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hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with stuffed pasta wheels that's right if i'd known these were gonna comeout as good as they did I would use much more impressive ingredients for thefilling then frozen spinach and can beans but despite the fact that I wentfull quarantine cuisine

on these it's actually the technique for how to makethese that I want you to focus on which really did work out incredibly well sowith that let's go ahead and get started with a very simple pasta like dough andthat'll begin with some all-purpose flour plus some salt and then

into themiddle of that we will crack one large egg plus a small splash of cold freshwater and then what we'll do once we have everything in the bowls go aheadand take a spoon and we will stir this until it comes together to form a shaggydough oh yeah you

heard me a Shaggy dough and as usual once we dohave a shaggy dough formed we will switch to our hands and press everythingtogether and then once that's almost happenedwe'll go ahead and dump everything onto the table where we will need it for justabout a minute or so and

yes most pasta dough's are made with all eggs but I wasattempting to make the exact amount of dough I needed and one egg was not gonnabe quite enough moisture but two eggs was gonna be too much so I simply solvedthat problem by adding a little bit of water

and of course if it feels a littlebit sticky go ahead and sprinkle some more flour on and like I said we willgive that a quick kneading until it kind of smoothes out and we're left with arelatively firm but still pliable disc of dough and then once that set

we'll goahead and wrap it in plastic and we'll pop that in the fridge to rest for atleast an hour before we try to roll it out okay we never want to rush a doughalways give it time to rest and that will always make it easier to work withand

while that's resting we can go ahead and make our filling which I pretty muchdid with zero fresh ingredients including one can of wild pink salmonwhich isn't pretty but it's pretty good for you in pretty good tasting and whatwe'll do is break that up with a fork before very

quickly how do you knit withbreadcrumbs oh yeah that's better and then to that we will add a wholebunch of freshly grated Parmesan cheese at which point we'll take a fork andgive this a very thorough mixing before we add our wet ingredients and by theway regarding the cheese I

normally implore you to use the realstuff the parmigiano-reggiano but I did this time I actually used a primer Jeanfrom Wisconsin which I'm happy to report was pretty nice but anyway we will givethat a very good mix before adding one package of frozen chopped spinach thatwe thought first then

squeezed out all the waterI also tossed in a large egg as well as a couple of crushed garlic cloves andthen we'll want to season that up with some freshly ground black pepper a fewshakes of cayenne and of course some salt at which point it was ready to stirtogether

and I wasn't really sure if I was gonna need one or two eggs andwhenever we're not sure of that we always wanted to start with one and thenif it seems too dry we can always add the other one which this did so I tossedthat in and kept stirring

eventually ending up with this soft and spreadablefilling I was hoping for which reminds me to remind you this really is just atechnique video and you get to make any filling you want I mean you guys areafter all the Daniel Steel's of your pasta wheels and speaking of trashycontent

well they can't salmon have frozen spinach did come out pretty niceany and all of your favorite ravioli fillings would work perfectly here andthat's it once our filling is set we'll just wrap that up and pop it in thefridge until we're ready to use it and then assuming our

dough's rested longenough we'll go ahead and pull that out and we'll unwrap it and transfer it ontoa well floured surface and then before we start rolling we'll use our handsthat kind of form this into a rectangular shape and then once thathappens we'll go ahead and switch to the

rolling pin and then using just enoughflour so it doesn't stick we will attempt to roll this out into a fairlysquarish rectangle about an eighth of an inch thick and if I have to give you ameasurement it's probably something close to 14 by 12 but as I'm doing afine

job demonstrating it does not have to be perfectly shaped so this is what Iended up with and I was pretty happy with it or at least that's what I toldit and then one little trick here once that's rolled out is to take our rollingpin and sort of flatten

out that far edge a little more okay that's going tobe the edge that we roll towards and I think this is going to seala little better if that's a little thinner along that edge and then oncethat said we'll go ahead and transfer on our filling pretty much going

all theway to the edges except for about three or four inches long in that edge we justspoke of and we'll attempt to distribute that and spread it out as evenly aspossible and then before we roll this up we should probably take a pastry brushor better yet a couple

clean fingertips and we will slightly dampen that exposeddough before very carefully and very confidently rolling this up and wedefinitely want to roll it fairly tight so we don't have any big air pockets butwe also don't want to smash and press that filling too much either so takeyour time

and try to roll this up as uniformly as possible okay we really dowant to try to end up with a very consistent girth and once we have thatalmost all the way rolled up because we didn't have a perfect rectangle it'salways a good idea to kind of stretch out

those corners a little bit before wefinish the roll and because our dough along that edge was damp this shouldseal very nicely and then what we'll do once we have that rolled up and sealedwith of course the seam on the bottom and we've done a little bit offine-tuning if

needed as it will dust the table with a little more flour sincewe're gonna move to the trimming cutting and shaping stage and this part isoptional but if you do have a little bit of extra dough at the ends that youdon't think has any filling in it you can

go ahead and trim a little bit offwhich I did and yes in case you're wondering I'm using a very cheap anddull knife but anyway whether we trim down or not we're gonna want to cut thisinto eight equal pieces oh and see how I just cut that bypressing down

that's probably not the best way okay it's probably better ifyou use a little bit of a sawing motion as you go through to get a little bit ofa cleaner cut without smashing everything and then what we'll do oncewe have that successfully section is give these a little light

pressing withsome floured fingers to sort of flatten them out a little bit and to make that alittle bit easier I'm going to go ahead and spread these out so we have a littlemore room to work with and that's it once we have those cut and flatteneddown a little

bit we'll go ahead and brown those up in a non-stick pan setover medium heat in a little bit of olive oil which is probably only gonnatake a couple minutes per side but you'll know because both sides will lookgolden brown oh and if you're into multitasking while those are

browning upwe can go ahead and prep our big dish or pan which I've done by addingabout an inch of a very thick marinara sauce to the bottom and then to that Idecided to add some cumin and some smoked paprika along with a splash ofwater and I went with

those ingredients because I thought they would pair nicelywith my spinach and salmon and they did but of course like the filling you goahead and use whatever kind of sauce you want and then what we'll do once thatset and our stuffed pasta wheels have been beautifully browned is go

ahead andtransfer those in using the old two one two one two positioning method oh anddefinitely feel free to add more liquid if you want all right I intentionallywanted this to be sort of thick after it roasted so that I would end up withalmost like a tomato chutney but

if you wanted you could make this a lot saucehere and these will be fine even if you cover them completelyand speaking of covering well great a little more parmesan over the top andthat's a once cheesed these are ready to transfer into the center of a 375 degreeoven for

about a half-hour or so or until they look like this and I've madea lot of stuff pasta recipes in my day baked and otherwise but I've never seenanything that comes out looking quite like this so these really are trulyunique in appearance but anyway I'm gonna let these rest

for about fiveminutes before serving them up and in the meantime if you want to clean upsome of the splatters from the edge you can do that very carefully with a damprag but don't press too hard or you will burn yourself and I'll get blamed so Idid a little

bit of cleanup and then went ahead and serve these up and I'mgonna go with two wheels per order along with of course my cumin and smokedpaprika scented tomato sauce or as I'm calling it on the menuroast tomato chutney and in a perfect world I would have finished up

with somefreshly chopped to tell you parsley but we are far from being in a perfect worldand I didn't have any but I did have some beautiful extra-virgin olive oil soI drizzled some of that over the top and I actually thought this dish liqueurgiuse in its own unique provocative

way so I grabbed a fork and knife and dug inand I was absolutely thrilled with how these came out and not only with howthey tasted which was fine especially considering the unremarkable ingredientsI used but what I really enjoyed about this technique the most was thetremendously enjoyable texture of

the pasta okay you know how when you makelasagna there are those parts of the pasta andthe edges and corners that get all crusty this had a lot of that going onand then to contrast that on the inside we had wonderfully tender perfectlycooked pasta so texturally speaking I thought

this was an absolute triumph andif I'd known it was gonna come out this well I would have thrown on a mask andgot out and got some fresh meat and vegetables and cheese and pretty muchany filling you enjoy and a ravioli or tortellini or cannelloni would beabsolutely perfect used

with this technique which is why no matter whatyou use I really do hope you give these a try soon so please follow the linksbelow for the ingredient amounts a printable written recipe and much moreinfo as usual and as always you

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