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Federal ministers and health officials provide COVID-19 update – April 3, 2020

okay Bonjour a nasty good morning and thank you for being with us today Canadians must continue to practice physical distancing we all need to stay strong and stay at home I'd like to say something this morning to our elders our aunts and uncles our mothers and fathers our grandparents I've been thinking about you a lot you raised us you built our amazing country now you are staying inside and you are physically separated from your loved ones I know that this is really hard and I want you to know that we love you very much and we are doing everything in our power to keep you safe when my children find the physical distancing hard I remind them that they are doing it for themselves for the whole country and also for the elders in our family they love very much like an idea can again – of continuing a particular distance no physique arrest a fourth a vest a Alamos on government passes a metaphor personage a note on innocently no man an au pair in document a heart who knows of a lav who serve a party not te man no was at an Ontario I was at physic man Louis devabhaashaa cetra difficile no Valen Koval sir she could novos mo a new face or a new Pharaoh – Suki a or not approve our tofu Protege so today we will hear from our Minister of Health Perry hug you then we will hear from Canada's chief Public Health Officer dr.

Teresa Tam we will hear via conference after that from not ominous coda logical to allow Parliament there now he clawed people a oppressor do president to constitute reso Jean Yves du Clos and we also have with us to answer your questions dr.

Howard you patty please Thank You Deputy Prime Minister and good morning to everyone let me first start by sending our deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones to kovin 19 our hearts are with you during this incredibly difficult time we continue to work together at all levels of government to defeat this virus and in this war I'd like to remind everyone that we're on the same side I'm confident there is an end to this and we will come out stronger together so in that note please don't forget to download the Canada covin 19 app we've had 123 thousand downloads over the last two days this is a very useful tool it will give you constantly updated and accurate information about Canada's fight against kovin 19 it provides accurate detailed data about what is happening across the country and it will also provide you the ability to check your symptoms if you feel that you are unwell or unsure and with that I'll turn to dr.

Tam thank you hello Bonjour everyone so I'll start with the update on our cases in Canada there are now 11747 cases of kovat 19 including a hundred and fifty two deaths again this represents infections from previous exposures and not what is happening right now so again our urges that even if you're not hearing about cases in your community it doesn't mean that there is no risk of exposure and we must all consider that anyone could be infected and keep our 2 meter distance as the safest approach we continue to test at a high rate in Canada or tests completed for over 290 thousand people in Canada around 4% of these people have been confirmed as positives and 95% confirmed as negative maintaining our testing around this three to four percent three to four percent positivity will keep us within a good range to try and accurately detect where the disease is circulating we are however continuing to increase our laboratory capacity to make sure that we maintain this kind of level of sensitivity in tracking covert 19 activity across Canada this is a frustrating time as we continue with strict public health measures while waiting for signs of improvement so far thanks to all the efforts of Canadians the health system in Canada is coping and we need to keep it this way there are areas where the virus has been the most active like Vancouver Toronto and Montreal but these areas are managing to convalesce Ave look over this nerve / Honda graph more Malad melih volition de la malady / prone to please us men on casa con la casa de dólar they say miss on penumbra pon de la première sermon may a Monsieur kill epidemic progress the number that they say continue dog Monty voila so keep our a explicate aqua knew Pavan voix in thought all that they say Sydney la Dupre casual said hi le t and Chris Capel canoe divan prong-set melody you serious the fakir the pay particularly amount to Shay come literally mantra mat no the senior colep Adame Appetit attend someone camilla airport to this war as your work over 19 can cause severe illness but the disease course can take several weeks to progress hence severe outcomes including death will not be occurring in high numbers in the early weeks of this epidemic but as the outbreak progresses fatalities will begin to accrue this could explain why we are seeing a sharper rise in deaths reported in recent days this is a sad reminder to us all that we must take this disease seriously we can draw hope from the fact that countries particularly hard-hit like Italy and now showing signs that the epidemic may have peaked we're here to learn about the lessons learned and the perspective of all of these countries as we adapt our responses our knowledge our science and the girls evolution over time this is a epidemic and pandemic that has not been with us for very long and public health colleagues experts across the country are now continuing to learn and adapt our knowledge as these become available in real time so of course we own it to everyone to not put another Canadian at risk and to do all we can to stop the spread of kovat 19 right now thank you okay thank you dr.

Tim Amen also don't let the whole LM in East with the doctor could cure nothing cloud people not evil sivle day the question of community life you could serve it do like Who am I Chris Parker capacity oz mama say my silica to Moni I said I knew it so sane you could see the density of course lack of it is not a bank and monetary alters contains ice snow coming down I found her at the mall it's on palookas your been in verse 1 days any before here can easily zester a supermini in city personnel certain key hotel are risk not easily info Magna of heavy material a de Mesilla Lido adavi Jana also found a piece of you ha if you saw Mississippi the coral reef community understand who do I know see some median dollar provide any part any mortality so again the so local is also adding before account so sync resulted this could be some animal attack – who's right with sharon chiarella rarity I'm carrying out that Canada a service I got me Leon de la Tour discus Soto Cano table that Marcus Jones Canada you cleared it city journey allow me to sell you a million dollar Zuckerberg Amata the shock visual Canada the claritin map to war so I for shits vector mawenzi vector I know this is San Jose Zoo example Quebec little demand so mo the balcony mother Canada the third the communion Twila PETA la la la Street monkey I think you need access healthy food it's something we all care about Kovac nineteen is increasing the number of Canadians who struggle to access food and is having a major impact on the operations of local food organizations food banks are all kind of all kinds are being forced to adapt to find younger volunteers to minimize interpersonal contact to offer home delivery the challenges are great today Prime Minister Trudeau announced 100 million dollars in support of organizations who are on the front lines making sure people get essential food support in their time of need Thanks Canada will receive 50 million dollars while 20 million dollars has been evenly divided between Second Harvest community food centers Canada The Breakfast Club of Canada and the Salvation Army these organizations will work with local partners to meet urgent and increased food needs including those in indigenous and northern population the last 30 million dollars will be allocated later to fill the gaps and respond to further knees I invite all my MP colleagues across the country to reach out to their local food bank to make sure they are connected to one of the five partners I want to take this opportunity to also announce that through the food policy for Canada through the local food infrastructure fund as of today three on trend and see two projects across the nation I've received funding for a total of six point six million dollars Alucard with deformities in hospital in whatever locale typical Derek Mata Paulo Canada juicy please know that no secret process but some porgy auto-tune you as usual she now smart for the time this is point six million dollar Canadian working in all parts of our food supply chain are stepping up during this extraordinary time and I invite those ok please consider supporting your local bank or community organization farmers folks working in food processing plants truckers clerks in grocery stores and obviously volunteers in food banks are all proud members of a critical infrastructure the food supply chain if you're healthy and available answered there joining them fit Pavano silicon is a key source for my mother so Lee hood dollars apiece we deliver and Monica ballot in the yard yeah at least the services sincere like a haunted you believe it's also please good luck saying that cause you're not Al Motta of a taxi honey swing boo – Wayne got mold something is funny blue I'll say our favor service well Mota yes you nasty maverick note a mad nausea don't let the hollow president ocassi disposal I need to see me good afternoon everyone in Baltimore was all really necessary for me Minister to do it on a salad on Ted the premier massage apoptosis would be given he told you know he's you made a salmon younger ah Polly balcony motel at a bell cooler be in our party cookies Misaki Beck army to sell you it all work patty AMA active ok Becky reduce a massage chilidog Ozma do Versamark is either at the TPS that tax people reservist of asthma or Darvill also souviens kusama yayoi sandra tamina Hasan Mahasabha de plus s/c Sandra Lee Minaj Eric do person it was Lamar Thomas a juicy Dinajpur LoCascio the arrangers the fourth American agenda community Nozick is a leader Quebec on security service so the for some Canadian with a porta potti see community is a leaky vivasvan de la vulnerability on terminal dog sitter massage daunted for continuing again the Esper he constantly advance while is on his ultra diesel to Papa see at other cities okay now see Tony say on a plate want mister okay we'll start with three questions on the phone one question one follow-up operator thank you Neffe please press star one at this time if you have a question CD player three circuit well our main opposing gifts to our first question not panic FL is from Melanie Markey Erica price please go ahead applicable nasty volume make a solid poor madam Freeland years epistemic I present Justin cracker his meditations that you have achieved an educationally Deaton Ahmad Ahmadi admits can age Alma music ambassador that this younger than I don't want the dermal d @ ym respected exported in Canada Arabic Wacom Kousaka okay milk's apologist save my mantras important question in tempo la cañada a not go värnamo a tray please engage a onset ng sometta lamina spenita and incredible conversation avec the chef do em all Canada a juvenile CA la compagnie poor circular company ID on public concern on low position avec les it as unique not c'mon say pray for Timo explicate la posición du Canada conserve nose Ettinger set in travail they keep Canada as a parle avec l'ambassadeur hillman Joost van minutes Vaughn seconds depress new company importance to set on gh2 lemon is the premier ministre moi toxin Elmo to not want Assad Lucetta Jeanne Mamluk municipal de Provence so Engadget ons a do-rag lay set on a deja como se de parler avec Nova epic tener a ally a military all Zetas unis conserve no blue long term not collaboration don't lie loot contrasted theories hello grandma when importantto Laguna more a complete mo onaji a and we're continuing to traverse excuse worry so thank you for the question this is indeed a very important issue and our government is very energetically working on it Minister Anita Ann and our Minister of procurement had a good conversation earlier today with the CEO of 3m Canada and I would like to draw everyone's attention to the company's very helpful statement issued earlier today we are of course working very energetically directly with our US counterparts I really want to emphasize to people this is a whole-of-government effort all ministers are going to be and are reaching out to their US counterparts the Prime Minister is very personally involved as am I just 20 minutes ago I suppose – ambassador Hillman about the plan that we have put together to really press very hard on this and we're also getting some of the Premier's involved – so a very important issue we're gonna just pull out all the stops on this one I need on the Donny Osmond and Freelander project is because neonatology reorganizer abla they are secured in Milazzo deploy you love me the ordem understated explosive material nichkhun generally because otherwise when comma because olive oil was very ill some visitors me not no not that creepy little genie so not a Silverson okay mom it's Sun setting fellatio Kiara's important polo Canada come – leykin again I can idea compound set in Colossians Kate face important moon evil economic setting velocity on Kate rice important Universal Satan fellows on Kate rice important own evil military a certain relation come like an again on complete sets men Kate rise important own Evo do Sante a foreshock kuvaev naman can again travailler avec les etats-unis cuvee in fashion do at present a do default voluntary national du canada donde halation avec les etats-unis a in priority Edouard at contrary they said in comparative of not code naman po pedir que c'est toujours facile may reproduce a sea of a cassette employer get a poor New Age Punahou seeker shock minister c'mon son a decree minister in bong fellatio avec son homolog America a potato a budget a sumo in shows Luco Navajos set in pandemic Mondial a sniper do i paid for it or not fuss in pandemic global too late AE some Don's in situation do oceans in situation do Cleese don't increase money I'll say normal death work days on June 20 P refuses your Akula Canada the continuous do travail a for kizuite kaze zone kumano a travel for a suit holiday Diwali military American I love Monte Okanagan okay and I'll try to be more brief all Canadians understand that the relationship between Canada and the United States is an essential relationship for our country this is a relationship that is extremely important for the Canadian economy it's a relationship that is extremely important when it comes to Canada security in the world and I think we are now understanding it's a relationship that is very important when it comes to meeting our health care needs in times of crisis like this global pandemic all relationships at every level can face challenges and this is no exception having said that we have been working extremely effectively with the United States throughout this pandemic the reciprocal and collaborative way in which we introduced restrictions on travel between our two countries is a very good example of that so is the way that we have worked to resolve the possibility of US troops at our border which Canada strongly opposed we're going to continue to face challenges throughout this crisis in every relationship that Canada has we're gonna work hard to resolve them and I do want to assure Canadians that this is a huge priority for our government and the good news is that every Minister in our government starting with the Prime Minister has a very effective working relationship with his or her US counterpart we have a great ambassador in the United States and we're going to be working hard on this thank you Thank You Deputy Prime Minister operator next question please Thank You Massie our next question the question gifts – it's from Maura forest with Politico please go ahead I've never heard this thank you this is also heard that he Prime Minister Freeland on the same on the same question I believe that minister anand has said planet Earth has ordered 60 million and 95 masks and I'm wondering if you can tell how many of those were to come from 3m and if those shipments are still expected to be delivered sorry Minister and NAND had a very productive conversation with the Canadian CEO of 3m we are very glad about the position the very responsible position that the company has taken in its public statement and we continue to work with the company and with our us partners in terms of the precise breakdown of how many of our masks we're gonna come from 3m versus other places I just don't have those numbers right in front of me but let me say that we're working hard on the 3m shipments – yeah thank you I'm okay but do we have clarity at this point of whether those shipments will come from 3m or not at this point and if they don't can Canada still need it to need some other suppliers we are working very hard on getting those ments from 3m and we are also working very very hard with a diversity of suppliers around the world we understand in this situation of a global pandemic it's really really important for us to have a very very diverse source of international supplies and Minister in an I spoke with Minister nan this morning about this she's very conscious of that and one of the things she has instructed her team to do is to look for a real diversity of suppliers and I do want to also emphasize perhaps one of the most heartwarming as Minister had you described it earlier this week one of the most heartwarming developments in our fight against this global pandemic has been the way in which Canadian industry has been stepping up and Canadian manufacturers across the country are working 24/7 to make masks to make gowns to manufacture ventilators to produce test kits to produce reagent that is wonderful I am grateful to them and that is work that has to continue to miss I'm nervous / meanest difference thank you merci the question Castel our next question is from a media home with a LOF qme please go ahead applicable we don't own matches only poor madam Freeland gal macho verdana mmmm reduce matter a saboteur exportation demuccio da da da da por que esta es es a condo a decision porque la cañada imposed in monsieur de atras i auditors found on lay discussion Lena go see or talk to Elena Ju in tactics a set a do not pass ser la Prague knows they this is young kill – Vanessa self depends on Ivania Matano juice customer mala notte what have I not for the well a yoga Sutra set injure on man yeah positive por la cañada felicitous uni a poor – I am Setsuko SI de ser Davos is swinging on a deja de zon difficile all the Canada is it as uni Paul don't set Cleese lead a Diwali military and again allah frontier largest on the restriction do not have found here on of a you see sutra says on GTCC vltava eight provinces were set on Josie Maxey Madrid in Hastinapura misty blue urine cases bahala procession Canadian journalist a cure and certified system conceived an entire who's a human school that's cute I saw coming in Pacific knew he was superb and ice shatters ooh consecutive kinabalu jihad you get your abdominal fish – ABC courtesy later mercy blog SEO bully Pompeii gone all turkey knew they could sway on hey Claire he needed food so VDV over pants whines wanna meet up last request a song Canadians or answer c'mon Sisseton program extraordinaire northern card was the visual extraordinaire to the data innocent Parker disponible visual on art the reetou statistical network on facebook on Twitter on facebook on da poor phony to T's informatio oh mama important conclusively opposite invasion and we test agave lucid poor famine demand is a disparity deprecation wait Priscilla Priscilla Seville pasa don't unconcerned utilize half a Pascal second positive example to Deaconess at an opportunity liqui thank you we'll turn to the room now Julie Van Deusen CBC regarding these n95 masks I mean they're not just widgets their life and death for medical professionals so we know when you have a president telling an organization not to export them I mean there can't be any fooling around so I'm wondering if he doesn't back down are you not going to move to the next step I mean the Prime Minister mentioned the nurses that go back and forth between Windsor and Detroit I mean is that not a possibility that you know you do this to us we're gonna do something to you Julie I completely agree with the way you started your question and I think it is so important for us to all be very clear that we understand particularly for Canada's frontline health workers that having the necessary personal protective equipment is a matter of life and death these people are Canada's heroes today I think I speak for all Canadians in saying we are incredibly grateful to you for your work and we as a government and I think this is true of all the government's across the country understand it is our job to get you the tools you need to do your work safely so we are totally seized of this issue when it comes to the question of medical exports from the United States to Canada thus far we have managed to keep that pipeline open and as you point out Julie the support flows in both directions I discussed with Ambassador Light Heiser last night the very real and important example of how Canadian doctors and nurses travel from Windsor to Detroit everyday and are doing life-saving work for the people of Detroit and he was actually aware of that because it came up during the NAFTA negotiations so we are making that point directly with our US counterparts we are also very clear with our US counterparts that the United States has no closer economic and security partner than Canada in fact by US law Canada is part of the US military industrial complex health is part of security and we believe that we need to have a partnership when it comes to health on this continent and when it comes to the health of Canadians and Americans so we are making that point very urgently and forcefully and we are gonna work to get this resolved as to the hypothetical of what would happen if it doesn't get resolved the first step is to resolve it but I do want to assure Canadians that our government as has been demonstrated by our actions is prepared to do whatever it takes to defend the national interest we showed that during the NAFTA negotiations and of course that is the approach we are continuing to take in this fight against the coronavirus okay great thank you dr.

Tam I was wondering if you could just comment on the fact that a lot of the studies are showing the one in Iceland for example that people who don't have symptoms are spreading the virus and that one I think it was 50% of those studied so I'm just wondering are you going to rethink your the fact that maybe we should have more testing of people who don't have symptoms essential workers for example who are out in a boat who could be spreading it and also the question of masks New Yorkers are now being told to something over their faces thing about the virus and the way that is transmitted as we going along right now so the kind of studies that you'd be mentioning are precisely the ones that we are trying to gather and analyze it wasn't really until the last few days almost weeks that a number of studies have come out so we're actively reviewing those and that we do understand that they could essentially result in a number of changes perhaps in how public health manages the current outbreak and including I would say the most important aspect is not whether you have pre-symptomatic cases or asymptomatic cases is how much do they transmit at what point in time and under what conditions so we are paying particular attention if you can imagine in long-term care facilities how does that change our policies we did talk a bit about the wearing of masks in the sort of general community setting and and as I've said we do you have to keep learning and incorporating the knowledge right now in that setting the most important messages are several one is that we we must keep medical mass for those who are managing patients our health care workers but if you were to wear a non-medical Mass for example if you were making some homemade masks and others that while it hasn't been proven really to protect you from getting the virus wearing a non-medical Mass is an additional measure you can take to protect others so as I said it's a bit like covering your cough if some people are infected but they don't know that they're infected or they are pre-symptomatic that layer of protection there's a way that you can protect others so that's the area that we're examining right now so really you know that the key message though is that whether you were the mayor you should maintain all those strict hygienic and social physical distancing measures that have been proven to be very important in reducing transmission of this outbreak so really I think if wearing a mask makes you feel safer stops you from touching your your your nose and your mouth it you know it's important then to learn how to use a mask so including hand hygiene washing your hands before and after making sure the mask is not gaping it fits well against your face never share it over others etc so I think we're all learning through I think particularly Western societies that are not used to wearing masks in public I sort of learning this as we are going along and so some of this information I think is in real-time and the going evolution and so I think with the chief medical officer of Health we will be looking at those latest published studies and see if that changes practice in our communities and our hospitals so I think it is most important to test people health symptoms in certain circumstances though such as in an outbreak or in it as you said in certain context where someone is at close contact that type of thing I think the testing regiments have to sort of align with the latest science what I've always said though is that testing should also be adjusted to the epidemiology of the outbreak in the community whether you have community transmission or not where you have outbreaks or not and where they are so I think all of those science has to be integrated for sure thank you friendly reminder one question one follow-up hi ministers and doctors thanks for making time for us Molly Thomas CTV national news if a company is charging inflated price is I mean for protective equipment thinking about masks and gowns here what is the federal government prepared to do maybe Minister Heidi this would be for you well thank you very much it's partially for me and perhaps partially for the Deputy Prime Minister but I will say right now we're focused on getting the equipment that we need and they will say the prices are inflated all around the world and it is an extremely competitive process as you know with all countries fighting to get personal protective equipment and other medical devices for their populations and so as the Deputy Prime Minister has said we are operating in the current marketplace which means that we have to pay the current prices having said that obviously we're watching very carefully in terms of the fraud that is also experienced that is also being expressed in that marketplace and so the wonderful people at the public health agency of Canada for example ensure that the product that we are purchasing meets the specifications that are required to actually protect healthcare workers there's a lot of there's a lot of counterfeit PPE that's not being produced there are a lot of people that are arbitrage PPE or being the middlemen if you will and an offering for sale product that doesn't even exist I think one of my colleagues described it well and saying that this is the Wild West of procurement and what we're trying to do as a country is obviously obviously keep an eye on the cost but also knowing that we are going to have to pay inflated prices in a market where there is a high demand for these products and also at the same time ensuring that the product that we're purchasing actually meets the specifications and meets the requirements that it's intended to provide for example there's no point in procuring in 95 masks that don't provide that level of protection and then giving them to health care workers who may not be aware that they're protected to the full capacity of that particular specification so all of that work is happening live and I want to thank again minister announced group and with the Deputy Prime Minister the work that's happening to make sure that those specifications are met and that we're getting the best possible value in a very very tight market second question is perhaps foreign minister du Clos I've been talking to university students weaks there's more than 300, 000 that are graduating this year many had jobs lined up they are canceled now or postponed they're riddled in student debt they obviously don't fall under a eye they don't fall under the emergency benefit cuz they didn't make enough money is your government considering anything for this group and what is your message to these students that are supposed to be starting their lives yeah we're very mindful of the very severe circumstances in which many Canadians including students find themselves there's a lot of anxiety a lot of insecurity around health and and the ability to make ends meet and that's where we have design and we're putting into place rapid measures to address the most urgent needs and through the Canada emergency response benefit that benefit is designed for those that have lost or or losing all of their income and therefore has no money whatsoever to pay for for table and for food on the table and other expenses we are also putting into place as we have announced a moment ago measures to alleviate the burden that students would would be bearing at this point and looking forward and there will be other things as well there are as you know an important announcement just a few days ago around emergency wage subsidies which we believe would be of great help to all workers and cooking particular students who would perhaps be otherwise facing a market that would be tremendously more difficult for them so the wage subsidies that will that are enabling businesses to either higher or rehire people are also going to be supportive to many businesses and students that would like to to be working closer together over the next few weeks thank you one question one Norris for next question Stephen chase clothing man excuse me Stephen chase Club and mail my questions for the Health Minister I want to follow up in your comments yesterday to journalists regarding China's infection rates you were asked several times about whether we there are concerns about the race that China is reporting and you you told the journalists that they were feeding conspiracy theories by asking these questions there are stories in the New York Times in Bloomberg in BBC about the u.


the CIA telling the American administration that China is vastly under reporting its infection rates as we try to break build predictive models on how the virus is going to hit here what what evidence do you have or to sort of suggest that someone who mentions that is feeding a conspiracy theory well thank you very much for the question and first of all I'll say that our focus is firmly on making sure that Canada has the best response possible to a global pandemic where obviously it may feel like we've been this in this for years but we've been in this for three and a half months we work extremely closely with the World Health Organization as you know and dr.

Tam is actually an expert advisor on the committee – that has been struck since the beginning of the emergence of the corona virus and the evidence that has come out of the World Health Organization is credible evidence it's actually very closely modeling what we're experiencing in Canada of course as dr.

Tam has said today science evolves and the way that the disease expresses in different countries based on different patterns of Epidemiology I think is extremely important for us to learn and obviously we're watching closely in Canada as we see our own surge but how it compares to other countries is the work of the World Health Organization and we have every confidence in the work that the organization is conducting to provide the best evidence possible to countries like ours who are further along in the wave of in the first wave of the illness read the New York Times today China has reported about six coronavirus cases per 100, 000 I want to ask about the intelligence information reporting that's coming to your office key testing and learning around serology that will perhaps provide us a better understanding of exposure in our population you've heard dr.

Tam speak extensively about our testing strategy I am certain other countries have equally complex testing strategies based on the availability of the equipment and material that go into those tests and so I am grateful for the work of the World Health Organization I think these kinds of global institutions are extremely valuable in the face global pandemic because of course we know that if the corona virus is in one country it is me it means the rest of the world is not safe and that we need to work together to defeat this virus thank you Thank You Minister we're running short on three more questions on the phone and call it a day operator thank you messy our next question that plush and gift still is from Ryan Tumulty with the National Post please go ahead Evan yeah hi there I wanted to ask about modeling you said in the past couple of days that you're trying to get better data from provincial governments I'm wondering if the data you're getting given that given that you need the better data are you concerned about that you don't have enough good data to make good decisions today even with the models that you're generating internally well I'll start and then I'll turn it to dr.

Tam to talk about the work she does with a special committee but first of all you know the modeling the data is coming along obviously provinces and territories are at various stages of the outbreak in their own particular jurisdictions that have different capacities and we've been working with provinces and territories to make sure they have the resources they need to provide the most granular data possible it is more than just the number of cases and the number of deaths obviously the more that we can learn about each particular situation the more granular than other words the data is the better we can predict what it will behave like in other populations other parts of the province and the parts of the country and all of that information helps with the modeling that can then help governments of all sizes of all levels understand whether the measures they're taking are actually in any way reducing the curve what kinds of other expressions in disease we might be seeing across the country and so I'll just say this to answer quickly we will be providing national modeling in the days to come we're very grateful that Ontario and BC and in fact Alberta are very close to providing their own models I understand Ontario is today and I will tell you that the models are our best estimate of what might happen in certain circumstances and that those will fluctuate as time goes on but I'll turn to dr.

Tam if you have any further words about the modeling at a national level yes so throughout the actual hand emic we have been working with epidemiologists and modelers from across the country so I think people are making the effort to gather the actual real-time information particularly the epidemiology the lab data and the some of the clinical data what you will see from provinces and territories and for ourselves I think are two fundamental types of modeling or actual projections so both attempting to help us plan and look forwards to what might happen next one type of model I think we're getting the information for the one that you occurs that you see where you just look at the cumulative number of cases gives you a curve that you can use and we've been using those but to look at how how might that trajectory go but in the short term so we accumulate the information and look at well in the next five days what might happen benchmarking ourselves against countries that have gone before us so but of course different countries and that not necessary comparable in the epidemiology or the way that they do their testing but is one way of looking at shorter term projections and why we might be in the next week or so there are other types of models and they are more mathematical in nature and more theoretical and they use different mathematical functions to help us produce different types of curves different attack rates etc to see where things are at they can be adjusted using real time information to see if they fit certain scenarios those are useful planning purposes and you will see from British Columbia and probably from Ontario today what kind of numbers they are sort of looking at in different scenarios in their planning purposes those kind of models help us look at well what what is the approach in terms of social distancing or the quarantine of people who may be exposed and how they play a role in helping us control the outbreak itself these types of models can help particularly provinces or local areas plan for their healthcare resources for example what's the peak number of people who might need an ICU bed under different circumstances so you will see some of those what I would say is you know when people see these models remember that they're not real data they are projections for planning purposes and they you know so I think one of the lessons I think kept coming out of some of those models for example they can't necessarily how long we're gonna maintain social distancing but they're gonna tell us that we have to maintain it for a considerable amount of time however you know everything that we do now and do fast will reduce the impact and that we hope that you know it will be a shorter time that were maybe to maintain some of those measures and calibrate against it so it's really two different types of models and projections and they are for different purposes and we're very happy to have worked with a number of the academic experts and the provinces to do some of that just a follow-up mr.

Freeland I'm hearing from a lot of municipalities they've started doing layoffs and they're concerned about their own financial picture because they as a general rule can't borrow for their operating costs is this something you know the federal government is looking at I know it's not really your jurisdiction but is it something you're looking at in terms of backing some of these large cities that might start to run out of money yeah thank you for the question I'm hearing from the municipalities too and we work closely with Canada's municipalities it's something that you know we know that the municipalities are really on the front lines of this fight and they are working so hard and doing a great job we are also talking with the provinces about this issue as well as talking with the municipalities but it Thank You Nancy our next question that question if still is from captain captain Levi Eric let's ask and again please go ahead open up a card we Basel in fact might my first question is to dr.

Tam or maybe Minister hi do because we've actually are getting the numbers from Ontario right now they're saying that between 3, 000 and 15, 000 could die and the province even with the public health measures in place so dr.

Tam you said this is not real data these are just project projections but can you tell us if these numbers are realistic thank you so I would say that those are still the numbers for planning purposes and you have to adjust it based on information so you will see the numbers of hospitalizations ICU utilization with being reported in Ontario right now so you have to actually look at both you have to look at the evolution and the growth rate of the epidemic as it is actually happening in Ontario and then those projections well I can say though is right now as I said the health system is coping so if you looked at the numbers of people now currently and I see use in hospitals in Ontario that is of course sort of underneath that line I keep talking about where you have to flatten the curve so that it gets underneath the healthcare capacity well it is below that that is the key piece to focus on but you know you got a plan for something worse than this so these these kind of numbers you know they look very very high but if you looked at other countries around the world which is why I was saying is that many countries in the world have gone before us have experienced even greater impacts to date and have managed to get the epidemic under that first wave and the control so this is what we all need to do and focus on the here and now to actually do everything that we can to reduce that curve to flatten it and if you looked at that cumulative case curve that goes like this what you want to be like South Korea and Planck the thing that that line has to go horizontal and that's what we're aiming for don't very deep that after I stayed home superb Egypt politicians did not respect the og of Bashan so Janet Napolitano pas-de-calais our doctor for the validity the country specific Basilica specific knowledge about lady Pompey voluntary Dietrich glioma they owned directly a marzipan people hotel the fair loved the world sous-vide Yokosuka padieu palace with Suzy Donzi they prepare the cannon Janey can be quite comprehend liepaja met with the requested some Canadians or ASEAN visual Kumasi and it also lucid yep a well-loved among the pegasi Oh keep for uncle mercy Louisa fortune I don't collect home the deleted Iike to the damn place is awesome yesterday much apparently a demon like his own TV actors methane is awesome Kanta the paw come to the edge were rescued a key pom Poko the percent cement joined already boo-yah decock to toe specific console we dip on people tab poorly Carol isn't for my son Sean Parker Bassett no nice highlight Tessa is about near as I did not thank you the only assistant next week the question Castel our next question is from Mission la flama de casa Canada please go ahead of rubber on wheel module Gemma hepatech heard me are she lead mask dominance real invisibly the nimbin ageless only the muscular just remark economy the first infusion is coeur de manila provision marshmallow Canada in a passionate ask like a doctor dr.

Tammy Megan hi Duke Polly the canítö to example Harvey also contains books on the mask is completed any priest de formación su system and a provision man was going on I say for methanol may on others when the piece for pleasure listening uh neurons they posted bizarre could not fair for on ash take due in court a there's a provisional a daughter caught a do the manufacture of here Oh Canada is three important SC o short a set OC endeavors Oh Madame Hydra period Asia path leg do Lamport instill diversification do you know the fort a cetacean shows present port on taxes come Perry Rd methanol nude ever compound rocker truly payee Don Lamanna son don't lament situation canoe blue hesita ache idiot lame-o in conquerors try try ground don't allow a international Lou Canada a fort don't set conquer us a own mental state was important for nudist application fabric a sec no air net on fantastic saucy put that for dr.

Tam though I should take Alka shows do you want to add anything on that doctor noon no okay which husband ER doctor new potato simple very common Tilly literally rebel is not tempeh looking on a Molotov use who are the boon in size' the more the key projects notice is all except religious scholar my valuing effectively but reverse evaluation the sir if you see her gone where of moppy test or Sangha population control policy on their way of illustration we bozo mexicana kiss ciao we see serves impact on Pilate really sort of ETS and each other not yet hit the lottery of the develop bodily model is a scientist Chrissy Seaver memo ladies authority on Ontario truck only Donnie kiyah kiyah kiyah kiyah sab exactement kiss kiss bastard a technique he says it's got some pocket over the popular planificación potato karpova Castilla Casco I've welcomed the Libby's went over there this is when Sante who knew Zota honor respect on Syria beaucoup this experiment cheerio in news OTC release shelf adiga dr.

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