Mahler – Symphony No.8 / Orchestra of the Music Makers

Come, creator Spirit, Come, creator Spirit, visit the minds of your followers.

Fill them with grace Fill them with grace those hearts which you created.

You who are called Comforter, gift of God the most high, living fount, fire, love, and unction of the spirit.

Come, come, Creator Fill them with gracethose hearts which you created.

Endow our weak flesh with perpetual strength Endow our weak fleshwith perpetual strength Kindle our senses with light, Infuse love in our hearts.

Drive the enemy far from us And give us everlasting peace.

Beneath your guidance, let us avoid all ill.

Sevenfold in your gifts, finger of the father’s right hand.

Grant us knowledge of the father through You, and the Son; let us always believe in the Spirit .

Kindle our senses with light, Infuse love in our hearts.

Spirit, comeCome, Creator Spirit.

You who are called Comforter, gift of God the most high, give us joy, grant us grace.

smoothen our quarrels, preserve us in bonds of peace.

Drive the enemy far from us And give us everlasting peace.

Beneath your guidance, let us avoid all ill.

Glory be to the Father Glory be to the Father and to the Son, who arose from the dead, and to the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.

Glory be to the Father.

Forests sway, rocks weigh heavily, roots cling on, tree trunks packed closely.

Waves upon waves break, the deepest caves shelter us.

Tame Lions silently prowl about us, honouring the sacred place, the holy sanctuary of Love.

Eternal fire of ecstasy, glowing bond of Love, seething pain of the breast, foaming divine passion! Arrows, pierce me, lances, subdue me, clubs, crush me, lightning, flash through me! that all worthless things might vanish and the eternal star shines: source of eternal love! As the rocky chasm at my feet rests its weight on the deep abyss, as a thousand sparkling streams flow, to the grim plunge of the foaming tide, as with powerful strength.

the tree trunk rears itself aloft – So is the almighty Love that forms and preserves all.

A savage tumult surrounds me, as if the forest and cliff shook, yet there rose, in lovely sound, the outpouring of the waterfall into the gorge, called as it were to water the valley; The lightning that darted down in flame to clear the atmosphere, carried poison and fog in its bosom – they are Love’s messengers, they proclaim that, eternally creative, surrounds us.

Let it ignite my inner self, where my soul, confused and cold, tormented in the confines of dull senses, feels the sharp pain of chains.

O God! Quieten my thoughts, enlighten my needy heart! He's saved, this noble member of the spirit-world from evil: Anyone who always strives, we can redeem.

” – And if Love above was shared by him, – Join your hands, circle joyfully, – And if Love above was shared by him, – Join your hands, circle joyfully, get up and sing.

– the heavenly host will meet him – Taught by God you may trust; – with a heartfelt welcome.

– the one whom you revere, you will see.

Those roses from the hands of loving holy penitents.

Helped us gain victory, and complete our holy task, capturing this precious soul.

The evil ones drew back as we scattered them, devils fled when we smote them.

Instead of their accustomed pangs of Hell these spirits felt Love’s torment; Even old Satan himself was afflicted with acute pain.

Rejoice! Rejoice! We have succeeded! There are some earthly remainswhich are painful to bear; as though it were of asbestos, he is not pure.

When great spiritual strength and the elements are locked together, No angel could part this disparate union, of soul and body, Only Eternal Love may separate them.

I sense within the mist and peaks a throng of Spirits stirring nearby I see a lively crowd of blessed boys free from earthly pressures, gathered in a circle, they rejoice in the new springtime and beauty of the upper world.

– Here the view is uninterrupted, – Let him begin here, – the Spirit lifted up.

– to climb to victory, with them as companions! – Women pass by, – Joyfully we welcome, this man in his chrysalis; we acknowledge – Soaring aloft.

– the angels’ pledge.

– Amongst them, the glorious one, – Set loose the earthly flakes that surround him! – with a crown of stars, – He is fair and great from a holy life.

– the Queen of Heaven I see in radiant splendour.

– from a holy life.

Highest Lady of the world! allow me, in the blue extended tract of Heaven to see your mystery.

Accept what moves a Man’s heartto gravity and tenderness in the holy joy of Love which he presents to thee.

Our courage renders us invincible, when you gloriously command; fervour is suddenly tempered, when you grant us peace.

Virgin, pure and fairest Mother, worthy of reverence, our chosen Queen, equal to gods.

To you, the immaculate, it is not denied that the easily seducedmay come to you in consolation.

In their weakness, they are hard to redeem; Who can by his own strength, tear apartthe chains of desire? How quickly does the foot slideon the smooth, sloping ground? You, who floats up to the heightsof the eternal kingdom; Hear our pleas, Full of grace!Without peer! By the love that on the feetof your Son, enlightened by God, let tears flow as balsamdespite the Pharisee’s scorn; By the box that so richlydropped lovely fragrances; By the locks that so gentlyDried the sacred limbs – By the well to which Abraham brought his flocks; By the pitcher which touched the Saviour’s lips; by the pure, rich fountainthat now gushes forth, overflowing, ever clearthroughout the world – By the sacred placewhere the Lord was laid; by the arm that from the gateadmonishingly pushed me back; by the forty-year penitencewhich I spent in the desert; by the holy words of partingthat I wrote in the sand – You, who do not avert your gaze from great sinners raise into eternity repentant souls, Grant this poor soul, who only once forgot, who did not know that she erred, your forgiveness! Turn, turn, thou matchless one, thou radiant one, look graciously on my happiness! The one I once loved, no longer afflicted, comes back.

He grows greaterwith his mighty limbs, the reward of redemptionhe will richly repay.

We were removed earlyfrom the chorus of the living; what this man has learned, he will teach us.

Surrounded by the noble choir of spirits, the newcomer barely knows, He can hardly sense this new life, so he becomes like the sacred host.

See! How every earthly bond of his old self is torn aside and from his ethereal garmenthe comes forth with youthful strength! Let me teach him, still dazzled by this new day.

Come! rise up to higher spheres! If he is aware of you, he will follow you.

Look up! All who repent, Look up to the redeeming sight, all who repent, that may to bring youto a blessed fate.

Let our better sensesserve you; Virgin, Mother, Queen, goddess, be gracious to us! Let our better sensesserve you; Look up! Virgin, Mother, Queen, goddess, be gracious to us! All that passes away is but a reflection; Earthly inadequacy finds fulfilment here; The indescribable is accomplished here; The eternal feminineleads us up.

Leads us up.

Eternal Leads us up.

All that passes away is but a reflection; The eternal feminine leads us up.


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