physical distancing by staying home and by connecting remotely as I am today we can plank the curve and get through this together Thank You Marci Mel C in Meg wedge ok thank you very much Dan amen oh don't let Paco president the consensus is the Oh Johnny Johnny simply mercy a kiss hello everyone Baltimore on the massage from ministers met Anita massage the pot X your protection to deburr the suicide King potage you see Donnelly Swenson T no can massage the collarbone I see aunt worry prevents latekka to our polar look the provision mom you see that distribution material the protección the test in that matter my important pono hawaii me new mythical Newseum massage de protección says a weaker the minister Radha Enda knew his Rumi says the pot 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assist me do the de montijo suit in total the Sangha huge cat mignon good amount on the Israeli city so briefly in English for the Canada emergency response benefit protecting the ability of Canadians to make ends meet and to look after their health and the health of their loved ones is in part done by the provision of the Canada emergency response benefit so a total of 3.

5 million applications have been posted in the last week a total of 6 million since March the 15th and out of these 6 million applications 5.

4 million have already been treated so that's for me Chris yeah milk see Johnny's their own system ok Thank You Deputy Prime Minister as usual we'll start with 3 questions on the phone and then turn to the room one question one follow-up and just show a few abilities thank you really please press star-1 understand me if you have a question mr.

e so it well our our first question is from Molina did not cry second engine please go ahead a positive women second answers like AHA ten requests a team is a safe estimate no Sequoia cacao never a no seeker language Allah cotton Alexa key key lock out and of the Eau de Toilette Western key delicate Ascanio ah la escalera magical castle solitary Akif echo state senator self acoustic knocks apologist know abou severe frozen lecithin 1080 obligate well do debut may on toujours si do Emilio a scarf a holiday CD cassette Monsieur additional don't ever go there no more Pluto util poor on Fox a laka huntin and okay doctor news okay we have fasted dr.

new we I said on a digital lock obligate us alone allah wa salam is on Karen ten you know see avec le nouvel log on a nucleus is a Pascal a desert conditions they support our poor probably leave Oaxaca vivo Canada Dubois camp la pauvre more PCC eva evapo a leaders in accommodation effectively sought to person via Quebec in the condition Medicare suggests are too and that's an as a please this was not a saint sustain Paco Oh Cecil support and appreciate avec la plana Fawzia indicator in Yvonne Edward answer class we're on a Lucia Excel DDD the show Zapata they did a token the Neo Geo CD medic mo AOC only demanded pity date ion Vasa Forney mmm in mask poor lady Voyager maybe it's on a subcommittee pavo asia our local commedia destination FINA so this is super come on cast on the potato tony PDD type of this is a Castilla X is a okay Steven the question Giselle our next question is from Mike branch film from the camión press please go ahead about it there good morning everybody I reckon afternoon I'm directing his question at the Deputy Prime Minister but perhaps others will want to answer the leader of the Opposition this morning was raising questions about the the World Health Organization he said he has concerns about the reliability of their data a relationship with China and we've seen new reporting raising some some questions related to this in recent days so how much they should Canadians have in the World Health Organization right now and are there areas where the government should be exercising some caution or evaluating taking a second look at what they're being told by the WHL thanks for the question Mike when it comes to medical expertise and health expertise the first people we rely on are Canada's outstanding public health professionals our great teams here in Ottawa and the public health professionals across the country and we are very lucky in Canada to have an excellent health care system and very very smart public health professionals when it comes to international cooperation I think we all appreciate that the novel coronavirus is a global pandemic and that does require international collaboration multilateral collaboration the w-h-o is the international body that coordinates international response to pandemics and so of course we work actively with the w-h-o we also collaborate closely with other allies in other fora our Minister of Health has regularly been meeting with including just last week the g7 health ministers for example that's an important forum for us and so is partnership with our allies around the world no I don't know Patti if you would like to add anything I'll just say a couple words yes I think it's important to realize that I think that the w-h-o was not a standalone organization without multiple sources of research feeding into it and when I think about the expert committee that dr.

Tam sits on in fact those committee meetings are extremely important for the world to coordinate its response to coronavirus and I think that the Deputy Prime Minister is exactly right that when we look at illness and disease in a global setting in fact we cannot defeat this virus or any virus or illness without our global partners and we've seen that multiple times with a variety of different illnesses so I think we have these structures internationally and they play a really important role and it is about the coordination of response and I think dr.

Tam would you like to say a few words about the kinds of things that are discussed at the Special Committee that might help highlight what you know what what the kind of thinking has how the thinking has evolved for example as a research has I think the WHL does consist of all of its member states which Canada is one but it taps into the global community of scientists researchers epidemiologists so I think it has multiple committees and some of them looks at research and development some of them will look at the surveillance and trying to keep the world a price of the laces evolution in the virus for example so there are multitude of many layers of sort of expert committees and that is one of the key roles for sure nobody sort of can anticipate the sort of evolution in knowledge of course of this virus so we knew very little at the beginning people try to accelerate and get the information as fast as they can I think as we progress absolutely the whole world has to be able to provide epidemic control of this virus for Canada and the rest of the world to look at what the new normal might look like because you know we are dependent on other countries also being able to control their illness so I think now more than ever international collaboration is actually very key like my follow-up question is them and I understand perhaps you may not want to be seen to be sowing doubt in a major international organization at this time be that as it may dr.

Hallward was supposed to testify this afternoon at the Health Committee induce and insight into the w-h-o now the social opposition is saying well that's unfortunate that shouldn't have happened and they want to know more about how Canada is engaging with the whu-oh in light of you know criticisms that are again are he continued to keep surfacing about whether or not one of those partners China has been living up to its obligations perhaps or not in relation to us work with the w-h-o so could someone please address that concern but the whu-oh you know that that is raised by the opposition very you know very clearly this morning across conference well I'll just add to what we've already said about the role of the W show and its importance in terms of understanding sort of global pandemics and and the trajectory of illness around the world and how we work together to manage that but I will I will say in terms of the Health Committee we have been regular participants at the Health Committee and of course as I've mentioned dr.

Tam is an expert expert advisor to the committee at World Health Organisation's has been leading the response on coronavirus and we've been available to the Health Committee at every request and in fact spent numerous hours just a couple weeks ago I think dr.

Tam and dr.

new and and my deputy answering the questions of the Health Committee and will continue to do that this is this is I believe this is a time where we do need to pull together not just internationally but also nationally this is the actual health crisis for Canada and we work very hard to make sure that the opposition has an ability to ask those questions and has the has the information at their fingertips when they ask for it Thank You Minister Alpert our next question please Thank You Nancy our next question is remission in Assam that I do Canada please go ahead makuu to opportunity did not conform to the Manas my money provides police a DSS Castle occasionally found for this we launched really found a pathology in Kela Kelln Tascosa to her aqua pura humbly like kapalabhati mercy a polyatomic sitter unites a telenovela premiere and like hello bouncers not necessarily they kill FL you Joan comunist was it a zero – the the generic security they are about CR comma Palika laboratory for Vanessa take it well hello Google Market Fisker Eve Adama our connect responsibility you know whole extras naraku's ooh Lee provenance down context lady knows any reduce Yemm reducing plant species of each potage de la musica you know cycle posit equipment in also my important Quebec puh-lease service hospital in UCD service Donnelly CH SL the Dalek is lost police any leak Murdoch so for me is on podrían Vitas agave a on me Concha is a mother treszura workers he keep my profit on a 3-2 satellite if only the people they are merely all humming youth the sweat on Gervais a I mean you know his last police Andy okay Becky yeah Oh Canada in that was an old message in the screenshots with my potential from minutes what we do and also the energy Danny the c'mon / a silicon sorta like he knows Alma vote at Siri – nah see me you see Tommy with Celia Watney Alaska solar yellow phony incapacitated I kiss what I oughta do la responsibilities Oscar Mayer song was on the dodgy of here Ned's not yeah systemic risk is considered shorter now maybe songs among the Catalan is on police is merciful Allah be honor system Apple Pascal Quebec up any or seven-eighths no geology problem – definitely – she'll do that spent pasta the premier secured Quebec a digit of comments a factor controls KGB Nikita passport give across as the document Illya a portal like immutable plutonium shows BC the constant aquitar tool ple build one sole source of lab no commercial Google a Canadian pure party second TV show pasar cell Messina Sierra de manière askew leap of a sitting at work with constantly Wisconsin will assume is responsibility tell my portal Nanami you know top al-faisal mong-koo en su cassette in Congress you know elect Luke a back mail see avec de Soto province merci I'm at nope only kissed on our son Mike I asked you about I'd like to continue on the long term here care facilities who are our leaders on this issue like do we have anyone who's getting it right and that we can learn from well thank you very much for the question and firstly I we just want to thank Minister Deb Schultz for her work in working with the counterparts and with our team to come up with the long term care guidance documents that are now posted and I will say that there are some people getting it right and it's slow but it's coming and I will say that some of the work that British Columbia for example has done on the permanency of those positions and paying care workers enough so they don't have to work in multiple homes or multiple facilities it is unlocking some of the answers around how we reduce the transmission of the illness I think there's many the guidance is quite broad and and sure if you take a look at you'll see just the number of recommendations but I I do think that there is a value in having a larger conversation about long term care homes and the way that we manage those homes in general coronavirus and kovat will be with us for some time and and given the epidemiology that we know about this virus right that the disease pattern that we know now will need to be protecting our seniors for a long time and I think there's an argument to be made that this has been an area that needed some attention for a long time as well all right and you mentioned BC and I was wondering if there's any other provinces that are taking strategies or strategies that we could send across the board that are they're really latched on that's working that we could apply across the country well I'll turn to dr.

Tam she may have more detailed information from the work that she's been doing on the special committee I would say that every province in the territory I really sees with you know doing best practices so you've probably seen them publicly sort of updating Canadians on what they're doing that actually includes things like restriction of visitors the new recommendation about wearing masks and and for chefs and and also looking at improving how the facilities itself can screen health workers visitors and residents so there or try very hard to do this and they're exchanging their ideas across the board at the special Advisory Committee so I think just even in the last several days you've seen many provinces trying to really strengthen what they're doing because knowing the epidemiology itself yeah Ian Wood CTV News you've told us that Canada has relied upon the w-h-o for intelligence on on a global level knowing what's happening abroad for information and data regarding Cova 19 but what's Canada assisted by any other sources of intelligence other within our own intelligence community or our 5i partners in developing or in knowing what was going on abroad and and if so when did we first get an alert from this intelligence source that there was a pandemic issue yes so we actually scan global media and other open sources for information on a daily basis we have a system in Canada called G Finn the global public health intelligence network and we do that sort of it from a public health perspective and we were able to detect as well as other public health intelligence sources the actual unusual outbreak in Wuhan when we first were alerted right at the end of December like December and sort of January first and second and I had already communicated with the chief medical since by the second of January as soon as we thought okay well this doesn't look this looks a bit unusual that was before we even knew what virus caused this those kind of public health intelligence are very much sort of a life it's a doctor new here I could also add to that that we also have very good personal contacts with our counterparts across the world and including the US and for myself and personally we had daily phone calls I daily phone calls with the head of infectious diseases at the CDC on the situation has evolved even from the beginning of January so there was a lot of sharing of information between public health officials across the world including between ourselves in the CDC so my second question all oven direct towards the Deputy Prime Minister intelligence experts have suggested as we've just talked about that we had an over reliance on open source data what was being given say to the w-h-o that we received monitoring media that sort of thing so with regard to the intelligence community when did we get intelligence from China that there was something bigger greater than what was being seen on open source data and was our intelligence community primed to act on these sort of the sort of information they were receiving well as you've already heard in our public health officials were very seized of this issue from the beginning of January and were very involved in conversations both in Canada and around the world about what this novel coronavirus was when it comes to Canada's intelligence partners and Intelligence Sharing we have of course talked about the coronavirus with our intelligence partners very energetically throughout this crisis for reasons of confidentiality I'm not going to go into the specifics but there has been in addition to the work done by the public health officials there have been intelligence conversations around this with particularly with our closest allies Julie Julie Van Dusen CBC for Teresa Tam or patty high do and it's about Jason Kenney and what he said about he wants to jump on tests and vaccine circumvent health can that if it takes too long he doesn't want to get bogged down by the bureaucracy and he took some swipes at you but your positions on borders and human human transmission what do you say about that and maybe you'd like to jump in too well thank you very much and first of all just say that we are so grateful as a Deputy Prime Minister has said to have the leadership of dr.

Tam and dr.

new and in fact the entire public health team and Health Canada in fact working day and night to help us as a country manage the coronavirus cope at 19 and our response to it I will also say that I also have confidence in how hard Health Canada is working to look at every potential tool every potential drug every potential Avenue to both treat and protect Canadians but I will also say that it's important and I think Canadians would want to know this that we validate these things using science to make sure that they are effective that they are not dangerous and that they are used in appropriate ways with scientific guidance and so we work as I said extremely diligently as always but even more so now during this time and I I just want to thank the public servants for how hard I no they are working to to expedite approvals of tests for example or other kinds of equipment that we need but Teresa Tom maybe you could just answer do you think he's trying to undermine you she said that I have had an incredible collaboration with the chief Merrick officers including of course the chief knock offs in Alberta and we work really well together and all of us are trying very hard that Canada across the board is giving us our best response and I do think that I know our Health Canada colleagues have authorized a lot of tools that Canadians can use and you know they sort of authorize 51 devices 13 authorizations for test kits you know 39 authorizations for non in vitro diagnostic devices the list goes on is but we do want to ensure safety and the actual effectiveness of these tools and I think the health community understands that and but you know there certainly we encourage also that the use of medications that they be used in the context of clinical trials as well because that ensures the the fastest way to actually get some results as to whether they're effective or not and whether they are safe so I think that's really important there would be a third question Julie we're already a little short on time so we'll do one question on the side one final sentence if I may or two sentences so Julie I think when it comes to Canada's response to the novel coronavirus I would highlight two real strengths that we have shown as a country the first is across the country we have shown that we are a country that does believe in the value of expertise and in the value of science at the federal level that has meant we have understood the importance of our public health officials dr.

Tam and dr.

new playing a central and in provinces across the country the chief public health officers have been central to provincial responses in municipalities across the country chief public health officers have been central to municipal responses I have observed as a former journalist that chief public health officers across the whole country have become this generations rock stars and that is entirely appropriate the second strength of our national response I think has been very strong collaboration between the federal government and provincial governments that's essential always but it is particularly important when we face a shared health crisis a crisis where provinces deliver frontline health care and where the federal government needs to play an essential role as well our approach is going to be to continue to build up and use those two core strengths of Canada's response Thank You Deputy Prime Minister we're already running short on time so we'll take one last question on the phone before we turn back to the room for one last question operator thank you yes Lee our next question is from animal sinew from Divya please go ahead he leaned over the regular the carrot and Polly voyage our village festival increases your Palio jockey Duvalier loo hotel discusses an affair Wolfe agree on the Beaufort Sea dr.

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