RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World! – Bac Ha Market

what is this can we find someone who knows it doesn't smell like anything I don't know what to do from here should I take a bite I don't think I should [Music] deepa the Lao Cai province down hours of winding roads hidden in the Wan Ling Chun Mountains lies the most colourful market in the world stepping into this market feels like entering a fairytale beautiful backdrops unrecognizable magical plants and the local people dressed in their vibrant traditional clothing [Music] [Applause] [Music] of the 55 ethnic minorities in Vietnam 14 are represented in the BOC award mostly Hmong but others include dyeing hula and the too loud people please food is better when you share it vodka market opens only once a week each Sunday locals make the journey here to sell all types of produce handmade crafts livestock including horses and songbirds they might get a quick haircut or maybe even smoke a little something know what I'm saying yeah good when people gather together there is always food and that is why I'm here today so tell your mom you'll call her right back because you are about to experience some of the finest and rarest cuisine in the world coming home Alice and Jenna here we have some corn cake won't bun mmm so there are two ways to eat the corn cake you can have it the hot way with the meat or such as I requested sour for over 40 years this vendor has been selling her corn cake concoction made by slicing and dicing big chunks of corn cake tossing in some fresh herbs fermented cabbage seasoning and crushed peanuts then pouring in some top-secret vinegar that is so yummy it must be hidden under a table the most secret ingredients are underneath the table oh that's the sauce here we have our beautiful corn cake a plethora of different ingredients that I probably talked about in the voiceover already I'm gonna try just the sauce oh that is a vinegar room but it's not a potent vinegar it's a little bit watered down some cilantro making it nice and fresh look at this guy what a champ it's like 6:30 a.


and this guy's like cracking the ball already I mean that took clout give me I could share with him do you think it would show hi hi there Oh Oh God I gave him a thumbs up nothing maybe they don't do thumbs up where he's from I want to try just a piece of the cake first here we go that's interesting I don't know how they did this it's like a corn jello but with less flavor this is kind of the body of the meal here right this is where a lot of our energy is coming from the corn does not have a lot of flavor but it's about what you surround it with and it has a nice kind of mushy texture I don't mind a little bit of mush more motion for the pushin I'm gonna grab some of this salt that's my move I made that up too oh we've got some of the greens we got some of that nuts in there vinegar sauce all together at last it is a refreshing morning treat not a very bold flavor a little aromatic from all the herbs this market is very interesting if you look around you'll see villagers have come from far and wide some of them trekking here some of them driving I'm sure at least one guy drove a horse here Vietnam has all these different ethnic tribes what it makes for is some really unique food and in things that you've never seen before it's very regional I don't think you would find something like this in Saigon is that right the off-camera person says that's right not bad as a fun way to start your day [Music] hi soy Zoey how do you say it sticky so easily okay right here we have a beautiful rainbow snowball of sticky rice all these different colors there's orange purple yellow these are actually all naturally colored I think she thinks for digging a photo but it's totally a video banana leaf the original throwaway plate and then we're gonna put some chopped up nuts on there oh that's okay I'm gonna I'm just gonna eat this straight up right now for over 70 years sayo of the fool a tribe makes the 2 kilometer trek from her house to baka market each Sunday thank you Bunco so here we have our beautiful giant rainbow snowball and sticky rice with a side of some crushed up peanuts ah she didn't exactly give me a spork she said use your hands or you can like squeeze it to the top like a frizzy pop first I'm just gonna try that like this mmm for as beautiful as this is it turns out it's just rice it's good good texture nice and sticky it is just rice so I think what I need is some of this peanut mixture on here by the line that means boom they're laughing at my good hosting abilities there are some surprise beans in here as well that is legitimately good can I be honest no matter what it's fun getting to try these real local unique foods of the mountain people it's a privilege just to be able to try any of this food in general but when you have something that's also really tasty that's even better because then you're like well why don't they have this at 7-eleven why can't this lady pull up at 7-eleven and do our thing there you know it makes you happy that you're trying it in the moment and it makes you sad that you know you're never gonna be able to try this again mmm Oh see oh she wants to share with me Tsingtao if you want some go on you want a piece yeah please food is better and when you share it oh if that is not the most adorable thing I've ever seen we can have it together here get a little dip dip dip Cheers I'll just keep looking right now we're in the market area and this is where they're selling all their fresh produce including many things that I've never seen before what is this oh my god right now there's a real vegetable deal going on Oh cinch up what is this can we find someone who knows right here we have the knocked-out mushroom and that is the most funky avatar interesting beautiful mushroom I've ever seen um it doesn't smell like anything I don't know what to do from here should I take a bite I don't think I should they put this in wine I'm not sure what that does but I don't know what it does when you put a snake in wine and people do that too so oK we've got an outside source here he says this is good for men so I don't know is that good for men see me in the prostate does he mean to grow your hair back we got the inside scoop that this stuff is good for men oh are you doing eat yeah I'll show one more time to show the camera like this to me you know it's interesting this whole plant we can see men buying it and the women so again you don't see anyone in here trying to buy it because this one is good good for men I don't know what this means I don't know sign language but he said it's good for man we've got dragon fruit we've got melons we've got whoa what is this I found the donut section okay hi hi do you mind if I just squeeze in here really I'm very small and I don't take up much space there we go there we go is this my order card what a beautiful array of donut holes it's like doughnut holes guys I just grab it like this okay so you just grab it grab what you want and and you eat it some kind of maybe a clue huh what does that mean high low high bottom all these fried tasty morsels get their color from the taro root used to house the mung bean inside slap on a few sesame seeds on the outside and bam you have a piece of food that you can literally eat that is tremendous crunchy on the outside and so toasty is toasty tasting hosting and chewing and then salty – oh my god that's delicious can I use this as a napkin to cinch oh wow so right here we've got some real honey this is full of honey and honeycomb he's got a little filter inside and he's just pouring straight up real Mountain hunting's into this glass bottle it's 150, 000 that's about seven dollars but look it's for about a liter and then inside I can still see there's some bees there's still some honeycomb uh-oh and there we go we have witnessed we've witnessed a honey deal go down right here on the streets very cool very cool uh-oh she said I could eat some oh come on Wow oh look at that real mountain honey oh my god it's like candy come on come on Jake [Music] what we're about to order next it's something called red fuh from here I can see it looks like the traditional foreign noodle but it's kind of pink or red these red noodles get their color from the special type of rice used in their production ha ha ah yeah this one no no red noodle ah okay this was good by this time I've had before in a few different ways I've had it with beef of course the board kind of traditional way I tried it with chicken in Hanoi and now there's a big black sausage here alright he's just gonna dice up the sausage right there and throw that in my bowl of red fog noodles today our red noodle pho we'll start with some blanched red noodles topped with a hearty black blood sausage bean sprouts scallions steaming bone broth and a couple dashes of pepper it's easy to see why after 40 years this tiny factory has the most famous fought in all of baka market this is probably the most unique thought I've ever seen it has the red noodle it's a little bit more of a pink noodle if we're honest here but you know what we can call it right it seemed like he was recommending the sausage or maybe like um not a lot of people get the sausage so he's like ah I need this guy to buy it from me but no but probably it tastes really good we're gonna squeeze in that lime and we're gonna mix that up a bit I'm gonna scoop up some of that broth very fatty that is a great stock oh my god it's hearty it's delicious I love it so let's get a bite with the sausage and the nudes together [Music] hmm that is hands down one of the best bowls and noodles I've ever tried I did not expect to be blown away by food here I thought oh it'll be interesting it'll be different but wow that is sensational the broth is so rich typical flawed noodle supersoft and then the sausage it's got a little bit of that kind of liver mealiness to it oh so lucky two sausages start together what a day if they're stuck together it counts as one sometimes you can just like taste the love in a food remember when you're a kid you're playing outside all day you're famished you're exhausted you come in there's dinner on the table something that you would have often that salty and savory that kind of just made you feel whole it kind of brings me to that place even though I was never a young Vietnamese girl [Music] Wow look at all these beautiful outfits I need to get some more depth clothing look at me I'm swearing black I look like I'm going to a funeral these people look beautiful I love it do you know like maybe I could get a scarf or something that's our cha-cha okay it shouldn't be creepy but there's a little baby in our little basket over here you know when you see a lot of random containers full of liquid you know that probably inside if we can at least hope that there's some alcohol let's go see these are big mismatched containers I have a feeling that this is not water if I may we've got some bottles look here's how you spot rice wine in the country you look at this and you go I've never seen clear coca-cola it's not coca-cola oh gosh here it is oh that smell it smells strong and unrefined like me okay let's give it a shot Cheers whoa hi bye yo [Music] oh it's real nice there's nothing like there's nothing like some rice wine at 8:00 in the morning this can power a tractor the 151 of rice wine are we good can I give it back I put my mouth on it is that it okay listen I had a lot of fun I'm a little buzzed right now so I just want to thank you for that experience do you have YouTube do you have YouTube do you know YouTube YouTube okay follow me on YouTube sub I mean sub me with notifications please right here I'm not sure maybe it's some traditional medicine but you could zoom in here and then we see that as a snake what is the snake doing here I'm not sure you know what and some things we can leave as a mystery let's keep going do you need a large garbage bag full of tobacco because this is where you get it look at all this tobacco I'm still I'm buzzing off that rice wine I'll be honest oh okay okay okay I can do this it's all good it's just tobacco season drug user and we have about 25 people watching me tourists wonderful authentic experience of seeing a white guy do some took Lao and Vietnam and that's what we're gonna give Wow razzle dazzle I feel great I don't advocate tobacco bong use I'm a little dizzy and I got smelly pop it smells great putting that down for some Cologne keep the ladies away if you've never done this before it feels like you stood up a little too fast and then all the blood rushes to your head you feel vote to see four above five minutes nothing better in the morning then some 151 rice wine and a little bit of tobacco bong and a little bit of tobacco bong water all over your leg nice [Music] we have stumbled upon something amazing here it looks like a little okay I agree look when someone hands you food you just take it I am a sucker for fried delights in any market it looks like almost some kind of potato pancake with some cut-up bits of maybe even just sweet potato I'm not sure these starchy fried cakes get their bold orange color from sweet potato creating a savory sweet crunchy creation a sweet potato pancake with little shredded sweet potato in there and this is so cool it's like they've got two of these big canisters they look almost like big coffee cans a hot coal in the middle I cast iron pan on top she has this cool metal rack where she puts the finished ones and she hands it to excited passerby passers-by like me it's a perfect breakfast snack let's give it a try oh the crunch the crunch is real you hear the crunch I never lie about the crunched it's a little bit sweet the heavy tasty energy packed breakfast treat that's gonna leave you feeling satisfied until lunchtime [Music] even for someone who has traveled a decent amount now when we came here I had no expectations I thought okay small mountain community perhaps there's limited ingredients perhaps it's just food that's gonna taste really foreign to me but everything I've tried so far has been really delicious and it's kind of blowing me away look never doubt Vietnam never doubt Vietnam [Music] to get more travel tips about this market specifically click the blog link in the description down below and this video was brought to you guys and made possible by one trip one service a company putting on tours in Saigon hoi an and Danang I'm talking food tours I'm talking the Mekong Delta tour I'm talking village tours experience the real Viet Nam with one trip links for that are also in the description down below I will see you next week a peace [Music] [Music].

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