The Try Guys Eat EVERY Singapore Street Food

– One, two, three.

– Ah, Singapore! Yeah? That's who you wanted? – (laughs) No! (upbeat hip-hop music) – Singapore! Today, The Try Guys are going on a Singaporean Food Adventure.

– We're going to eat as muchfood as humanly possible.

– Seven days and a hundredbillion things to eat.

– Singapore is a dope country.

It is beautiful, it is incredibly diverse, so many different predominant langauges, so many different influxionsof food and recipes, and it's just, like, the cleanest city ever.

– [Zach] Singapore hasimmigrants from all over Asia who come here, who've made it their home, and they brought with them incredible, delicious, authentic meals.

– A lot of these masters, theyonly cook one serving per Wok so all of their attention is going towards one of your servings.

– [Zach] The first day we teamed up with a local tour guide to take us around, tell us a little bit about the history, and feed us a lot of food.

– Okay, I'm gonna give you alla sample of this mangosteen, the people from the Statesare actually promoting it as anti-cancerous kind of stuff.

– Mmm.

– [Lionel] Ah, it's very nice.

– That's delicious.

– I like looking in youreyes while I wash your hands.

– Okay, that's enough.

That's enough.

That's enough.

(laughs) – [Keith] Hawker Centersare all over this place, and they're basically giant food courts of different food stalls.

– [Ned] You can get Michelin star meals for under five dollars here.

What? – It is basically just sugar and water, and it is the sweetestthing you've ever had, and it is delicious.

– [Eugene] The hainanese chicken and rice.

This is a must-have in Singapore, one of their most iconic dishes.

– [Keith] Hell yeah, Ned.

– The skin gets thisnice layer of fattiness and the rice is so, like, light, kind of buttery.

– The hainanese chicken rice is approved by this chicken lord.

– [Zach] Every mixed stir-fried dish we have here is amazing.

– [Keith] So I had congeefor the first time, which is kind of likegrits, but very savory, and it was filled with, like, surprising pieces of chicken.

– Baby wants more! – [Ned] Now you slap thewater bottle onto the floor.

– Yeah, look everyone in theeye and throw it on the ground.

(laughs) – [Zach] Singapore hasgot some crazy desserts.

– [Keith] They have thesesquiggly little green worms on top of shaved ice, and there's corn.

– Oh, yeah, it's got coconut flavor.

– It's so good.

– I just made eye contact with someone who's very slowly eating noodles.

(laughs) – My button broke, so I'm gonnabe looking very sexy today.

– [Ned] Oh, yeah, that's a good excuse.

– And then my other button broke, so I'll be looking very un-sexy today.

– Don't you think it's appealing? Oh, this shit is bananas.

I like it a bunch.

(laughs) – We made a mistake.

Wemade a terrible mistake.

Can you get a refund? – Next, we're going to LittleIndia, which is the center for all of the amazing Indiancuisine in Singapore.

– Little India is the only placewhere you can see everybody can sell anything along the roads.

– So there's all these, like, floral situations, you can buy, like, edibleflowers, all these herbs, you can just walk by, buy sodas, buy goods, it's a super cool, like, street market, bizarre kind of feeling.

– Neem leaves, okay? It can be found in India, in the wild.

They are also considered to cure colds.

– I'm coming off of a cold.

– And just chew.

It's a bit bitter.

– Oh my — Oh, it's the most bitterthing I've ever tasted.

– It's like licking a battery.

– I think I'll keep my cold.

– Wet Market is where, by all the producer, actually being sold, but wehave very wet floors.

(laughs) That's why it's called “Wet Market.

” – It's the heart of the banana plant.

– [Eugene] Exactly like agrape, but shaped like a.



– Thumb.

– There's a ton of respectbetween the different people, the different cultures, the different religions.

They're living amongsteach other harmoniously, in a way that's really, pretty wonderful to see.

– [Ned] All the cuisinesand cultures mixed together and they've createdsomething incredibly unique.

– [Zach] This biryani is so flavorful, and it's a wet biryani, sonormally biryani is, like, a dryer rice, and thisis just dense with flavor and endlessly delicious.

– Inject that into my veins.

– Very good.

Definitelyputs funyuns to shame.

– You know, it's gonna look like a crab, the way you're holding it.

– We had these amazing Indian dishes.

There's this thing, and it kindalooks like a Greek dessert, and it was also, like, withIndian spices, so delicious.

– Whoa, the flavor on that is so good.

I like this one more than that one.

Maybe that's the secret, you get your insides so hot that you don't realizehow humid it is outside.

I don't know if the worldknows this about me, but I'm a little Indian food slut.

I could eat this all day, everyday, for the rest of my life.

– It was constant eating, andlittle Wes was dancing a fool.

– [Eugene] Chinatown is reallyamazing here in Singapore, they have awesome dishes andsome really beautiful temples.

Singapore's the most religiouslydiverse city in the world.

– [Zach] Durian, if you don't know, is the stinkiest fruit in all the land.

– [Ned] Durian is seen ina lot of videos we've done for challenges, but it's been imported.

– [Zach] People tell us, “well, you have to have it fresh, it's so much better.

” – [Ned] So we're gonnagive it another shot here.

I'm a little worried abouthow this is gonna go.

– How would you describe this smell? Cause I really don't know, it's like.



If fruit had a locker room, after they worked out, this is what it would smell like.

– As they washed themselves with garlic.

– Cheers.

– Cheers.

– What do you think? – Oh, it's garlic.

The initial flavor, veryabrasive, it's garlic, but the inside isactually pretty delicious.

After you're done cooking your linguine, you take your mango and you just rub it on the bottom of the pan, soakup all that oil and garlic, pop it into your mouth, durian.

– [Maggie] So smelly.

– [Eugene] (laughs) Keith, are you okay? – Durian's great, but you justhave to get it in Singapore.

– My breath smells awful.

Do not make out after durian.

– There's a bittery-ness, too.

My wife, just give us a kiss.

– No.



(laughs) – That's dope.

Different video entirely.

– [Keith] That's gonna be the thumbnail.

– [Eugene] What happened, Maggie? – Zach gave me a peck and it smelt so bad.

– I'm so sorry! – No kisses for a week.

– Arab Street is a reallycool part of the city.

Zach, Maggie, and I aregonna try the murtabak there, which is a new favorite dish of ours.

– [Zach] It's like a flat, pancake, very flakey pastry, almost like you took the topof a croissant, flattened it, and then put diced onionand meat in the middle.

– I'm a third-wheel, I'm athird-wheel in the boat quay, Eugene's a third-wheel– I'm not a throuple! – Throuple! – You guys can wash your hands together, I'll go for a walk.

(japanese music) – Orchids.

Or kids! – What time is it, Eugene? ♪ It's orchid break time ♪ ♪ Orchid break ♪ ♪ You like orchids ♪ ♪ I like orchids ♪ ♪ Or kids ♪ ♪ Orchids, pink ♪ ♪ Or black.

♪ ♪ Yellow, orange, flowers, ♪ ♪ Sniff 'em, you'll like 'em! ♪ ♪ We got orchids or kids, ♪ ♪ And, or adults or kids, ♪ ♪ all up in your butt.

♪ – One of the coolest thingsin Singapore so far has been seeing the intersection ofarchitecture and nature.

There are so many plantseverywhere you look.

This has to be the greatestcity that I've ever been in.

Singapore is, like, what youwished the future looked like.

– [Keith] There's ahigh rise that just has a fake boat at the top and it has the longest rooftopinfinity pool in the world, which is a crazy view, to, like, look across an infinitypool and just see a skyline.

– [Ned] And from thetop of Marina Bay Sands, you can also look downthrough Gardens By The Bay, and the super trees in a lightshow.

We kept Wes up a little past his bedtime, but then once the lights came on, he was just like, “wow!” – [Keith] A lot of itwas actual Disney songs, which we can't use in this video, so here's a sound-alike, Disney-type, music track that we can use legally.

– [Zach] A friend broughtus to Newton Circus, which is where they filmed themovie, “Crazy Rich Asians”, you know, that dope Hawker scene? She disappears and says, “I'll get you guys a couple bites to eat.

” She comes back with fourteen dishes.

We had chili crab and pepper crab.

Pepper crab is, just, a revelation.

Whoa, it's so peppery.

Peppery! It is just so much black pepper, that the flavor then becomes spicy.

– This is so good.

And this is just scratching the surface, there's so much more to eat.

– I think we're married now.

– No, you're not.

I married her.

Put that ring back on! No! – Wait, does that meanI'm married to Keith? – Yeah.

– Sister-husbands.

– Okay, I'd get down with that.

– One of the things wescheduled here is doing a cooking class where weget to learn how to do some regional cuisine authentically.

The dish that we'refocusing on here is laksa.

Laksa's really one ofthe most official foods you can get here in Singapore.

– [Keith] If you've neverhad it, the best way I can describe it is, like, ramen meats tom kha, which is the Thai coconut soup.

It has this very, like, thick, rich experience, but it also is kind of ramen noodle-y.

Super delicious.

– [Ned] It really gaveme a better appreciation of everything that goes into it.

– [Zach] It's such a delicious soup, that someone we ran intowas making it as a cocktail.

– Wow.

It tastes just like laksa.

– Wow, that's really odd and good, yeah.

– [Zach] We're gonna learnhow to make spring rolls and then we are makingkueh dadar for dessert.

– [Keith] It was really funto learn about the process, and also just handlingdifferent ingredients that you've never handled before, rolling up these little, like, green crepes that were filled with, like, this really dense sugar.

We had a great time! – Bon appetit everyone! (everyone cheers) – I also got to meet upwith my buddy Mike Chen, he runs the channel “Strictly Dumpling”, you saw him in our EatingAll The Dumplings video, he's supercool, he justhappened to be in Singapore and we go to this place and get char siu, which is roast pork, and it is bonkers good.

Right, maybe some of the bestmeat I've had in Singapore.

We also had so many other dishes, including this prawn dishwhere the lady is actually scooping the prawns out of the tank, plopping them into boilingwater, cooking noodles, taking those prawns out, putting them on the dish, and handing them to you.

It is fresh.

This is, like, the chickennoodle soup of shrimp and prawn, it is perfect.

– It's filled to thebrim with ingredients, so this is a fish head.

This is, like, a dry fish head.

– It is a dry fish head.

How do you even eat that? – Just take a bite, it's fine, there's no bone, like, the bones, it's chewable.

– He's taking a bite, it's fine.

♪ Okay, fine ♪ ♪ Orchids for kids ♪ ♪ Orchids for adults ♪ ♪ We love orchids ♪ ♪ Orchids all up in your butt ♪ ♪ What are these flowers ♪ ♪ Orchids, yeah ♪ ♪ Take some time to smell the flowers ♪ ♪ Orchids ♪ – [Keith] Maybe the mostconfusing dish, carrot cake, it's chopped up radisheswith egg and oyster sauce, but it was probably mymost favorite thing, and I can't even eat eggs.

– Whoa, that's good.

If anyone is watching andyou know where I can get good carrot cake in LosAngeles, please tell me.

– We did go eat a pig, and it was awesome.

– Vegetarian.

– This is, like, a pigskin chip, and it is the most incredible bite Ihave ever had in my life.

Oh my god.

– [Ned] Nightlife here is just so fun.

It always seems likethere's something to do, somewhere to go, people to meet, new foods to try, a culture to experience.

– We're getting in our partybus with some strangers, let's do it, anothercountry's strangers, why not? (electronic dance music) – So skinny.



Now, the real you! (everyone shouts) (Eugene laughs) – [Ned] Our trip is coming to an end, but there's still one attraction left: the airport! – [Keith] It is, like, thebest airport in the world.

No, literally, it was ratedthe best airport in the world, because it is attached to a giant mall, but not just a mall, a mallthat the top floor is a park.

It has, like, these skynets we're climbing around.

– Oh, look down, look at all the shops! – [Keith] It also has the largest indoor waterfall in the world.

The largest indoor waterfall is in the best airport in the world.

– [Eugene] I have neverbeen inside an airport like the Singapore airport.

There's also a Pokémon center! – I've had a blast here in Singapore, my stomach is as happy as it's ever been.

– [Keith] There's reallyno place on earth like it, where you can go andhave so many different eating experiences andstill go out and party, and also wake up and do it all over again.

– It's just such a special, beautiful place that I highly recommend everyonevisit if they have a chance to.

– And of course, seeingeverything through a baby's eyes was that much more fun.

We had a wonderful time in Singapore and can't wait to come back.

(rock music) ♪ Some got dots ♪ ♪ Some got knots ♪ ♪ Orchids ♪ ♪ We love 'em ♪ ♪ Orchids all up in your butt ♪.

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