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How Much I PAY at a Japanese Hospital on Japan's Healthcare System

So in this video I wanted to talk about Japanese healthcare medical costs and my experience in the last 15 years living in Japan So the other day my wife Maiko told me that she had to go to the doctor because she had a cold I asked her didn't you just go like a few days ago He said yeah, but that was for a skin rash and then I asked didn't he go a week before that? And she said yeah, but that's different that was for a stomachache for me.

Someone that grew up in the States That's kind of a lot of doctor visits I might go for a severe skin rash but not for a cold or a stomachache which got me thinking about Japanese healthcare in general and why people in Japan go to the doctor so much Compared to other countries like the US I mean, how is it in your country? Does everyone go to the doctor for every little minor ailment and with the reasoning behind it? anyway, let me explain the basic Japanese healthcare system for Those of you who don't know Japan was ranked 11th out of 195 countries in Haq rankings The Japanese healthcare system is considered universal because it's supposed to cover everyone in Japan So anyone living in the country even a foreigner like myself have to pay into the system So insurance covers 70 to 90 percent of all necessary doctor visits and one of the things I appreciate About the Japan healthcare system is you don't have to pay the full amount of your medical bill up front and then later fill out Some paperwork to claim a refund perfect for someone like me who hates paperwork So all you need to do when you arrive at the hospital clinic is show your health care card actually I have one in my pocket right now Actually, I don't have it but today right here it is It has all my information so I can't actually show you what's inside But I pretty much carry around with me everywhere Just in case you never know and so it's nice at the end of your visit The hospital will calculate how much you need to pay and you're good to go.

And to be honest.

It's surprisingly cheap I'll get into the actual cost in a few moments So again people only pay about 30% of the total hospital bill and sometimes it can be reduced down to 10% Depending on other reasons and your monthly health insurance varies depending on your age income type of work and Where you live and there are three main health care systems in Japan one per company employs two for civil servants teachers and public workers And the third insurance for everyone else.

They all have pretty much the same coverage But if you're an employee the company has to pay half of your health insurance, which is awesome for most Japanese people So for example, let's do this in u.


Dollars So it's easier to reference if you're under thirty nine years old and you work a regular job in Tokyo and you make twenty four Hundred dollars a month you only pay one hundred and twenty dollars for your insurance Now if you make five thousand dollars you pay about three hundred and fifty dollars And so you're making the big bucks into making ten thousand dollars a month You're paying about five hundred and twenty five dollars in insurance.

I don't know.

I think that's pretty reasonable What do you guys think? and how much do you guys pay for your monthly health care insurance and now go to the point and Michael goes to the hospital.

So many times here are some regular doctor visits that I've had So my knee was bothering me after playing some basketball I went to the doctor for an examination and got three x-rays The total fee was eleven dollars and the three x-rays only cost two dollars and fifty cents another time I had a doctor Consultation to pick up some medication and only cut those three dollars and fifty cents to consult with the doctor Can you guys see now why Michael goes to the doctor so much? It's just so cheap relatively speaking knowing those numbers It makes so much more sense to me why Japanese people? Go to the hospital and go to the clinic for every little sickness or illness or whatever happens.

They just go see the doctor another perk about having company health insurance is that they offer free annual health checkups It's funny though because health examinations become a yearly talking point for many Japanese employees employees ask each other and if they've taken it yet regardless You know, it's that time of the year because you get spammed by HR telling you to take your test So anyway, let me break it down.

So the basic annual health exam is called the cane coaching done again It's free for most employees the exam checks things like your eyesight hearing blood chest x-rays urinalysis, etc Just to make sure your body is working as it should and if anything is out of whack You can catch it early on there's actually a more comprehensive exam that's called the mean game doc It's free if you're on the company insurance and you're over 35 years old these additional tests include things like Respiratory function stool tests more detailed bloodwork, etc Then you can add extra examinations on top of these at your own in my case.

I wanted how to really check things out So I actually got CT scans for my head and chest this set me back three hundred and twenty dollars But if you just took the standard examinations and you're on the company insurance, then it's all free to me.

That's pretty amazing But what do you guys think? How much would these examinations constant your country? All right Now, let me talk about something a little more serious I haven't mentioned this before but in 2012, I was in the city of snowboarding accident here in Japan I ended up with internal organ damage a collapsed lung a broken hip nine broken ribs.

It caused an aortic aneurysm I ended up in the emergency room in Nagano of all places and I was in the ICU for about twenty days Now how much do you guys think that hospital bill would come to well It came out cheaper than I'd ever expected.

It only costs $1, 500 to save my life, which I'm super thankful for and then after about twenty days at Nagano I was transferred into a hospital in Tokyo I spent about another 40 days in an atom to tokyo hospital and I had to have open-heart Surgery for my aortic aneurysm heads up end of the day the open-heart surgery and the 40-day stay in the hospital and came out to be $4, 800 it felt quite expensive at the time but compared to other parts of the world and the quality of health care I received here in Japan.

It was so worth it in fact Another feature of the Japanese health care system is something called major medical expense supply which basically means that if your monthly medical bills get to a certain threshold then the Government will pay you back some of the money this pretty much ensures that no one goes bankrupt If they get sick here in Japan, which like is another cool thing, but luckily in my case I never got to that point.

So in my previous video you probably already know Michael and I recently got married I have American citizenship.

So we've actually considered moving back to the States but one of the scary things for us is the u.

s Health care, especially now that we're thinking about starting a family the thing is I have a friend in the u.

s That was recently hospitalized He wasn't feeling well, I got really sad and had to spend seven days in the hospital so they could run tests And so that he could recover the medical bill after the entire ordeal cost seventy thousand dollars for those seven days That's ten thousand dollars per day.

That's insane.

There's no way I'd be able to afford getting sick in the u.

s let alone my family probably the reason why I never went to the Doctor when I was growing up for a cold or even a stomachache it was just way too expensive and probably the reason why my Co although she was healthy growing up has so many memories of always visiting the doctor so anyway Let me know what you guys think of the medical cost in Japan what you think about the health care system? Here compared to your country and let me know if you prefer over in your country and like always if you like this video help Me out and hit that like button if you want to see what I'm doing on a daily basis check out my Instagram account If you like these types of videos about Japan Or you want to see more of my guides hit that subscribe button and the Bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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