SLASH Guitar Fail?

it has been brought to my attention that slash has played a less than epic guitar solo and I don't want to believe it slash is one of my favorite guitarists of all time but a lot of people recommended that I check this solo out so I'm starting to get a little worried so let's watch this solo together apparently this was out of Video Music Awards and slash with his band did a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne so this is the crazy train solo we're talking about here I can't wait to see this Nicki Minaj what are you doing there get off the stage actually no pick up a guitar and play guitar solo for us promise I won't do a video about it get off the stage I snows mouth [Music] well let's get to the actual solo I'm sure the cover is sick but we're addressing the solo here okay here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] what a fantastic ending to a solo [Music] that's a rule was kind of Alden I know that that could do better okay listen so that solo wasn't horrible it was just a little it just wasn't up to slashes standards I guess we can say like we've seen way worse solos before you have we seen worse solos and I just want to make it perfectly clear perfectly clear we clear that I'm not making fun of slash I wouldn't be the guitarist I am today without slash though I gotta say Ozzie did not look very impressed and even worse than that he was talking right in the middle of slashes solo and that's never a good sign [Music] I mean if you're playing an epic guitar solo usually people will wait till after the solo to be like men did you see that soul that was freakin sick I wonder what Ozzy said there no that doesn't make any sense though it is Ozzy so you never know no that doesn't make any sense either I know what he said yep that's gotta be what he says it just makes the most sense so now it is up to us to figure out what happened with this solo I do have a couple theories theory number one right before slash is solo mr.

mad bun here decided to go [Applause] that probably messed / up I mean that would mess me up if a guy with a man button did that to me [Music] [Applause] [Music] my other theory is that his guitar was simply out of tune listen to the first part of the solo here [Music] that to me sounds like a mild case of guitar out of tuna ptosis but let me pick up my guitar and we'll make a proper diagnosis okay so he's going for like a and it sounds to me like the D string is probably out of tune so let me just [Laughter] let's see if this sounds better that's got to be it that could be why that part sounded like boobs yeah that was kind of hesitant to maybe he couldn't hear his monitors very well either so he lost where he was because he was kind of like like that so now that we know why Slash's solo was kind of I'm gonna do a cover of it exactly to how he played it [Music] [Music] now to slash his credit at the end of the song he demonstrates to us a brilliant guitar technique called the wrong note redemption did you hear that slash played a bad note which we all do from time to time but he just bent the snot out of it until it sounded right if only nick jonas had known about this technique [Music] [Music] poor slash between mr.

man-bun and his book and his guitar being out of tune I'm sure all that just really through slash off his game but now I'm gonna do something just for you slash because you've been such an inspiration to me over the years I'm gonna repay the favor I'm gonna replay this solo the way you intended it to sound you know – the bud and guitar being out of tune so let's do this solo Redemption [Music] [Music] so there it is my tribute to one of the greatest guitarists of all time slash and I mean realistically slash could just go onstage and go flip and I would still think he's the best and I would essentially make out with him that was awkward okay so if you found a video that you think I should address in a video email it to guitar rights activists at gmail.

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