Stranglers keyboardist Dave Greenfield dies of COVID-19 (The Current Music News)

these up-and-coming musicians just keep getting younger and younger we will show you this hot viral hit from a very young musician coming up it's Tuesday it's May 5th and this is the current music news [Music] hey it's Jay and Jay Dave Greenfield who's the keyboardist for British rock

band The Stranglers has died at age 71 due to kovat 19 Stranglers drummer jet black said we've just lost a dear friend and music genius and so has the whole world The Stranglers came up in the punky era but their roots were in Prague and experimental Rock Greenfield

said his early influences included The Doors deep purple and yes green fields keyboards were an important part of the band's sound he co-wrote the band's best known songs including golden brown and peaches the stragglers are one of those bands that never quite crossed over to the US they

never had any big hits here but they had a cult audience among music heads here and over in the UK and they had seven top ten [Music] [Applause] [Music] speaking of some of those older albums are you going back and listening to some of those classic albums kind

of reaching into the back of the closet for that cozy moth eating eatin sweater of an album maybe that's why Fleetwood Mac is back up in the charts according to the Rolling Stones album chart they are at number 59 beating out new albums from pop stars yes Fleetwood

Mac's rumours great album classic album not an obscure album baby means but it's 43 years old so why is it up there at the top of the charts again a lot of people are thinking this is because people are reaching for those comforting older albums we're seeing a

rise in listening to not just Fleetwood Mac but the Eagles Rolling Stones Queen all of those albums are seeing a resurgence and yes maybe it is because of that old comfort factor but it's also because of those rabid fan bases that when they see an album game released

on iTunes those fans jump at it and no one is better at having that rabid fan base then Mariah Carey in her little lambs they did this back when glitter came out movie not great at all album better so they made it rise to number one with just

that rabid fan base and they just did that again with 2008 album for Mariah Carey e equals mc-squared two years after they made their public debut as a couple by stepping out at the Met Gala acclaimed singer songwriter producer Grimes and tech Titan Elon Musk have welcomed their

first child congratulations to Grimes and Elon Musk on the birth of a healthy baby boy born on Star Wars day may the 4th be with you according to a tweet from his father the baby is named X I a 12 musk that might be a joke that might

be totally serious Elon Musk shared a photo of the baby with post Malone style facial tats but those tattoos were gone by the time the baby was photographed with his dad who is of course wearing an Occupy Barr's t-shirt so do you have a couple extra thousand laying

around maybe you're a big music memorabilia fan well coming up next month there's gonna be this big music memorabilia auction and one of the big things that I'm excited about in it is one of princes iconic cloud guitars I don't have enough money to go in and pick

it up but maybe you do they're guessing that it's gonna go between a hundred and two hundred thousand dollars and something else that's gonna be a hot ticket item that is Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for at the Abbey Road song Maxwell's silver hammer they think this one is

gonna go for a pretty huge amount because his last handwritten song Hey Jude which is it let's be honest a better song a bigger song that one went for almost a million dollars so they know that there is a pretty hot market for this Beatles memorabilia and this

one's probably gonna be going pretty big probably bigger than that guitar from Prince and a couple of years ago the currents Andrea Swenson actually met up with the maker of Prince's iconic guitar dave ruse on and he showed her everything that went into making the instrument Prince Cloud

guitar is very very rugged and on purpose because in the movie it was a prop but it probably even more so because in concert he was hard on his stuff he would throw them at the ends of the shows it turns to him they were a tool that's

today's music news we'll be back so light can follow us you can be sure to catch the next update and you can listen to the current on your radio your smart speaker on our app on our web stream we're counting down 893 songs that bring us together so

it's pretty fun playlist these days click in the comments and let us know what music news stories are meaningful to you right now so it's only just May it's a little early to be picking the song of the summer but based on Twitter buzz I think it might

just be this twenty second ditty by a kid in pajamas this is the daughter of a dad and a mom who are in the band kill Ola and the mom Lisa rifle wrote on twitter quote my kid wrote a song called I wonder what's inside your butthole quite

honestly she continued it slaps Twitter agrees the video already has several million views and I am 1 million percent certain we are going to be seeing some quarantined covers of this instant classic one side of buckle I was wonder what's a sadder buckle I always want you

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