Street Food in Pakistan – HARDCORE Chicken, GOAT Foot PAYA + Pakistani Street Food TOUR of Lahore!!!

This is just insane.

It's like a Christmas tree of chilis.

Bright green, tons of desi ghee, and here's the lemon, look at that.

Wow, oh and there is the creamy masala.

Insane, look at that.

(laughs) Unbelievable.

All right, check it out, guys, it's Trevor James.

We just got into deep Lahore, Pakistan.

This is the ultimate fooddestination, and today we're bringing you for the ultimatestreet food adventure.

Let's check it out.

Get ready for extreme streetfood in Lahore, Pakistan, one of the world's most iconicstreet food destinations.

And today, we're bringingyou in deep for 6 unique Pakistani street foods you'regonna want to fly in for.

So, make sure to watchall the way until the end 'cause you're gonna witness some unique street food that you're gonna love.

Let's eat.

Awesome, guys, and we aredeep in the old Lahore, walled city, here.

And first up to startthe day, we're going for the ultimate paya, a beef foot stew.

Right up here, it's superfamous, and it's supposed to be one of the bestpayas in the whole world.

This is just amazing, guys.

Coming to Pakistan has beena longtime dream of mine.

And we're gonna start up righthere with a beef foot paya.

Look at this.


(speaks in Hindi) Wow, this is the paya.

– Paya.

– Paya, beef.

– Goat, goat.

– Goat, oh, goat paya.


Look at this insanelypotent paya we've got here.

So, you can see all of these succulent and juicy and gelatinous goat feet.


– Yeah, very good.

– Very tasty.

And that is the definitionof jelly-infused flavor.

You can just slurp it offand that stock is full of cardamom and spice and masala.

– [Food Worker] Masala, yes.

– [Trevor] Lots of masala.

And we're just gonna start here, guys.

You get 1 goat footand he just loads it up with the stock and thatfatty, gelatinous delight.

Wow, and there's the stock.

Oh, and then a little masala? – Yes, yes.

– Masala right on top.

And that is it right there, look at all that fat on thosebeautiful little goat feet.

(laughs) This is amazing, guys.

Not only do we have amazing paya, but we've got this beautifultandoor full of naan, covered and sprinkled in sesame, and that's gonna goperfectly with the paya.

Just amazing.

Just amazing, here.

And here we are, guys.

We've got the Lahori paya.

That is pure, fatty, gelatinous goat feet covered in their homemademasala, full of cumin seed, coriander seed, tons oflocal Pakistani spices.

And look at this beautifulnaan, fresh out of the tandoor, you can smell that toasted sesame flavor.

And we're just gonna break that.

Oh, and I'm just gonna scoop up that fat.

There it is, guys.

The ultimate bite of paya.

Look at the fat on there, look at that gelatinous, fatty skin and fat around the goat feet, and it's on that ultra saturated naan.

Mmm! That, right there.

That right there is the ultimate goat-infused, slightly spicy stew.

With the naan and thatsesame toasted flavor and the goat fat, and this is just the beginning of our journey in Pakistan.

– Thank you, bye! – That was just incredible, guys.

And we're going for food all day.

And next up, we'rebringing you freestyle food ranging into the back alleys of the old walled city of Lahoreto find local street foods, starting off first with the local chana chickpea stew, loaded with spice.

And this is just beautiful, guys.

The old Lahore, walled city.

This is Delhi Gate, right here.

Delhi is exactly pointing that way, and today we are exploring thisbeautiful old city all day.

We're going for dishafter dish of street food.

We're gonna go deep intothe old city of Lahore and see what we can find.

(birds squawking)(motorcycle horn honking) Let's go see what we can find.

And I think we just foundthe ultimate poori, and.



(speaks in Hindi) With bhatorra? Oh, chenna bhatoora? Oh, we just found chenna bhatoora.

(conversing excitedly) Oh, look at that, that'sthe chenna bhatoora.

chickpea stew, and you can actually see coriander seed, cumin, and green chili on top.

Oh, and there it is, guys, the ultimate chenna bhatoora, chickpea stew, and you can actually see all that cumin and coriander and chili.

And it comes with the achar, the pickle.

And that is what it'sall about here, guys.

The radish, carrot, mango pickle mix.

And this is amazing, guys, look at this.

We're making poori and it goes perfectly with the chenna bhatoora.

– (speaks in Hindi) – [Trevor] Right in the oil, the Pakistani poori, wow.

Right in that oil, ooh.

And this is it the chenna and the poori.

Pakistan is just theland of delicious food and friendly people, andthat's what we've experienced here so far, the minutewe got off the plane.

We're just gonna dip that beautiful poori into that Pakistani chenna.

Oh, yeah, look at that.

And we're gonna take apickle here, and you can just put it right on that delicious poori.

Mmm! – Yes, yes, you like it.

(laughs) – Oh, tasty.

Oh, wow.

That is the definition ofstreet flavor, right there.

Pure chickpea, smooth, alittle peppery, a little spicy with a crispy, oilypoori, and a spicy pickle.

– Thank you, bye! See you next time, that was amazing.

And next up, we're jumping intoa rickshaw and going deeper into the back alleys of Lahoreto see what we can find.

I'm stopping at a localstreet dessert vendor.

We're gonna keep exploring, guys.

We're gonna take a rickshaw here.

(conversing in Hindi) Bhati Gate.

Bhati Gate.

– 100 rupees.

– 100 rupees? Okay, let's go.

And here we go, guys.

We're going to Bhati Gate, deeper into old Lahore, to taste more delicious street food.

And this is just amazing, guys.

Exploring the streets.

(speaking in Hindi) – So, badam nuts.

Oh, wow, this is just amazing, guys.

So, we found a local dessert.

I believe this is madewith semolina flour, delicious chickpea flower, it's got palm sugar, it's got jaggery, andit's also got almonds.

The pinni.



(laughs) Can I have, ah, ek, do? Ek, ek, and ek? Oh, and there it is.

And this is it, the pinni, the pinni.

Oh, wow.

Thank you, dhanyavaad.

Thank you, dhanyavaad.

And there they are, guys.

We've got 1 with semolinaand 1 with whole wheat flour.

And they both have jaggery and almonds.

This is a local Pakistani dessert.

Try it out.

Taste, okay.

Mmm! Oh! Oh, wow! It's really rich withpalm sugar, with jaggery.

Mmm! Your, your good name? Nazir? (speaks in Hindi) Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, I'm Trevor.

– (speaks in Hindi) – And after trying topay, but with Mr.

Nazir not accepting payment even afterthe camera stopped rolling, we kept moving by rickshawto find more food.

And this is it, guys.

And we're going deeper anddeeper all day today, guys.

We're deep in the alleys ofold Lahore and right here.

Wow, look what we got here, guys.

Look at that, that's wheatflower, wheat flower puffs with yogurt, so it's gonna be sour.

And we're gonna load itup there with masala, oh, and a little onion.

Oh, and a mint chutney, look at that! Mint chutney on top, soit's a sour mint chutney.


And we just found the ultimate, look at this, guys, fruit chaat.

You can actually see tons ofbanana, strawberry, mango, dates, green jelly, and it's all in this delicious, delicious, sweet cream.

It's all in there.

Oh, strawberry.

That is sweet and colorful, look at that.

So amazing looking.


Let's try it out.

Mmm! Oh, wow.

Oh, that is awesome.

That is so sweet.

A luxury fruit chaat here.

Wow, it's like a syrupy fruit chaat.

It tastes like honey, oh.

And that cream, so sweet and satisfying.

So, we've got the dahi vada next.

Mmm, mmm, that's not bad.

The wheat puffs, Idon't think I like them.

To me, they taste maybe alittle bit like cardboard.

So I think we just hit a dud today.

And next up, we're making our way to our evening extreme chicken heaven.

But stopping on the side of the road first for a famous beetroot drink.

And there is just so muchstreet food everywhere here, guys, look at this, look what we found.

(speaks in Hindi) Wow, we just found sourcarrot and beetroot juice.

Kajji? Oh, so this is the kajji.

Look at this, guys.

We've got these big jugsfull of beetroot juice and we're gonna break off this ice here, oh yeah, and put it right in there.


Crack it, and that is goingto be a sour carrot drink.

Little bit of masala, righton the streets of Lahore.

We're gonna pop that open, oh yeah, look at that.

That's the beetroot, bright red beetroot juice, and sour carrot, it's got pepper and masala and ice in there.

Oh, and we're just gonna pull it.

(laughs) This is incredible.


Oh wow, thank you! That is sour and peppery.

It's like a sour, peppery, spicy, refreshing, healthy drink.

Wow, very nice, and thisis the beetroot, the kanji.

– Kanji.

– Kanji.

– Kanji.

– Wow, that is sour and peppery, right on the streets of Lahore.

Really healthy, I thinkthis is good for your liver, good for your stomach, good for your digestion.

And it's so nice to behere exploring old Lahore.

And to finish the day, we're bringing you next to the ultimate grilled chicken in Lahore.

Super spicy, supercreamy, that you're gonna fall in love with on your first bite.

And the Lahori sun has set, guys, and it has just come alive here, andwe are going right here to Arif Jarhara for theultimate tawa chicken.

There's so much street food here and we're gonna go check it out.

This is it, the tawa chicken.

Look at this, guys, wow.

Oh, the tawa chicken.

– Yes.

– Oh, spicy? – Yeah, yeah.

– Look at that, guys, we'vegot grilled chicken and tons of marinated, deliciousmasala, and fresh green chilis.


– Yes.

– Tasty.

Oh, yeah.

The sizzle of that amazing, delicious looking tawa chicken.

And you can actually seethere's lemons and green chili in there, so it's got a citrus, spicy, delicious, ghee, buttery aroma.

Oh, and we're just gonna start making that chicken tawa here.

So he's putting all the, breast, breast piece? The breast piece.

There's like, 15 or 20chicken breasts here.

And they're just gonna, oh, go right on this giant tawa, whichis a circular grill.

And it's already marinated and cooked.

And you can smell all the spice.

Oh, and there's the green chilis! Look at that! Hundreds of fresh green chilis.

Oh, oh and the pure desi ghee.

This is just insane.

It's like a Christmas treeof chilis, bright green.

Tons of desi ghee and here's the lemon, here's the lemon, look at that.


Oh, and there is the creamy masala.

Insane, look at that.

Oh ho ho ho, unbelievable.

Tawa chicken.

– Yeah, yeah.

– This is a sight to seein the street food world.

The Lahori tawa chicken here.

Unbelievably perfect smelling, and looking, chicken breast, breast piece.

I've dreamt about food like this and today, we found it.

And we're just gonna douseit in tons of that masala.

That is so much masala and green chili, yogurt masala, and that chicken is just looking so tenderand juicy, unbelievable.

And we're just scooping it up and topping it with chapati and naan.

Scooping up that sloppy delight, that juicy chicken of your dreams, here.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

This is it, guys.

This is Pakistani food of your dreams.

Oh, wow, thank you.

This is incredible, wow.

Just look at this, guys.

We got the ultimatetrifecta of chicken, here.

We got the boneless one here, you can see the lemon and the chili.

We got the breast piece and I just love how it's charred up on the outside with the lemon and the chili, it's all infused in there.

And then we got the leg piece over here.

And it's all served with this super nice and thin, wholesome japati.

And we're just gonnatake some japati here, and I really want to try this.

Hoo, this boneless.

And you can just, wow, youcan just make it into a wrap.

And they serve it with this raita, so you can pour thatyogurt with cumin on top, and you can just pour thatyogurt with cumin right over top.

Just a touch, just a touch, oh, 'cause you want that pure flavor.

Mmm, mmm! Whoa.

Mmm! You can really taste cuminand citrus and yogurt.

Oh, wow, and it's sofull of pure desi ghee.

It's buttery and saturated and heavy.

That is a full on extremely spicy kick.

You can taste the cuminand a really sharp, tons of those green chilis, that makes it really spicy, but really enjoyable.


Thank you, thank you, bye! Wow, very tasty.

Number 1.

– Number 1? – Number 1! – Okay! – Yeah.

Thank you.

– Thank you.


See you next time.


(laughs) Bye-bye.

That was incredible, guys.

That was an amazing day, guys.

And it was just the beginning, so make sure to click thatlittle subscribe and bell notification button so youdon't miss any of these videos.

Pakistan is absolutelyamazing and you have to visit.

Thanks so much for watching.


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