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OFFICIAL WIDER HIPS Workout | HIP DIPS FIX | No Equipment At Home Routine

I am feeling lonely in a morning minutes that's it and they're right they need this OD with those girls lift me up this time I am feeling lonely an opponent many studs and alright welcome to this hip dip wider hip workout we're starting off with some fire hydrants

which means we're gonna get on all fours and pretend to be little dogs peeing on something let's go 20 reps ladies we got this otherwise you told me the different from [Music] you're gonna start to feel the burn and that's okay that means it's working just keep going

and say bye-bye to those hip dips okay now we're going to switch to the other side and Pete oh I mean do more hot fire hydrants on the other leg or doing 20 on this leg as well let's go [Music] you okay next we're doing some side leg

raises if you need something to balance with you can hold the wall but I thought maybe I shouldn't show you my crotch is why I'm facing the camera but hold a wall for some balance squeeze your booty and use your butt muscles to raise your leg you will

feel the burn in that leg that's on the floor and that is good because that is what we want we want that side booty to be popping in [Music] [Music] now switch to the other side and let's get 20 reps in as well for all these exercises were

doing 20 20 20 20 20 20 I don't know why I said it like that but yeah just keep going after this we have one more exercise and then you shall get a short break [Music] you this next exercise is so interesting so you want to get into

a squatting position try to keep your knees to be kind of parallel with your toes but not past it and then start stepping side to side just like Li crap can you see how long my legs are yeah just just do this in private you know all these

butt exercises do them why nobody can see you because girl I am feeling lonely in a boner medicine and all right that was good you did a fabulous job I'm here rooting for you let's take a 60 second rest break when we come back we're gonna do everything

from the top drink some water by the way a lot of people have been asking me about my leggings they're all available on my site kabocha fitness comm check it out they're really cool styles there and also take a second to subscribe because it really helps a lot

and it's completely free and I appreciate it I'll see you after the break [Music] [Music] all right ladies let's get back into position for the fire hydrants clench your butt raise your knee and use the leg that's on the floor to stabilize your body that's the leg that's

going to be burning this is really good for fixing those hip dips you can make this harder with resistance bands but ain't nobody got time so let's go a twin year as per leg seeds in the morning Jonas out spending by your side look at me oh sorry

see slits to the other side and give me another 20 reps I cannot wait to see your hip dips transformations see you getting those sexy wider hips that you're looking for it is possible and you're doing the work and that's all that matters you're doing a good job

[Music] Oh [Music] let's get up and get into some side leg raises this is where you start having that positive self-talk like I got this I can do this I strong is important I is intelligent you got this you're almost there we're almost done with this workout I

promise and you're doing so good I'm so proud of you for getting this far [Music] we got a good thing goin oh we gotta feel that bleep I say to them more than Jonah by your side now switch to the other side and bust out another 20 reps

girl you you're doing so good this after this we have we are done 20 crab waltz y'all and we're done bye-bye hip dips hello wider hips hello to my beautiful ladies I'm so proud of you you worked out today good job just step side to side 20 times

that's all you've got to do [Music] you thank you so much for working out with me today make sure you subscribe and I'll see you in my next video voices getting near bruh hardest pumping thoughts are running wild we got a good thing go

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