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[Music] you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey everybody this is Brian Ewald and I'm here at the PRS Factory in Maryland having a look and listen to the SC custom 24 35th anniversary model the custom 24 is the guitar that really started all football this is the guitar that

most people think of first when they think of a PRS 35 years ago in 1985 when Paul started his factory there were two models custom and a standard the custom had a mahogany back in a maple top like this guitar and the standard was all mahogany many many

models in many years later the custom 24 has really persisted as as a as a staple and so many guitar players tones and hit records this SC 35th anniversary has got some cool changes and upgrades we'll have a look at in just second but let's go through the

specs of the guitar like I said it's a mahogany body it has a solid maple cap with a highly figured maple veneer on top it's a maple neck 24 frets rosewood fingerboard and the burden lays are real abalone shell features PRS design tuners and the patented PRS molded

trim so a few ways that the 35th anniversary edition of this guitar differs from the SE custom 24 aside from this cool truss rod cover the pickups and the switching the pickups are the TC is pickup stands for tuned capacitance and inductance they're the same pickups that you

would find on the SE Paul's guitar also in the SAE Santana single cut Carlos heard these pickups and fell in love with them and designed a model around just these pickups slightly lower output then you would have on let's say the 85 15s pickups a little more like

almost like a big p90 a very shiny bright p90 in the humbucker mode but they also split very well has a volume and a tone 3-way toggle switch the toggles let you independently go from a full humbucker to a truly isolated single coil and the fact that you

could do it independently in the center position you can get things like bridge humbucker neck single coil or vice versa really cool switching option that's been very popular here it is on another guitar other thing that is different on the 35th anniversary is an updated carve again it's

the same carve that you would find on the SE Paul's guitar even closer to the carve that you would find on a cor instrument so let's go through and have a listen to this going through the sounds on this guitar since there's eight different pickup combinations I'm going

to just play the same passage so you can get a good idea side-by-side how they compare through a clean amp so starting off on the bridge pickup I've got both mini toggles up in the single coil position so here's the bridge pickup as a single [Music] [Applause] [Music]

going into the center position still both a single-coil pickups [Music] you now in the center position is where we can get the the most variety in different tones here I can go into a bridge humbucker with a neck as a single coil [Music] vice versa and do a

bridge as a single neck as a humbucker [Music] or both as humbuckers a lot of varieties and tones and if you notice going between the sounds there's not a tremendous volume difference you can use this in a live setting go between single coil and humbucking sounds and still

keep very balanced output finally going into the neck position here it is as a single coil [Music] ah [Music] and as a humbucker [Music] now finally kicking on some gain let's listen to what the neck pickup sounds like as a single coil with some gain and I'll roll

the volume back [Music] [Music] you can hear even in the humbucker mode it still cleans up beautifully with with a fair amount of gain still on [Music] and then the money pick up the bridge pick up [Music] that is the PRS SE custom 24 35th anniversary model being

that it is an anniversary model it is only going to be available for a limited time I highly recommend hunting one down and checking it out when you can [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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