Reaction to Indonesian Music – Siti Badriah Sandiwaramu Luar Biasa vs Duo Anggrek Goyang Nasi Padang

Kaz: Welcome to a new reaction video Tkey: hello Kaz: Today we will watch indonesian music.

In the last time we watched SITI BADRIAH and today we will watch two songs Kaz: Siti Badriah and Duo Anggrek Kaz: we know Siti Badriah but we dont know Duo Anggrek Kaz: But they have also more than 100 M views on youtube That is a lot of views Kaz: that is Siti Badriahs newest song Kaz: lets watch these songs Tkey: the last song by Siti Badriah was not my taste Kaz: that is true Tkey: but we have.



Kaz: But we have expected a lot because of the 500M views on youtube Tkey: But we also read that many people dont like this song, too Kaz: yes, we read it under the comments Kaz: I am so excited Kaz: here she is Tkey: that looks nice Kaz: but this sounds like the other song Tkey: I am worried that it will be just as bad.

Kaz: she looks like Minnie Mouse with her hair style Tkey: yeah from Mickey mouse Tkey:I dont know but this is better than her other song Tkey: ok this is really better Kaz: This part is really catchy Tkey: ok it is really good Kaz:more faster Tkey: faster Kaz: I like it Kaz: Did you know how old she is? Kaz: I dont know Kaz: We can look after this video how old she is Tkey: OK Tkey: a little bit reggae style Tkey: No joke, this is way better than her other song Kaz: but it is similar to the other song Kaz: from the music style Kaz: great Kaz: Funny dance moves Tkey: With this she will survive her career Kaz: she has really beautiful eyes Tkey: that shouldnt sound badly Tkey: yes, she has beautiful blue eyes Kaz: And the landscape in the background looks amazing.

I like this atmosphere Kaz: nice, the lyrics are funny Tkey: Oh I didnt notice that we have subtitles here Kaz: yes, better than Lagi Syantik Tkey: yeah very good Kaz: Dont pay attention to the background voice – that is our youtube collegue GILDY Tkey: he is sitting there and watching us Kaz: he will be mentioned here.

Go and send him love on youtube <3 Kaz: He has a lot of kpop videos Tkey: Watch his videos Tkey.

he makes amazing videos Kaz: Look on google how old Siti Badriah is Tkey: you mean how young she is Kaz: Ok how young she is Tkey.

ok, how old is Siti Kaz: actually Gildy could have done it along the way tkey: exactly Unbelievable 27 years old Kaz: I havent thought that Kaz: she looks really young tkey: young young young Kaz: Lets watch the DUO ANGGREK Kaz: The duo is called ANGGREK, i guess Kaz: I am excited Kaz: I'm excited to see what kind of music we will get Tkey: I am really excited Kaz: if this will be in the same music direction like siti badriah? Kaz: or Indonesian music is really more versatile Tkey: Lets watch Kaz: This music video has more than 100 M views Kaz: interesting Tkey: She is flirting Tkey: She has the choice Kaz: sounds like a fun song Kaz: this song shouldnt be get serious kaz: especially if you read the subtitles Kaz: rice with chili sauce Kaz: but they are really beautiful Tkey: sounds like a children music kaz: with these lyrics, I dont think so Tkey: but from the music Kaz: but we notice that in the songs of Siti Badriah too Kaz: i dont know how to say that kaz: they have an unique music style? Kaz: especially the instruments Kaz: I dont know if this is similar to the accordion Tkey: but this song is not my taste Tkey: but if you like it, this is ok.

Tkey: I like the way how they do this Tkey: her dress is awesome Tkey: from the right woman Tkey: gold, blue Tkey: and to the end some sexy views to us Kaz: ok, these were two indonesian songs, honestly I liked Siti Badriah more Kaz: from the music tkey: yes, same opinion Kaz: it was interesting, to watch this tkey: yes, this was interesting to watch Tkey: Gildy, what is your opinion Gildy: I like the first song more.

But I felt like a kid because of the melody Kaz: bring him to the camera Kaz: we have gildy here personally Kaz: his opinion is Kaz: He said that the first song was better.

Kaz: do you want to say more? Gidly: me? Gildy: If you are cool, guys.

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Tkey: what.



what ??? we cant hear you Tkey: we have technical problems Kaz: The connection is bad Tkey: go to GILDY and TKEY OFFICIAL kaz: I wont place you advertising here, you only should share your opinion Gildy: this was a joke guys.

The video with the songs were good Gildy: I liked the first video more Kaz: same Tkey: same Tkey: We have all the same opinion Kaz: we have the same opinion, I cant believe that Tkey: wow Kaz: THanks Gildy, for connecting to us and watching the videos with us.

Tkey: live in color Kaz: exactly Gildy: Thank you and back to the studio Kaz:thank you Tkey: we thank you that you were here Kaz: throw the phone away If you enjoyed this reaction video, dont forget to like and subsribe for more content.

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him Tkey: you said that Kaz: goodbye, see you in the next video.

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