Hey what's that? I didn't know there wasa show tonight! We're so there! Hold it, no food's getting past those ropes! You cansnack after the show! I don't have anything bustedI don't want to get in trouble too I think I can figure something out this is gonna be epic

just cover yourbackpack with a hoodie like this and you're ready to go chubby cheeks are atthe cherry on top look at me it's the perfect planstop right there way to eat Kate it's just my backpack here for some snackage good news travelsfast shows about to start count it

I'm hungry ah now that's fresh hey doyou have a death wish want some it's good or for me then I'mnot drinking glue silly have an empty glue bottle wash it out with soap andwater then fill it with something sweet make sure it resembles glue like thistime to fill

er up looks an awful lot like glue right put the cap on and you're done oh let megive it a try perfect when it comes to studying it's all aboutstaying neat and organized and highlighting your work is a great way todo that this test is gonna be a

breeze I can't be dehydrated while I study timefor a refill anyway as I was saying yeah totally agree these highlighters aretoys Jennifer how can I study this now cool your desk eight lemons do more thanmake your water taste great how do you do that what a magical fruit

next timeyou make a doodler – and suddenly have a change of heart a lemon can seriouslysave the day pretty cool right just be sure to use anew slice in your water hey there Jennifer you're looking prettyunderwhelmed about breakfast this morning that's because the thought ofgoing to school is

making my brain go numb hurry up Jen it's almost time to gookay mom oh dear are you all right run for coverJennifer's about to blow oh my goodness you poor babydon't worry Jen's not really sick simply put a handful of the stuff into yourmouth drink some orange juice

and chew it all up just don't swallow it prettyconvincing right this trick comes in super handy on days when projects aredue that's for sure dear maybe you're better off staying home in bed todayput on some jammies and I'll make you some ginger tea for your tummytold you it

works rise and shine Jennifer time to get ready for schoolwhat time is it anyway 6 o'clock no it's already 9:00 oh man I've just covered myeyes for a sec I'm just a quick grab your stuff and run to the bus we've gotto get out of here why is

it that when you're in a hurry nothing seems to gothe way it should just grab everything you can find and go tiny this lunch boxon second thought good the coast is clearthis little noodle is about to save the day ok dad can you take me to school nowsure

hon keep that noodle clenched in your teeth as your parent helps you putyour backpack on and just the right moment bite down on that thing as hardas you can Jennifer was that your back it's pretty freaky but it works like acharm every time almost too well oh no

he's calling 9-1-1 don't worry we'llhave you fixed up in no time hey it still beats having to take thatmath test right everyone knows going to the movies isall about the snacks too bad you have to buy them powder see you can't bring anyfood from home into the theater

it's a harsh reality but she's gotta follow therules right stupid ticket for one or rather two I guess oh look at thatlittle baby bump oh my goodness I didn't realize you were with child please goright on in huh that was easy but little good that ticket clerk No

this child wasnothing but a big ball of sugar yes mission movie snackage complete heycan't want to turn that frown upside down with a little treatyeah thanks Lily you're the best and don't I know ithey Lily what's up mind if I snag one of these Oreos and what would

a cookie bewithout an ice-cold glass of milk to dip it in okay stay calm okay let's try itthis way shall we to be ever so carefully no thatdidn't work either okay beside these tall glasses clearly didn't know whatthey were doing big old glass of cookie milk anyone could

this day get any worseokay sad Kevin is I wish I could cheer him uphey Kevin I think I found just the thing to help you with your little cookieconundrum stick a regular fork into the side if that cookie you like this nowyou can dip it right into the

glass without your fist getting in the way youcan just call me the dipping master I kind of know what I'm doingoh yeah just the right amount of milk hey girls looks like your lunch isfinally here and it looks pretty tasty let's dig in shall we mmm that's so

good well I guess I'dbetter have one right wait which finger should these sit on againwell I can do so use them like this hate these stupid chopsticksdon't cry Viki I'll teach you a little trick okay put the chopsticks againstyour nose like this turn it around and break it

down the middle now they'resmaller and easy to use beep Wow they're still attached so I won't drop them allright sushi get ready to go into my belly Cheersa bag of chips and TV just go hand-in-hand don't you think this showsdumb I'm changing the channel hey really bad thing

anyway how do you get all theway over there I guess I'll just get up off the couch oh I love these oldblack-and-white shows well that was sure a weird sound what was that Sophia youjust crushed all my potato chips with your butt man still have like half thatbag

left now they're just a bunch of crumbs so how are you thank you I thinkit'd be a bag of chips just laying on the couch whoa Vickie is clearly ticked off I wishthere was a way I could bring these chips back to life for poor Vickie a fewpoppins

have chopped up red onion in cilantro tomato chunks and cheese cracka couple of eggs and drop them right into the back hold the bag event so it'sclosed and shake it to mix everything together then put the bag into a smallpot of boiling water after about ten minutes or

sotake the bag out using tongs as nothing burn yourself once it's cooled down abit dump the contents onto a cutting board once you've chopped it up intosquare pieces like this put toothpicks in them for easy grabbing Loulou ketchupgreat idea pretty soon you'll be hoping your bag of chips

gets crushed Vicky come get your smacks it's readyI'm about to give you something so good it'll fuck that frown right off yourface come on give it a try it looks interesting holy smokes this is one ofthe best things I ever tasted

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