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Psychic Kids: Kid Meets Producer, Predicts Health Problems (Season 1) | A&E

The way she feels–like, she wants to help.

She wants to healpeople, you know.

She knows– often, people come in, and they have amedical condition.

She can usually–she can tell you.

And she did predict that Iwould wind up in a car accident.

And as it turns out, I was veryseverely injured, to the tune of, like, 13 herniated discs.

You know, what scaresme is that Julia seems to take on the pain.

I don't want herto be frightened.

And I don't want her to be– feel like she's in danger.

So for me, I definitelysee it as more of a gift, no matter what thechallenges are ahead.

I would like tosee her walk away from this with a true sense ofbeing special and how amazing that is, unlike, perhaps, my husband.

But I get whathe's saying a lot.

There's definitely ways she'sgoing to grow as a psychic.

But she also has toremember that she's 11.

It's like one of the big thingsI'm trying to get across to her is that you'regetting the messages, but it's not yourplace to fix it.

You know what I mean? And I understand, because, like, when I had those as a kid, I wanted to do the same thing.

But you know, you can't.

And we're going to work on it.

That would make allof this worthwhile.

ALEX CURCIO: Becausedad's concerned about her medical intuition, I'm bringing in an expert to work with Julia and discoverwhere she could go with this.

KIR NOEL: Hello.

Julia?JULIA: Yeah.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

KIR NOEL: People come tome to diagnose and define what's going on withthem physically.

They've been to doctors.

They've done all kinds of tests.

And the tests don'ttell them anything.

So that's kind of theperson who finds me.

So what I'm going to suggestis to basically try something now which will allow you tofilter or focus into a body– what's going on inthis person's body that I should know about, OK? OK.

KIR NOEL: Let's try it.

And don't expect anything.

You're open.

You're an open channel.

So let's do a reading ofsomeone else in this house.


OK? Do we have any volunteers? [laughs] What you see, you tell them.


So we're going to doa scan, or a session.

Do you want me todirect you, or not? JULIA: Well, I think I already– I got something– KIR NOEL: OK.

JULIA: –already.


Do you ever haveproblems with your lungs? I actually just got overbronchitis a few weeks ago.

I was coughing real bad.

KIR NOEL: So tell me abouther skeletal body, her bones.

Are they good? They're all fine.

KIR NOEL: OK, and how's hermuscle tone of her body? Really good.

KIR NOEL: All right.

How's her hearing? Mm, pretty good, other than, like– I'm thinking they were popping.

And they're stillpopping a little bit.

KIR NOEL: All right.

That's great.

My ears were justpopping right now.

That's great.

My ear was popping.

KIR NOEL: So how's her– how are her kidneys? JULIA: One's, like– I think one looksa little bigger.

That's what I see too.

CATE: That'sinteresting that you saw that mine look different.

JULIA: Yeah.

Because I have ahorseshoe kidney.


So that means thatinstead of having two, it's fused together.

So I only have one.

That was really good.

That was amazing.

Really good.


ALEX CURCIO: You'redoing awesome, kid.

I was going to ask–if it's OK with you, I want to show her a pictureof someone in my family that has a condition.

So I have a picture here.

I'm not going tosay of who or what.

But I want you to read thatif that's cool with you, OK? What are youfeeling here, kiddo? Does she have arthritis? ALEX CURCIO: She does.


ALEX CURCIO: Keep going.

Does she need surgery? She does need a surgery, and she just had a surgery.

So try to focus in on that.

Did she have anythingwrong around her stomach? Yeah.

It's mom.

JULIA: That's your mom? – It's mom.

– It's mom.

I know, right? I think you did really good.

KIR NOEL: She did amazing.

Look how much youbrought to the table immediately as amedical intuitive.

You just did it.


KIR NOEL: It was fantastic.



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