The Story Of Richard Benson – Worst Guitarist Ever?

on screen is Richard Benson his guitarplaying is infamous for its lack of coherence some YouTube videos showed himplaying his solos in a professional or instructional environment he is described by many as the worst guitarist everhe can be seen playing live for the audience so disgusted bywhat in Europe

we can do bombardment for the worse items he can get hold why would someone put himself throughthis is this man genuinely the worst guitar stagg what's his storylet's try and find out startwhile the star yeah Richard Philip Henry John Benson wasborn March 10 1955 in Woking England in

1965 at age 10 his family moved to Italy at the start of the seventies he formeda progressive rock band called from Vecchio Charlie their self-titled LPremained in limbo until a release over 20 years later 1972 he performed at theVilla Pam fili festival in Italy 1983 sub bands release

his first recordanimal zoo and in 1984 his second renegade throughout this video you canhear Richard Benson's music Richard Benson was – producer and curator forthe 1987 release metal attack compilation album intended for theItalian market next Isla de Manson's career was a role in the 1992 Italiancomedy damn today

I met you a rom-com where he appears playing himself RichardBenson throughout the 1990s Benson would alsorelease another record play concerts around Rome and produce instructional detar videos in one of these videos you can be seen discussing chordprogressions and melody while teaching his sonAdagio melodica mm or mantle recoveries

in the West you can clearly play guitar andunderstands musical concepts perhaps he can play slow but when hetries to speed up things get messy okay obviously you can play so where didthe bat playing angry crowd and worst guitarist ever come into play well itturns out Richard Benson suffers

from chronic arthritis in both hands unlessyou've experienced or witnessed arthritis personally you can't reallyunderstand the implications it's not an old person complaining about their hiplike in the cartoon it's not a minor inconvenience that causes bones to clickonce in a while it can be agonizing bringing endless pain and

can belife-changing in some cases result in reduced motion swelling in the affectedarea becoming out of shape some arthritis can affect other organsand lead to further complications such as losing the ability to walk or use ofyour hands comparing Benson's performance of Adagioto a more recent one reveals how bad

his condition is and how his plane haddeteriorated you I look at the shape of his hands in thisperformance they're uncomfortable unnaturalasami so easily once played has become noise bum notes and embarrassment in 2001 hefrom the pond deceased or bridge in Rome resulting in severe injuriessome speculate this may

have been a suicide attempt due to the pain of hiscondition and the issues it was causing in his life and for his guitar playing he wouldn't surface again until 2004where he started to appear on TV and perform live again this is where his bad guitar playingwould become known

around the world show generally consist of Benson being helpedto his chair while the audience throw objects at him once he sits down he plays through hisset while being hit with various messy objects occasionally he will comment onthe more bizarre objects such as a chicken you would also appear

on Italian TVGarin angry is the host dancing gets very distressed that they're making fun starand they continue until he eventually breaks down Benson for the next couple of episodes theywould find a ways to trick him to listen to the song againin 1z Lister would dress up as a

rockstar stereotype to fool Bensonbefore singing Cuchillo again burning hey boys girlsI'm Richard Benson and this is my new recorder it's called do a low MarthaRaye I won guitar Wars in Los Angeles and battle of beasts in Philadelphia asa most fastest guitarist in the world other of bizarre events

include Bensonin one of his very few English videos claiming that David Bowie's lastperformance before his death is featured on his record and there his managementis the same as Madonna and Michael Jackson you can get my new record – ellomadre through iTunes and many other portable internet devices Richard

Bensonis physically disabled in sick various videos in online such as his breakdownsand claims show possible mental health issuesI contacted Benson to get his input but unfortunately I never had answers to myquestions I can confirm from vance's wife andfriends that Richard Benson is ill he's been suffering with heart

disease for afew years has been undergoing major surgery he's received two heart stentsat the time of research for this video Benson is hospitalized mana fans andtheir blessings they say Richard Benson is worstguitarist after ridiculed online bullied and harassed everywhere he goes the thinker really is a crippled manexpressing

himself through the miracle of sound despite all obstacles in theway for the people who yell spit bully and throw things are sick menwhy is your band have to endure his treatment continue playing music and what kind of world do we live forthis behavior and treatment towards Benson is

even acceptable he's alreadylost many things don't take music away from himsupport him let him continue his journey it may be what's captain go or maybe he's purely satirical fullyaware reveling in the joke Tommy Wiseau of music you will probably never knowfor sure thanks for taking the time to

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