Top 10 Best Prince Guitar Solos

there's almost too many to choose frombut let's go over some more amazing Prince guitar solos today hey everybodyPrince's Friend here exploring music through Prince as most people knowthough not everybody strangely principles a guitar master he's put downsome of the most magnificent guitar tracks mixing in his own brand of funksoul pop rock all these things all into one and every so often he throws on anamazing guitar solo just for good measure so today we're going overanother top-10 list of Prince guitar solos I'm not going to be including anyof the guitar solos that were on the top 5 guitar solos list but you can go checkthat video out separately that one's from a while back so I'll put a link andobviously if you liked discussions about Prince exploring different kinds ofmusic keeping up with some fun interviews andjust having a good time don't forget to subscribe to the channel hit thenotifications button so you know whenever we put up a new video we'realso working on our patreon Drive when we're trying to get 70 patrons so go to patreon.

com/scishow our solos number 10fury this groupie song tells the story of aman who reaches for fame and loses his way scorning his woman in the processit's got a lot of great guitar on it but the guitar solo itself blows me awayevery time it's backed by the imagery in my mind of prince on stage performing inhis deepest red suit with the twins dancing around him great solo to startthe list off number 9 I'm yours off of prince's debut album for you comesthe album closer called I'm yours even in his beginning yearsPrince rivals some of the best guitar players in the land and this track showsoff that mastery not only does the opening riff come crashing in but Princegoes on for about two minutes long in this song coming in and out andescalating each time making this a really awesome guitar solo number eightAlexa de par yi yes Alexa de puddy a b-side from 1986 ispretty much one long instrumental showing of prince's guitar chops mixedwith some orchestral risings and really amazing keyboards his guitar work isgreat throughout but there's a piece of the song about 3/4 of the way throughwhere he amplifies the energy and it really just sings I'm calling that thenumber 8 best guitar solo on this list really great stuffnumber 7 morning papers Moin papers is a great example of howPrince used horns to elevate his songs and dueling sacks and guitar on thistrack are pretty great his morning papers guitar solo has become a stapleof his arsenal of amazing guitar shredding accentuated by creative use ofall of the horns on the track he did a lot of guitar work on 1992's love symbolalbum and this was probably the best display of his talent that year numbersix everlasting now the everlasting now appears on this list not only becausethe guitar so is executed much differently than the others in hiscareer but also because he injects humor on top of it instead of the reverb ofhis other rock guitar solos the everlasting now instead has a sly funkguitar and then at the end there's someone on there who says I wish he'djust play like he used to and in response Prince slaps them that's theperfect response to that sort of thing number five I can never take the placeof your man while the version if I could never takethe place of your man is wonderful on the studio release of sign at the timesI'm specifically calling out the version of this song from the sign of the timesconcert movie it's driven by Sheila E on drums and is a tad faster in tempo whichmakes it that much more electric the dueling guitar and keyboards soloand the breakdown portion at the end of the song elevate this track totheatrical levels and made it one of my favorite songs just in general for avery long time number four dreamer prince Bulow's the guitar out of thewater on this powerful showing not only a dreamer itself terrifyingly politicalbut it points out much of what it's like to be black in the United States and isbacked by expert level drums played by Corey Coleman Dunham there's actuallytwo major solos on this but I'm calling out the first one in the middle of thesong as the best for dreamer it is just so good number three the ride prince's premier blues song wasobviously going to include some amazing guitar work on it featured on 1997'scrystal ball this amazing track delivers guitar shredding on a level never seenbefore there are three separate solos maybe even more but they all blendtogether seamlessly which makes it hard to choose which is kind of the best itgets the number three slot for all of the greatness that it contains numbertwo let's go crazy everyone knows let's go crazy from 1984s Purple Rain and the ending of this song is the stuff that can turn a personinto a lifelong prince friend in a heartbeateven though it was at the beginning of Purple Rain I'm sure it was the reasonwhy so many people walked out of the theater happy after watching the moviethe way he executes the guitar solo at the end is so powerful and electric andending with take me away just delivers this message with a rush of adrenalineamazing solo but there's one that I feel is just a tad better number one gold the song gold from 1995 the goldexperience is an amazing song of faith and the power of belief and takes thenumber one spot for guitar solos mostly due to the technique Prince uses toamplify the solo itself gold starts off amazingly enough with a normal structureand then starts to die down as if it's going into the end of the song then hecounts down in an amazing way one two one two three and then bursts onto thesong delivering one of the best guitar solos of his entire career carrying somuch emotion and power within it and once you hear it you know that you arenow a member of the new power generation so that was my top 10 list of Princeguitar solos let me know what you guys think down in the comments what songs doyou think should have been on here that maybe I didn't mention would yourearrange any of the orders let me know also don't forget to follow us on socialmedia it's at 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com/princesfriend and otherwise may live to see the dawn seeyou in the next video.

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