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Russian and unweld Illya collaborated with the late juice world in Omaha me with the video that pays homage to the Chicago rapper the music video features a slew of interesting special effects but the intricate details that pay homage to juice world are the most striking what I initially talked to Russian you really wanted to like show juices face in some form if we want to show juices face we have to do it in a way that's very tasteful respectful and puts him in a beautiful positive light so devious News sat down with Nomi I'm a director abroad who gave us an inside look at just how he and his team brought juices legacy to light since juice world's passing in December 2019 his presence continues to be preserved in music the videos concept derives from two different interpretations of the song's title though my aimer translates to don't love me so in unwell situation about him detracting himself from a girl and the girl trying to lure him in and then in juice world situation it's just kind of a sad thing because it's not really just about offering closure to his fans and his loved ones but more just saying like hey even though I'm not here I'm still looking over you [Music] to bring juice back to life a road to her inspiration from the 2015 film Furious 7 and its work on resurrecting the late beloved actor Paul Walker it's that same scene at the end with Paul Walker when he was driving off but in that section of the film they actually filmed Paul Walker's brother and then in post-production they swapped it out with Walker's be with me and he'll always be my brother but finding a deep fake for the expressive juice world was a bit of a challenge so a-rod and his team took extra care to achieve a final product that embodied juices spirit it was very tough because juice will has such a unique look and his overall vibes so we have to really like analyze juice world just from his past videos and live performances and try to nail it down as well as possible we went through a lot of back-and-forth I don't know exactly how much but I would say at least 20 to 30 revisions minimum maybe even more and it was like small things it you know it could have been like I think this eyebrow is over exaggerated here I think his pupils feel too dilated I think the way he's singing right now just doesn't feel like juice world took a lot during his Burres iran included a conscious callback two juices hit lucid dreams when he says that about seeing the shadows in the room he actually showed an outline of the juice world silhouette and the girl turns around and she kind of slightly sees the shadow on the wall so I thought that was just like a cool little tribute just to lucid dreams to attacks time bad no freaking hard leave it permanent like getting the tattoo do you ice to your ex-boyfriend dig you next thing you know he'll be seeing shadows [Music] [Music] the video Russian unwell AAA and crew crowd a route to participate in a lantern vigil that floats into a 999 a symbol of juice world's logo and legacy you know all those people up on there on the roof wearing the white gowns they're all different ethnicities different sizes different genders it was just it was like a mixed melting pot and that was just kind of like a representation of you know juices fans they're really from all over the world they all had different backgrounds look different but they all could share juices Universal message shooting that scene wasn't easy but juices spirit was foken set I'm gonna be honest that was a very windy day we were up on a rooftop we were trying to light lanterns first it was very hectic once we started lighting lanterns once we got everybody up there and we just started shooting the scene I think I think the energy flipped like completely like honestly it was so peaceful so beautiful the vibes just completely changed that scene moving forward really did set the tone for the rest of the day and juices the state out of their own peace into the video he said hey in addition to you know recreating juice as an angel we would love if you could have the angel we're just $9.

99 shirt as you could see in the video there are a couple times where you see the $9.

99 shirts and rush in at the end when he liked the lantern and releases it he's also wearing a 999 shirt as well I think they're just something special for the fans since the videos released it's received an outpouring of support and appreciation from juice row fans and it points to the lasting presence of juice and hip hop history I think seeing juice as an angel really triggered an emotional response and that to me was so meaningful because it really showed that the goal we had with the original message we want to convey successfully transmitted to the fans appreciate his music appreciate how he was there for us and how he's still there looking out for everybody and I think I'm grateful that people really saw this in a positive light I'm julissa with genius news bringing the meaning and the knowledge behind the music at home.

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