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Lizzo buys lunch for health care workers

so you're Fiona Apple you are sitting on your first new album in eight years do you hold on to it until the fall or do you just pull a Beyonce and drop it in a few minutes we'll tell you what Fiona is thinking today is Wednesday April 1st

and no joke this is the current music news I'm Jay and I'm Jade and I think we could all use a little silver lining and a nice story to feel kind of good about and so I've been searching out a couple of these feel-good stories and our musicians

are not letting us down one of those feel-good stories is actually about Nashville you know Nashville got a kind of double whammy they got hit with this huge tornado that tore through their downtown I mean this is like Music City number one in the nation and just completely

demolished a lot of the downtown landmarks well and then got hit by the kovat 19 pandemic as we all did and so a lot of these places have been struggling enter Taylor Swift of all people I know well Nashville's her home and she decided to swoop in and

save grime ease grimy is this legendary record store I've been there a number of times and it is teeny tiny but it's been a home to so many musicians to play first shows or special kind of in record store live concerts so it is like this legendary iconic

place and Taylor Swift has kind of under the radar been paying employees salaries and three months of health care pretty huge another artist that's been helping out with AK Ovid pandemic is Liz oh not only should give you meditation advice to her fans on Instagram but she also

sent some lunch to people working in the ER dealing with the pandemic hands on so she sent it to a number of hospitals all across the nation including here in Minneapolis Minnesota and at the birthplace of Liz O in Detroit to the Henry Ford Hospital and they all

took a photo and thanked the artist and they shared a video that she had sent them hello Henry Ford what up what up though it's Liz oh and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you're doing during this pandemic it's definitely not easy

and you guys are putting yourselves on the front line so because of that I wanted to treat you to a meal and I really hope that you guys enjoy the food we did everything that we could to keep it safe for y'all so you know lunch on me

I love you guys thank you so much for being the heroes in this story and we're staying inside and we're praying and thinking of you every single day so we've talked about artists who are delaying planned album releases until they can tour to support the album is pushing

the back until this fall or even later other artists are figuring well people are ready for some new music right now let's get it out there fish are planning to debut their new album Sigma Oasis during an online listening party tonight April 1st it's their first new album

in four years and the Vermont jam band have apparently been jamming on this new music since last November the music world has also been buzzing about the fact that Fiona Apple has finished her first new album in eight years sure it's a pretty big deal but there's no

official release date announced yet apparently some people have been saying she should think about holding off but she is teasing a possible release for the new album titled the bolt-cutters very soon I'm very excited about that and I know we've spent a good amount of time talking about

artists who are live streaming their concerts but there is another thing that has been popping up on the streaming sphere and that is djs djs performing just some live sets and it goes back to kind of the roots of DJ and hip hop music in fact advice checked

in with several people including this Miami based DJ called a fly guy and he said they say August 11th 1973 when kool herc through the very first party it was the birth of hip-hop but he said the day d-nice who's a DJ got a hundred thousand attendees on

instagram live that is also going to be considered a day to mark in history and yes these are like so people are showing up for these DJ sets d-nice has been performing these for the past couple of weeks and people like Michelle Obama and Rihanna and Drake have

all been showing up so it's not just the regular listeners tuning in but huge celebrities as well it's kind of nice to see we can all come together for a big dance party on the Internet it's not quite the same as being in the real club but begin

any kind of a club with Michelle Obama sounds good to me man yeah well Flavor Flav has not actually been fired from Public Enemy despite what you may have heard the behind-the-scenes story involved Flavor Flav's reps sending a cease and desist after his image was used without permission

at a Bernie Sanders rally where Chuck D was performing the whole thing apparently was a ruse to get publicity so they're not really feuding and to prove it Flav actually appears on a new track from Chuck's project Public Enemy radio which is not the same as Public Enemy

despite the fact that Chuck D and Flavor Flav are both on the track are you confused yet the point is they're still friends there's still collaborators and Chuck D spoke about the whole situation in an interview for a Talib Kweli x' web show was Flav really mad the

Chuck showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally number one flavored on those different Bernie Sanders Barry Sanders or Colonel Sanders right we've already talked about this beforehand Public Enemy radio went up his lawyer said I'll cease and desist I'm like good move then publicly man you don't sue

me again he's suing me that's today's music news blue back next time with another update you can like and follow us to make sure you catch it and in the meantime listen to the current on the radio on our web stream and our app or on your smart

speaker and click on the comments to let us know what music news stories are meaningful to you right now and to wrap up we'll give you another way to enjoy the current that is by the kickoff of our virtual sessions morning show hosts for the current Jill Riley

sat down with where I guess digitally hung out with singer and songwriter Lissy and Lissy talked about the creative process and how she's been connecting with fans now that she's quarantined at home you can check it out at the current org or just sit back and enjoy one

of my first my first breakout songs I believe the current played it a lot and I'm fortunate that I get to spend a ton of time in the Twin Cities and I feel like I have a lot to thank this song [Music] [Music]

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