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Today I'm gonna show you how I took myairfryer to a complete new level.

And this is our third episode of I cookedevery meat.

Of course we started off with a toaster oven and every single meat Icooked was absolutely perfection.

I mean to say that this is mouth-watering isjust an understatement then we move right into a smoker.

And to say thatthose come out juicy is just basically unfair.

I mean take a look at that it isthe definition of juicy meat and what I really want to know is to find out whichone works and which one just don't.

My goal is to give every meat a hundredpercent to make sure every single one of them come out perfect.

This is I cookevery meat with an airfryer.

So let's do it! Now we're gonna start off with abeautiful ribeye steak.

As many chefs will tell you the ribeye is one of themost flavorful steaks there is.

And this one is one and a half inches thick andas you can see this is a prime steak.

And you're able to tell that because of thiswonderful marbling.

Always look for a well marbled steak.

I know for a fact myairfryer does not get over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

And to me the best thingthere is in a steak is a crust and to be able to form a crust you must avoidmoisture and one of the great ways to do that and also season your steak all theway through is to do something called dry brine, and that is exactly what I'mdoing right here.

By seasoning the steak with salt and putting on my refrigeratorto dry brine it will accomplish both things and I'm hoping that this methodwill work perfect for the airfryer.

So after adding the salt all the waythrough all there's left to do is to put it on a cooling rack so that he can reston my refrigerator overnight.

And the very next day this is what it looks like.

The dark coloration is a sign that the dry brine work perfectly and that isexactly what you're looking for.

The next thing to do is to add whatever otherseasoning you like.

My usual and what I always recommend is freshly ground blackpepper and garlic powder, to me that's the perfect way to season a steak.

Butthere's one other ingredient that I really enjoy and that is smoke and thereis no way you can produce that with an air fryer.

So to compensate that and addmore flavor I threw in a little bit of smoked paprika and onion powder, thatshall make a very flavorful steak.

I set my airfryer to the highest setting whichwas 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

And as for time I gave it at 8 minutes.

I threw mysteak in and let the airfryer do its thing.

As it was cooking I decided tomake a simple compound butter.

And I started off with room-temperaturebutter, garlic paste, dry parsley and a little bit of shallots.

Now all there's left to do is to mix it well in your compound butter is done! And by that time my steakwas done which I was aiming for an internal temperature of 135 degreesFahrenheit and as you can see this is what I was left with.

I mean you canclearly see that it's missing one thing and that is a crust.

I really wish Icould just grab my flame-thrower and just go to town like there's no tomorrow onthis beautiful steak.

But hey hey hey hey this is an airfryer episode, let's notget carried away.

But one thing that is coming out of the steak is a wonderfulsmell but the crust needs some work.

And as you can see here the edge of the capactually got a little bit overcooked but it has a nice crust.

As my steak wasresting I threw in the compound butter.

You want to make sure you spread it allthe way through and most important let the butter do its thing.

Once it wasrested for 10 minutes it was time to carve.

And I started by removing the capand taking my first slice and when I did, check that out! I mean it does have anovercooked gray band but the middle is perfection.

What do you think? If youthink it's overcooked it's interesting because I made a poll on my Instagramand 59% of people say that it was cooked perfectly.

And as you can see one thing Ican't say is that it's a juicy steak.

Regardless if you like the grey band ornot we can all agree to that.

And as far as the cap goes this is what it lookslike.

As expected the edges are completelyovercooked, but hey there's still a little bit of pink in there which I dolike.

As I grab my first piece to take a bite this is what it looks like andnothing is more important than the taste.

And I mean let me tell you somethingthis is not bad.

It is a very flavorful steak because of all the spices.

It'sstill quite juicy and it does taste great.

Can it taste better? Sure it canlet me grab my flame-thrower and you'll see, well let's get back to normalno flame throw on this episode.

But with all seriousness if you are in a hurryand you just want to throw it in and forget about it this is not bad.

I meanthe results speaks for itself, especially if you only have an airfryerto cook your meat you will be happy with this.

Moving on to the next one is gonnabe a beautiful pork tomahawk and this one is gonna be real good.

If you areunfamiliar with it let me explain it is basically a two inches thick pork chopwith a bone.

It is completely frenched which means toclean out the bone.

And if there's one thing that this cut does is make animpression.

In order not to waste any seasoning I like to put it on a steakplate this allows me to reuse the seasoning that just falls off.

And talking about that, I started with coarse salt, followed by black pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika, onion powder and to finish it off and give anice kick Chipotle powder.

Now all there's left to do is to rub it well and makesure every single edge is coated.

And as you can see it by the time I was done Ihave a perfectly seasoned tomahawk.

To ensure that my fat will render and getnice and crispy I decided to score it.

The only thing you want to avoid is tocut all the way through the meat.

Now since we had a problem with the crust Idecided to do something different.

This is a cast iron plate that I normally usefor grilling, and it is fantastic, and as we all know it cast iron really holdsits heat.

So I threw it in my airfryer and set it for 400 degrees Fahrenheitfor 20 minutes and I let that thing preheat and get as hot as possible.

Myhope is that it will give me a wonderful crust once it was preheated I took itout and hear this.

Oh yeah I think this is gonna work.

I set the airfryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 12 minutes.

Threw thetomahawk in there and let it cook.

As it was cooking I decided to make a sweetgarlic sauce to go along with it.

And this one is so good that it can go alongwith many other meats.

I started by melting 1 tablespoon of butter throw in3 cloves of minced garlic and let it cook.

You don't want to cook it all theway through as soon as you are smelling some aromatics throw in 1 tablespoon ofwhite vinegar followed by a teaspoon of fish sauce and 4 tablespoon of honey.

Mixeverything well and keep it under medium-low heat.

You're basically tryingto get the moisture out as much as possible.

This allows your sauce tothicken and produces an incredible flavor.

Keep in mind that if it gets toothick you can always add a little bit more water.

But once you're happy withthe consistency your sauce is done.

As you can see it's almost like caramel anda wonderful sauce to go along with pork and seafood.

And once the sauce was doneso was the tomahawk.

It had to reached an internal temperature of 145 degreesFahrenheit.

And let me tell you something, that looks pretty good! And this islooking so good that I want to try it without the sauce first.

And as I tookthe bone out and went for my first slice this is what it looks like.

If that's notperfectly cooked pork I don't know what is.

Exactly the way I like it!And as I went for my first bite.



Oh that is phenomenal! I'll let you hear theactual audio that's amazing that is what an airfryerwas made to do! As you can see sometimes I get a little carried away because I'lltell you one thing it tasted perfect.

Juicy to the max and absolutelydelicious.

But we still got the sauce to give it a try.

And as I threw in my sauceI mean come on! How is that not gonna be amazing?And as I went in for my first bite with the sauce, oh.

I mean this sauce is sogood that I had to go in for way more.

I'm telling you be careful with thesauce.

If there's one thing I can recommend you doing on this video is togive this one a try.

Making this pork tomahawk on an air fryer was absolutelyperfection and something that I will always be doing moving forward.

Ifthere's one thing we all love is a nice juicy cheeseburger and making it on thegrill is perfection every single time.

I mean I've made some incredible burgerseven some crazy deep-fried ones which was absolutely fantastic, and if there'sone test that I'm really looking forward is to cook a cheeseburger on theairfryer.

And we start off with the buns these are brioche buns and I think it'sperfect for any cheese burger.

If you need a recipe make sure you check out Guga's buns, I've already made a video on it and theyare fantastic.

Now of course the first thing we got to do when making goodcheese burger is to toast the buns.

So I threw them in the air fryer at 400degrees Fahrenheit for four minutes and once I took it out yes that's what I'mtalking about.

And as you can see every single edge is toasted to perfection.

Nowlet's talk about beef.

I like to grind my own beef that allows me to cook myburgers exactly the way I want it.

But if you are buying your own ground beef youshould always cook it all the way through.

Usually I just smash themdirectly on the grill but since we're gonna be using the air fryer I gotta getcreative and for that you can use anything you like.

I like my burgersextra smashed and as you can see that's exactly what I did right here.

Eventhough it looks humongous now keep in mind that you will shrink.

To season it Ikept a pretty simple I only added salt and pepper nothing else.

Threw them inthe air fry container and made sure to season both sides.

Set my airfryer to 400degrees Fahrenheit for six minutes pushed in the burger patties and let itcook.

As it was cooking I decided to make an easy and simple sauce and I startedwith one part mayo 1 part ketchup half part mustard and as much sweet relish asyou like.

Mix it all well and your sauce is done! This is an easy simple saucethat goes along with many cheeseburgers once five minutes was up I pullout my burgers and as you can see they're almost fully cooked.

Threw inthe good old American cheese and let it melt.

After exactly one minute it wastime for the assembly.

The first patty followed by the second one and of courseto finish it off we got a crown it with the bun.

I would say it's not normallywhat I'm used to but hey it does smells fantastic.

It seems like the cheese isnot gooey enough and of course we got to go in for the cross-section.

As I cutit open check that out.

I mean with all honesty this is not what I'm used tobut hey let's take our first bite.

And as I did I mean it's a burger I would sayit's not the best burger I've ever had and if you're in a hurry and you wannaeat something quick it's okay.

I will tell you one thing you did not blow mymind.

But it's doable.

I would love to know your opinion onwhat you think of this cheeseburger make sure to leave the comments down below.

But by far it is not perfection like this.

Now of course we're gonna try someseafood and for today I chose tuna and as everyone says tuna is the king of allfish and I was very lucky to get these two beautiful steaks.

To be specific wecall them tuna steaks, and the color on them is just fantastic.

Whenever you'rebuying tuna friends make sure they look like that.

Now since I have two steaks Idecided to cook two different ways that way we can find out which way is best tomake it on the air fryer.

And for the first one I started by throwing a littlebit of roasted sesame seed on my steak plate and I definitely recommend roastedsesame seeds, because if you remember that air fryer does not get that hot.

Then I went ahead and season the tuna and started with a little bit of salt, followed by freshly ground black pepper.

You want to let the salt sit for atleast five minutes as you already know you allow the moisture to escape makingyour tuna super sticky because that's exactly what we need to do this stepit's perfectly coated with sesame seeds.

You gotta try your best to make sureevery edge is covered but as you can see that it's almost impossible.

Afterpreheating the cast-iron for 20 minutes I added a little bit of oil andimmediately followed by the tuna.

And my thought is that the oil will heat upeven more and give it a nice crust.

Set it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to cook forfour minutes.

To go along with our sesame tuna I made a very simple dippingsauce.

I started with low sodium soy sauce, followed by ponzu sauce, cherryvinegar and finished it off with chili flakes also known as Gochugaru which is aKorean spicy chili flakes.

And that is your dipping sauce.

As I wasdone with the sauce my tuna was ready.

Here's the result I got for cooking itfor four minutes.

It does look like my sesame seeds got a little bit moretoasty and I was hoping to have a nice raw Center.

But as I took my first slicecheck that out.

We got a little bit of raw but some of them were just likemedium rare , which is okay it's not bad but I was hoping for less.

I mean by nomeans is it perfect but it's pretty good remember this was done in an air fryerand as convenience as it gets just throw it in and do nothing.

But hey what reallymatter is the taste and I wanted to give it a try without the sauce first just tosee the texture.

As you can see you can tell a little bit of the edges that areovercooked but as I took my first bite uh-huh not bad it is good I mean I wishit was less cooked in the middle but hey it's still good it's something that Ican have any time and the airfryer just made it way too easy to do.

I do have afeeling the dipping sauce will make it a lot better because as you know the edgesare a little bit overcooked this will make it nice and moist.

And as I took myfirst bite, yes! That is good I would say that an improvement of 200% youdefinitely want to eat this with a dipping sauce.

Now remember we had two.

Sothe next one I want to do a completely different and I'm gonna make it blackendand tuna.

So I started with the master of all seasoning which is salt, followed bymy rub which talking about that it's super easy to do we start with blackpepper, followed by garlic powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, dried thyme and brown sugar.

As you can see it looks fantastic onthis tuna.

Using the heated cast iron method I threw it in set my air fryer to400 degrees Fahrenheit to cook it for eight minutes and once the time hadelapsed this is what I got.

I mean that does not look bad.

It looks like a nicewell cooked tuna to me.

And if you've never had tuna there's a reason why theycall it tuna steak because just like swordfish it does resemble a steak.

Andas I took my first piece out it looks like it was cooked just right.

There's astill very little amount of pink left which is totally okay with me.

But theimportant thing is how is it gonna taste and as I took my first bite it's alrightif you ask me which one do you prefer Guga at this one or the previous one?Definitely go with the previous one.

Now this one you might have never heard ofit.

I know it looks like chicken nuggets but trust me it is not.

It is somethingthat I definitely recommend you give it a try and be openminded because if you're not you definitely not gonna try it.

It's what'scalled sweetbread.

No we're not talking about actual bread we're talking aboutthis.

If you are unfamiliar with sweet bread let me explain; it's an organ meat, to be more specific sweet bread is the organ meat for thymus gland and pancreas.

They are mostly common from veal or beef and I know it doesn't look appetizingbut I'll tell you one thing if you give it a try you might like it.

But hey let me show you my take on it.

The first thing I like to do is to brineit, that will extract any blood that it's inside.

And to do that it's prettystraightforward just throw in a little bit of water and salt.

Whisk it welluntil the salt is completely dissolved.

Throw in your sweetbreads and let itbrine overnight you know refrigerator.

The very next day take it out and let itdry.

Make sure you get the brine out as much as possible because it's quiteslippery.

Just like regular beef this one comes with a silver skin, and as you know silver skin is tough and it's gotta go.

But the great thing about is that if yougrab a sharp knife it's an easy thing to do.

As you can see by the time I wasdone you can now appreciate the marbling, and there is a very good amount of it.

The next step is to cut them in manageable pieces.

You don't want to cookthe whole thing because the browning is what makes it taste really good.

So forthis specific one I separated them in four pieces.

For the seasoning rememberthere is no need to add salt.

So I went in with garlic powder, followed by blackpepper and smoked paprika.

As always make sure you season all sides including theedges.

Now all there's left to do is to cook them and for that I threw them inside ofthe container and set to my airfryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, push them in and let them cook.

As that was happening I made a very simplebasting sauce which includes a little bit of garlic paste and melted butter.

Mix it well and it's ready for basting.

Once the 10 minutes was up this is whatthey look like.

As you can see they are not done yet.

To make sure we get nicebrowning I started with the basting and as always whenever you're basting itwith butter don't be shy.

Make sure you throw in as much as you can because aswe all know butter makes everything better.

Once all the basting was done I threw them back into the air fryer at 400degrees Fahrenheit for an additional 10 minutes and this is what I was left with.

That right there is sweetbread.

And I know some of you might not want to tryit but let me tell you something please do.

Even though it's not very popular andyou might never had it you never know what something is gonna taste if youdon't give it a try.

This one is definitely worth it.

As I took my firstslice, check that out! And even the smell it smells incredible.

And as I take myfirst bite yes exactly what I was looking for.

It'samazing! It's extremely tender of course it's juicy the crispy our outer edge isphenomenal.

It is difficult to explain the taste but it is something I enjoyvery much.

We call this mollejas in Spanish.

If you've never had it Idefinitely recommend you giving it a try, and the airfryer did an awesome job onit.

Moving on to the next one, it is Denver steak.

And yes as you can see itis gonna be good.

If you are unfamiliar with this cut this is what it looks like.

The interesting thing about the steak is that it's not popular, that's because itcomes from the Chuck flap tail.

Some people call it under blade steak I'veheard boneless short rib, but regardless of what it is that it's called I cantell you one thing it is a nice steak.

Now since it comes from the chuck therecommendation is not to cook it medium-rare.

As you saw it has great marbling so you can take higher temperature, so for thisone I recommend cooking it medium well.

Before cooking it as you already know wegot a dry brine it, that the way we sure that I get a perfect crust, and as youknow I'm all about that crust.

After adding salt the next thing you want todo is put it on a cooling rack so that it can dry brine on your refrigeratorovernight.

The very next day this is what it looks like.

As you already know thesalt did its job.

This will ensure not only a great crust but it's alsoseasoned all the way through.

Now all there's left to do is to add your favoritespices and I started with garlic powder followed by freshly ground black pepper.

Always remember to season both sides including the edges.

And I really likethe preheating of the cast-iron as I add them in hear that.

Yes that's exactlywhat we're always looking for.

As always seeking for a great crust I set it to400 degrees Fahrenheit and set it for 12 minutes, pushed it inside and I washoping for the airfryer to do a great job.

As it was cooking and I made a verysimple basting butter and I started off with 2 tbsp of melted butterfollowed by garlic paste mixed it well and your basting butter is ready.

By thistime my short ribs were done.

And as I removed them check that out it!Definitely needs some moisture so it was time for the basting butter.

I mean to behonest with you this is not the best crust I've ever seen in my life, but at the same time it's not that bad.

But as I pick it up and turned it to thecast-iron side check that out.

I mean it's not coming through the camera ahundred percent but that is way better.

Using a cast ironinside of your airfryer will definitely give you a better crust.

Now all there's left to do is to slice it open and as I took my first slice thatis juicy.

This was cooked to an internaltemperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and let's not forget that I gave it afive-minute rest.

For it being cooked on an air fryer I am pretty happy with thatresult.

But what really matters is always the taste everything else is secondary.

And I say looks pretty good to me as I took my first bite, Wow.

That's good! I'll tell you one thing this does not taste like a ribeye or a NewYork Strip or a filet mignon or any other steak that I ever tasted beforeit tastes like a short rib but as a steak.

It has a much more pronounced beefflavor than any other steak I've tried.

If you've never had a Denver steakbefore give it a try, I have a feeling that you will enjoy.

Moving on to thenext one this is what I'm cooking; a squab.

If you are unfamiliar with thiswell welcome to the family because I literally have no idea what it was.

Sinceit was a present for my meat dealer we're gonna be experiencing thistogether.

And after of course going to Google and searching it up turns outthat this is a fancy pigeon.

Yes I said it fancy pigeon.

I mean as you can see onmy hand it's not that big but at the same time I'm wondering what is it gonnataste like.

And just like chicken it comes with the inners.

We have the heartthe liver and everything else that is edible, we're definitely gonna becooking that up as well.

From all the research I've done USDA recommendscooking game birds to an internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, but everywhere else says that this one should be cooked to medium-rare becauseit's quarries certainly a special occasion bird.

So I started by adding a little bit of oil to make sure my seasoning will stick.

Then I season it well with salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic powder, onionpowder and smoked paprika.

I made sure to season every single edge.

For additionalflavor I'm throwing some herbs and I'm going with thyme and rosemary.

And it'spretty straightforward you just gotta fill up the cavity.

It just looks like aminiature chicken and hopefully it will be a tasty one.

But the organs I startedwith a little bit of garlic paste, followed by some olive oil and salt.

Mixit well and my seasoning was ready.

Now all there's left to do is to throw in theorgans and make sure every single one of them is coated because of course thelast thing you want is unseasoned organs.

Now there's left to do is to add to myairfryer to cook it up.

Talking about that I set the airfryer to 400 degreesFahrenheit for five minutes shut it close and letthe airfryer do it's thing.

And once the five minutes were up we got somesizzling organs which looks amazing to me.

There are two types of people in theworld you either love this or absolutely hate it, and I love it because if thistastes like chicken heart we are in good shape.

But the important thing is how isit gonna taste.

And as I took my first bite it is exactly like a chicken heart, there's no difference and I love it.

It's awesome!If you enjoy chicken heart you will enjoy this.

There is zero difference inflavor.

And as I went to the next one which I think it's the kidneys took abite.



Yep just as expected is exactlylike chicken liver it just tastes like chicken to me.

But hey we still have thebird and this is what I was left with.

Hopefully medium rare squab it's funnybecause when you're cooking a medium-rare the skin does not get crispy.

Maybe that's why they're always seared on the cast-iron pan before putting itin the oven.

But hey this is an air fryer episode we don't have the cast ironavailable today.

So I started by carving the legs and as you can see oh yeahthat's medium rare maybe a little bit too medium rare.

I mean it's my firsttime experiencing it so it's gotta be good right.

Then of course I jumped intothe breast that is medium rare that's a fact.

And as I start slicing the brass Ohjuicy very juicy.

But again it's looking a little bit too rare for me.

In case youare wondering I cooked it to an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

But hey there's only one thing left to do and that is to give it a try and giveyou guys a fair review.

And as I took my first bite it is what can I saygamey.

It doesn't have a strong flavor it just tastes quite gamy and by no meansis this bad but be ready for a gamy taste.

That was the breast of course Igotta go in for the dark meat but honestly everything looks like dark meatand as I took my first bite from the thigh it tastes exactly the same.

Quitegamey and I'm not quite sure if I enjoy it that much.

And I'll tell you one thingI'm not a hundred percent convinced on the squab so I thought maybe if I cookit more it's gonna be better.

So I throw everything back into the airfryer.

cookedit for an additional 5 minutes and check that out.

Everything is fully cooked Iwould say nice and toasty.

From everywhere I read this is exactly whatthey tell you not to do.

But the important thing is the bite on the veryfirst one.



no! Not good, oh it's, oh it's terrible! Do not overcook yoursquab it's much stronger it's just a no.

Don't do it.

To finish it off squab isnot one of my favorites.

That is all the meat I currently have inmy house.

I cook everything everybody.

Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed thisvideo if you do enjoy it make sure to give it a thumbs up.

If you're not asubscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos.

Remember if you areinterested in anything I use everything is always on the description down below.

Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the next one.

Stay safekeep cooking if you keep cooking I will.

See you guys in the next one take careeverybody.

Bye bye.

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