Now United – By My Side (Official Music Video) | REACTION

[Applause] [Music] hello hello guys welcome back to my channel if you are new welcome violet here and today I'm going to be reacting to Nami United by my side they come out with a new video by the looks of it I think it's in quarantine so it's gonna

be from home I guess I'll go how's it over I'm gonna see how it'll work so I'm excited to get into it but before I get into it I have a shout out to get shut out to Bethenny who has a YouTube channel called sugar maven if you're

into cocaine or lifestyle vlogs you should definitely check her out her YouTube channel will be in my description box below and definitely make sure to check her out and subscribe to her youtube channel with that being said I'm gonna get into this reaction video let's see what now

unitied has in store for us this time I've been a reaction to a lot of non-united videos lately in case you haven't seen my channel you'll see a bunch of reactions for night night it because they're the one group that just keeps pumping out music especially June this

lockdown so I'm excited to see what they have in store for me today so I'm just gonna get right into it now united by my side okay go for my leg up let's see host choreography okay should I tie the skirt you see guys okay go on let's

see this guy the main singer a he's an LA I love school it's giving me tick-tock vibes she's a sexy one of the group I realized that I realized that she's the sexy one of the group because every single video I react of them that I see her

in it she's doing all the sexy dances and moves and like she knows how to be sexy so it makes sense okay anyways I'm not sure where she's from though what is she found them I'm not sure oh that was cool and they did a good job of

keeping the camera the same okay see I was thinking that they're gonna show us how to do the dance this is a bit too far this is a bit too fast for me so I can definitely not do that but could also them they're doing it great and

the girl in the middle that has the orange on wherever she is I want to be it looks pretty ass home moving on where's my black 94 huh oh cool that is gonna that probably took a lot of choreography that's really cool how do they do that oh

you know what never mind I know how to did it because I remember when I was editing on Final Cut Pro before I had a problem and I was looking up how to do something else and I saw something like that so I kind of I think I

can do that if I tried if I tried she's the sex of all weren't she from guys let me know in the comments section below oh I can make up and I love her hair color too this is really good editing though I don't know how they started

editing in this whoever they gave whoever they gave all this footage to to edit it kudos to that because I wouldn't even know that had in the tail of this video like it's just a lot of Twitter's to go through that's really cool guys I swear I have

a frickin virus on my computer cuz this thin in the top corner pops up every two seconds is the most annoying thing ever I had to figure out what virus it is this off if that happens one more time I'm not gonna be at my computer but I'm

gonna be angry this is a really cool shot though oh she's so cute oh that's so cool I like that little part a oh that girl's really flexible you like it see that is I can be in this group my voice is nice enough that was a very

creative video though qoodles shut up to the editor that made this video because I add it like apart from YouTube videos I also edit promotional videos commercials like anything right and sometimes get a lot of footage and you just don't know where to start and where to end

and so I have empathy for whoever edited this video because I bet they have 10 times more footage than what they showed right so that's a lot of footage to edit but either way they did an amazing job the edits were sick I love that cute girl I

don't know where her name is I don't know what country she's from but this girl right here her she is the cutest person ever and I love her little part where she's like finding new ways to like you know that's so cool this part right here that was

cool that was really cool like how I enter her head but yeah she's really cute I just wanted to put that out there but I know where she's from but anyways that was a cute video the song was very catchy as well especially towards the end without even

realizing it because I was paying so much attention to the video I didn't realize that I was even catching on to what they were saying and I was like singing along so it's definitely a cool song and it's definitely a song you can sing along to and not

an idea kudos to them just finding ways to always post videos and post content because goodness knows it'll come out of the days they could have been chilling they can be watching Netflix chillin watching too hot to handle no not new series on Netflix guys go watch it

is actually glares but they could be watching Netflix like me chillin but here they are working hard still making contact and creating the videos for it kudos to them there did an amazing job let me see I wanna see you like I never really do this but I'll

not see what the comments is saying sometimes like I never checked whether comments are saying and I am in the mood to see what people are saying so the top comment when I reacted to it says Eric a loop and she said bro KK what happened they released

the clip twice and deprived it twice huh okay maybe they got rid of the was it called the video and then put it up again I don't know I don't know what she's trying to say about she talking something okay she said who's looking forward to sin Pina

Sophia and Bates of like guys right now I'm using Google Translate for the translation so I know it's not really that spot-on but my student she's saying who's excited to see me and not and fakes like the video anymore the video was interested and they found creative ways

to make sure they're still putting content out which is very important during this time there's to entertain their fans and their soul you know get it it oh they still getting it all but I need some icing it that's my rendition of how they're singing it so if

you liked it give this video a thumbs up to more Navi 98 or any other videos make sure to comment down below and let me know what I should react to I would like to expand a little bit and we got two more things so even if you

have something that isn't a music video per se that you want me to react to put it in the comment section below and I'll also subscribe for more videos coming your way and click notification bell and you notifications whenever I put up a new video and I'll see

back here in my next video stay tuned and have a great safe and healthy day [Music]

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