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hi this is how we work time stay fit workout buddy Cheers that was a joke hi guys for the past three or four months now I have been on my grind after I graduated high school and I realized I was not getting any younger and that I couldn't

just eat a whole bag of chips and expect a six-pack everything kind of clicked no but seriously now that I'm 19 I want to be in my prime look my best most importantly feel my best and set myself up for a healthy future so in this video I'm

taking guys along with me it for a few days in my life for showing you some my workouts some right here foods it's gonna be fun so let's get started quick rewind it's the last night I went to the gym right now it is 803 I like to

either work out early in the morning or later at night got on my outfit the top and bottom are both from fabletics I like to drink water before I go but not too much water because I don't want to have to pee when I'm working out at the

gym I've been doing Kelly fuller Fitz exercise program the reason I didn't like the gym as much before was because I didn't exactly know what I was doing I'll have her Instagram right here so you can check it out workout buddy I used to go to the gym

almost every single day but then I found workout classes that I really liked but last night what I did was stairs I do that on level 8 for about 10 to 12 minutes I usually do stairs for like 10 to 12 minutes to put in extra hard today

after that I went on the treadmill basically I put the height or the slope up to 10 sometimes 12 so it's a super steep incline and then I'll put the speed on around 3 to 3 point 3 so it's a good walking pace at all so that's my

heart rate up makes me sweat my favorite thing to do is sweat it just feels so good I also did arms and legs but I was way too embarrassed to film so I'm literally oh I can't even hear myself talk when I have these in right now I'm

in the AG room this is really cool there yoga classes and stuff I wanted to show you guys how I work out my arms and my legs but if you think I'm gonna do that in front of a whole crowd you were wrong anyways I'm kind of out

of breath I did some legs some arms I got mass and also it kind of have ABS out kind of I'm gonna show you guys the ab workout that I used to always do before I started Callie's workout routine core is one of most important things to do

because it's the center of everything so having a strong core is really good I set up my ab workouts a lot sometimes my sister will help me with new ab workouts because she's a professional sometimes I look on YouTube videos [Music] yeah these are some of my favorite

app workouts this is what I used to do before I followed any program or I was following YouTube videos it's just kind of that I workout that I kind of created for myself and that I really like I'm not gonna try and explain what I'm doing so you

can just watch but I'll do these ab workouts for 30 seconds each I'll have a 20 second rest in between or something like that and I'll repeat it two to three times depending on how I'm feeling [Music] [Music] these are the one of the tips or one of

the things that yoga teachers say to do when we do these crunches is instead of crunching like forward crunch up towards the ceiling and you get a better workout [Music] and then I decide winning two to three times a week and yoga I'm saying that's kind of what

I've been doing at the gym I don't go to the gym as often as I used to because I found other interest with working out it's all about finding what makes you excited to work out cuz yoga and cycling makes me so excited and also having a workout

partner because I feel like if I wasn't going to the gym with you I would have no motivation to go so you kind of force me find a workout partner so anyways a little sneak peak into when I do at the gym let's rewind again and go back

to this morning good morning guys so usually as soon as I wake up I'll finish whatever water I didn't finish last night I'm not going to any workout class this morning because I have a meeting in like 20 minutes over the phone so I can't go to a

class obviously before I make breakfast or eat anything I try to drink a full glass or big cup this thing is freaking huge I put too much lemon I think lemon water is fun I don't know how true it is but all the benefits and stuff but I

like it and I think it helps so during the night you go seven to eight to ten hours however long you sleep without water so your body's hydrated that's one of the biggest changes I've made is drinking a crap ton of water for breakfast I'm gonna heat up

these little loaves of bread they were fresh it's just been sitting in the freezer so that it doesn't get moldy and stuff because it is so fresh we're gonna pop that in the oven [Music] you got a fruit we've got carbs I normally would eat protein with it

too but I'm just kind of lazy right now but protein is what keeps you full so keep that in mind if you ever find yourself getting super hungry after you just ate that's probably why also this is not a what I eat in a day I kind of

eat bread every day but I'm gonna quickly get ready for my day the call got pushed back till 2:00 so I have a little bit of time to do the stuff that I need to do I'm taking my gummies by the way but anyways I just wanted to

say that the second you stop comparing yourself to someone else they're gonna be so much happier some people are naturally skinny some people aren't personally I'm never gonna be super thin or wear a size small and I'm never gonna wear a size 26 we're all built super differently

my sister has a much smaller frame than I do we're all made differently and it took me a long time to become confident in my body because of how social media praises people who have the perfect body when there literally is no perfect body even the people that

you think have a perfect body have their own insecurities everyone is going through stuff guys I'm sort of saying you're beautiful and don't let social media beauty standards ruin how you view yourself don't shame smaller people don't shame bigger people yeah we're all on our own journeys so

just support each other lift each other up make up time [Music] the makeup is does anyone have their like favorite side my favorite size my left side I always am facing it more this way than I am this way I feel like it looks so different oh my

god I don't like how I look on the lip please tell me I'm not alone with that anyways right now I'm just gonna change to do whatever do the errands that I have to do and then I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna make a smoothie alright it

is about 12:45 now so around lunchtime I did my errands I went and got coffee it secured the large because I'm treating myself yes yes and you know what I'm still living at home saving my money so if I want to spend money on a nice coffee that's

exactly what I'm gonna do and now we're back here and I'm gonna make a smoothie I don't even know what ingredients I have I have no ingredients I think I'm just gonna make a plain old peanut butter and banana smoothie this is organic laura shudders smooth peanut butter

because we only do smooth peanut butter here two bananas i actually hold on i wanted to try these powders out there the moon juice herbal supplements i forget who i heard talking about this but i was really intrigued so i got it better be good because this was

expensive we've got a variety of dust choose from dream dust spirit dust power dust brain dust and beauty dust i actually I'm gonna go with the spirit dust this one says target stress relief attention and your ability just what I need this one says it's sweet and nutty

so since I'm eating peanut butter figured this one would taste best let's make the smoothie [Music] Cheers this tastes super good this is a pretty healthy smoothie it kind of depends what mood I'm in this one tastes like a dessert and I like it even though it's so

healthy it's sometimes in the morning I'll do like a fruit smoothie with you know mangoes and pineapples and strawberries and stuff and have it be more fruity and stuff and on the rare event that I do a green juice I would put spinach in it and stuff but

if we're gonna be honest I don't really like greens usually when I put spinach in my smoothies you can't even taste it so it's a good way to sneak it in there it's only about one and I think I'm going to yoga with my dad tonight at around

6:30 or 7:00 so we'll probably have a light meal before then usually my mom will just make us some eggs maybe some soybeans to hold us over or something Cheers I will see you tonight for yoga [Music] good morning it's the next day it's the last day that

I'm filming this video but right now it's 754 it's 64 degrees I woke up so cold and I literally have my seat warmers on right now which I know is mu dramatic see at cycling [Music] just finished the class it was really good I sweat a lot whosoever

breath I feel like I'm gonna die but in the best way so I think I'm gonna go across to a smoothie store and get a smoothie and that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it honestly my goal with any of these videos is to

help you guys inspire you guys hopefully this video helped you guys out just know that we're all at different points in our journey we all go through similar things with you know not being motivated and just feeling like you're not good enough where you are right now is

where you're meant to be so trust the process don't forget to treat your body in mind with respect and love because it is your home I love you guys so much thank you for watching goodbye [Music]

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