Kupas Tuntas Tips Sukses Membuat Risol Mayo

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Hi Guys, Welcome back to our channel The Hasan Video.

Today we’re going to show you on how to makethe ‘Indonesian Style of Mayonnaise Rissole’.

This can be made with just a half of egg as its main ingredient.

Moreover, its skin wrapper is supplebut doesn’t easily torn apart.

Its stuffing also easy to made and affordable.

No doubt it’s great as dailysnack or even business idea.

Ok Guys … I bet that you've been curious to know on how to make it, JUST CHECK IT OUT … Ingredient and Direction Let’s make its wrapper to begin this tutorial.

What we need are: 500 grams or 33 tbsp Bread flour.

60 grams or 4 tbsp Tapioca Flour, we can replace it with Corn starch.

1 tsp of Fine Salt and 1 tsp of Chicken brothor Mushroom Broth Powder.

1 Egg White.

Yes, we only use its Egg White for its skin wrapper.

While its Egg Yolk will be used as its coating ingredient.

# Note it … Ok Guys …Add about 1100-1200 ml of water.

Pour it little by little as to avoid the dough to clot.

Stir well.

Then now I’ll add the cooking oil, Wait, I need to take it from the storage.

*** Intermezzo *** Oops, sorry … It’s my little prince trying to get my attention.

Well it’s 11:00 PM right nowand he still surprisingly awakes and tangles his mother.

Okay, let’s continue to the tutorial … Next, pour 60 ml or 4 tbsp Cooking oil.

Then thoroughly stir it.

Make sure to get its oil perfectly blends into the mixture.

*** Intermezzo *** Next, strain the batter to get it finely smooth.

Strain it up.

Look …There are quite a lot of residues here … Well … here is how its texture looks like.

So, the batter shouldn’t be too runny, but also not too thick.

Then before frying it to omelet this, please let it aside for about 30 minutes at room temperature.

To get its texture as supple as possiblebut doesn’t easily torn apart.

# Note it … Next, now let’s switch to its stuffing ingredient.

There are: 4 Sausages, you may use any brands or even your own homemade sausages.

It’s also fine touse cheap sausages, But if you prefer the premium one, you may use this type of sausage … # Note it … Fry it till cooked.

Then also 4 boiled eggs, peel its skin.

Slice each egg into eight pieces, just like this.

Well, since I’m going to make 25 Rissoles.

Here I prepare 25 pieces of eggs.

Then slice the remaining 7 pieces into 2 parts each.

This way, it easier for me to evenly add the Rissole stuffing and prevent me to get any leftovers.

For the sausages, we also need to slice each of them into 8 parts.

Then keep 25 pieces.

And slice each of the remaining sausages into two as to easeus for evenly distribute the stuffing into each Rissoles.

For other ingredients, there are 350-400 grams of Mayonnaise, choose your favorite flavor.

Then 80 grams or 4 tbsp Tomato Sauce, you may replace it with spicy sauce if you like.

Ok Guys …Once we are done with the Stuffing, It's time to make the Rissole wrapper into omelet.

Heat the non-stick frying pan with a diameter of 22 cm.

Also prepare a container for Rissole Skin, and here I use Banana leaves as to get it more fragrant and aromatic.

Once the pan well-heated, take enough batter for about ¾ large vegetable spoon, around 50 ml.

Pour it evenly.

Then fry it on medium heat to well cooked.

So, here I prefer to fry it on medium heat, for if we use low heat it’ll take more time to fry it, then I should use 2 pans to get it done faster.

Okay Guys … When its edges dried andyellowing, it’s done.

Lift it up.

Well here I put a leaf for its divideras to ease me to count and take them.

# Note it … Here we go … By the way … When cooking it on medium heat, the Rissole wrapper tend to be porous as this way … So, with these small hollows on its texture, it’s in fact good for its wrapper and prevent it to leak.

*** Intermezzo *** Its small hollows will help the flour crumbs to perfectly stick to the wrapper.

But if you prefer the smooth Rissole wrapper, you should fry it on low heat to get it as smooth as this one.

Rissole wrapper looks smooth and free of hollows.

I think this smooth Rissole is good for making the plain Rissole, without being coated with flour.

Ok Guys …Now please get this step done … Here we go … Here I got 25 sheets from single recipe.

Look, this wrapper texture is surely flexible and doesn’t stick to each another.

Ok Guys …Leave this aside for now… Now let’s make the batter as the paste and dipping.

By the way …Here I got some leftovers from the previous Rissole wrapper batter, about 1 large vegetable spoon.

Then just add the remaining egg yolk from the previous egg white into it.

Mix well, then take a bit of batter.

So later on, we will use this as the paste.

Then add a little water to the remaining batter, about 30-50 ml, stir well.

Yup, we’ll use this batter for dipping the Rissoles.

Once we’ve done with its paste and dipping batter.

It’s time to prepare its sprinkle.

What we need are: 150-200 gramsBread Flour or Bread Crumb.

Since it has rough crumbs, it's best to mash its crumbs using a chopperor just manually mash it as this way.

Look, now its crumbs become smoother.

With this smooth texture, it’ll perfectly and evenly stick on Rissole for sure.

# Note it … Ok Guys, now we’ve done with all the ingredients, then it's time for wrapping them up.

Here's how it works … To ensure it to be leak-proof, we need to glue it with the paste batter.

Done …! This Rissole wrapper is the one that fried on low heat, the smooth and hollows-free textured one.

Then here is the hollow textured Rissole skin.

Well have a look at this, the stuffing in the hollowed Rissole skin doesn’t leak at all.

Then later on, the bread crumbs will also stick to its skin perfectly.

So, which one do you prefer? Is it the one that fried on low heat with smooth texture, and takes longer to cook.

Or the one that fried on medium heat withhollowed texture and takes way faster to cook.

The choice is in yours … Feel free to pick the one that suits you the best.

Ok Guys, now we’ve done with stuffing … It’s time to wrap them with Bread Crumbs.

Here we go … Now make sure to get the Rissoleperfectly wrapped by Bread Crumbs.

Get this step done then … Also make sure that the dipping batter has the right texture, it should be not too thick and not too runny.

‘Coz when it's too runny, the bread crumbs won't stick perfectly.

Then when it doesn’t stick perfectly and evenly, the Rissole will be easily leaked when fried.

# Note it … Here we go … The Mayonnaise Rissole is ready to be fried.

But hold on for now … Before frying it, to prevent it from leaking out when fried.

We need to store it in the fridge for about 5-6 hours, or we may keep it for overnight.

Then if we make the Rissole in the evening or night for example.

And done wrapping it and store it in the fridge.

We can fry it in the next morning.

This way, its Bread Crumbs wouldn’t be leaked out when fried.

But if we’re on a rush, we can keep it in the freezer for 40-60 minutes.

And here it is, Now the Rissole texture has frozenafter being stored in the freezer for about 1 hour.

With its firm texture, now we’re ready to fry it without any worries.

Heat cooking oil … Once heated, fry them over medium heat.

Just fry it for about 2-3 minutes.

And note that we only need to flip it for onceas to prevent it to absorb too much oil.

Okay Guys … When it's been fried for about 1 ½ minutes, flip it back, then continue to fry for about 1 minute … Then right after its Bread Crumbs turns golden, immediately lift it … Drain well.

Fry the rest of them to be done.

Please avoid frying Rissole Mayo for too long.

If it's fried for too long, then its Mayonnaise will be proneto disappear and merged into oil … Moreover, its skin will also be prone to leak.

# Note it … Since it need to be fried in a flash.

Its stuffing should be cooked well in advance, be its eggs, sausages etc.

Also with its Bread Crumbs, it need to be well smoothed as to get cooked faster and crisp well when fried.

When draining Mayo Rissole, it should also be arranged vertically.

Please avoid putting it lay asleep or it’ll become greasy.

Once cold, pack it up as the way you like.

This one is perfectly nice to be served with fresh vegetables and spicy sauce.

I think, I’ve explained all the tricks and tips in on each step mentioned before.

So, it’s enough for now.

But for more details and notes for this tutorial, please check this video description.

# Note it … Well Guys … There we go everybody, On how to make Indonesian Style of Mayonnaise Rissole á la The Hasan Video.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial today, Thank you for watching, See you guys next time … Wassalamualaikumwarohmatullohiwabarokatuh.


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