Try Not To Eat Challenge – Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

– I have two weaknesses, pain and powdered sugar.

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Something magicalis about to happen.

We are gonna show youscenes from Disney movies and we'll present youwith some delicious food from the movies recreatedby a professional chef.

– Oh, okay.

Well that seems pretty fun.

– See, my experience withdelicious foods that you guys bring us usually aren'tso delicious.

– Best day ever.

When you said magical, I was like, are we goingto Disneyland? – We don't have to payfor Disney food.

– Oh my God.

That's so much better than a $40 churroat Disneyland.

– Awesome.

Did this before, but I think there'spunishments now.

– (FBE) So of course, we can't be that nice.

As you guys know, this is a Try Not to Eat Challenge, so whoever canget through these four dishes and not eat anything wins, but if you do try something, there will be a punishmentper food you eat at the end.

– Per food?- Okay, that is so mean.

One, because I'm so hungryand I was like, “Oh, this is the bestday ever” and two, because wheneverI watch a movie, I low key always wannatry the food.

– I mean, how bad couldthe punishment be? – (Kuzco) Is something burning?- Oh, my spinach puffs.


– Is that Patrick Warburton?- Yeah, it is.

– Emperor's New Groove.

– Is it his spinach puffs?- It's spinach puffs.

I love Kronk.

– I'm eating it.

– Emperor's New Grooveand Kronk.

– This was my movie.

– This was such a good movie.

– (Kuzco) He's what?In his late 20s? – (Yzma) I'm not sure.

– (Kronk) Saved them! – (Kuzco) That's great.

– Ooh, what's that, what's that? – Oh, those look really good.

– I'm salivating.

– Kronk.

I just wanna try them'cause they're his and I love him.

– Oh, it's a big boy.

– Oh.

– (FBE) These spinach puffsare not burned, but are flaky, warm, and delicious.

Will you be trying it?- That looks so good.

It sounds so good.

– It's so flaky.

– Is it good?- It's so good.

– Is it worth it?- Okay, I'm gonna do it.

Do it for Kronk.

– I made a mess, but that was so good.

I also really like flaky stuff.

– I'm an honorarySquirrel Scout and I'd feel bad for Kronkif I lost the challenge.

– No, I'm gonna wait.

– If she's gonna wait, I'm gonna wait.

– Is that how it's gonna be the whole way through? – I think I'm not gonna eat itonly because I eat spinach all the time.

– So, we're okay on this one.

– I think I'm gonna pass.

– I'm gonna pass on this one, too.

– I feel like this isn't gonnabe worth whatever the punishment is at the end.

– I'll pass.

– Smells good.

I've had similar stuff to this.

– ♪ Come on down ♪- No, I was thinking of Princess and the Frog!The beignets, the beignets! – I went to New Orleansjust to try one of these and the line wastwo hours long.

– No.

– Oh my gosh.

– Is it the beignets?No.

– I love the sass.

That's fun.

– Oh, Cajun foodis my favorite.

I mean, that's my people.

That's where my family's from.

– Look at how happy he got.

That's Disney happy.

That's magic.

– Okay, I'm eating it.

I don't even care.

It has honey on it.

Is that just a normal beignet? – (FBE) These beignetsare to die for.

My New Orleans hearthas dreamed of these beignets and here they are, perfect, authentic, and dare I say, magical.

– Oh my gosh.

Yeah, I'm doing it.

Look at the honey.

They look so good.

Are you gonna do it?- Yeah, definitely.

– Cheers.

Worth it.

Oh my gosh.

– Boy.

– It's so good.

– I have two weaknesses, pain and powdered sugar.

– I don't wanna let downPrincess Tiana and she made these.

This is her recipe and I feel like it would berude.

– Ooh, the inside looks good.

All right, no.

I'm going for it, too.

– It's deep fried.

It has powdered sugar.

– It spills powdered sugar.

That's how you knowit's good.

– I'm sorry, but I have to.

I have no choice.

– Ah, those look really good.

– Oh my God, the syrup.

– You know what?- I'm eating a cloud.

– Now you're–you're doing that for fun now.

Okay, I'ma pass.

– So funny.

– That is so good.

Are you sure you wanna bite? – No.

They smell great.

I'm okay, I'm okay.

I'm good.

– I'm going back toNew Orleans in two weeks.

I can get my beignetsfrom Cafe Du Monde, so it's very hard, but I think I'm gonna hold off.

– All right, I'ma pass.

– Nice willpower.

Nice willpower.

– ♪ Someday when spring is here ♪- What's in there? – It depends on whatkind of pie.

– This pie is made by animals, woodland cute animal creatures.

How can we not eat it?Oh my God.

– Wow, the animals helpedto make it.

– Well, that's justnot sanitary.

– Shut up, I likedSnow White as a kid.

– Aw, it's for Grumpy, too.

– Grumpy's pie.

– Look how perfect.

– Aw.

– Oh my God.

You guys are picking some really difficult foodsto say no to.

– Oh, is that cherry?Is it raspberry? – That's the filling.

– Boysenberry? What kind of berry? – (FBE) So, you don't needno prince when you have this delicious gooseberry pie.

It's so good, it'll keep you warm at night and you wouldnever wanna share it anyway.

– This smells so good.

It's warm.

Yeah, I'm doing this.

There's no doubt in my mind.

– I think any punishmentwould be worth this.

I'm going for it.

– This is my favorite so far.

– Oh wow.

This tastes like the fake smell that they put in Disneylandcandy stores to make you wanna buy things.

It's real.

– Oh my God, it's so warm still.

This is really, really good.

I'm not kidding.

This is one of the best pies I've had.

– Okay, you guys convinced me.

– Are you gonna?- You guys broke me.

– Yes.

– You guys are so mean.

– I'm doing this for you.

You don't wanna miss out on this pie.

– Is it soft?- Look at the bottom, look at the bottom.

It's super warm.

That looks so good.

– Why am I doing this to myself?I'm just not gonna look at it.

How is it?- That was worth it.

It's just so nice, so warm.

It's just– – I don't wanna hear that.

– It's nice.

It's just good, okay.

– Gooseberry andgoose pie are very different.

– That's so good.

Please taste it.

– I want to.

I am okay.

– You're gonna regret it.

I always– I'm always gonna regret it.

– I might pass this.

I'm not a fan of pie.

– Okay, I'm gonna be strong, tooand pass this.

– We're good.

– Wow, good job.

– Our first one.

– Oh, that's hard.

– ♪ Gooey and very sweet ♪- Oh my God.

– Winnie the Pooh.

– Honey.

– Honey? Just straight up honey?- No, he's gonna make something with the honey.

You know Pooh's always got something on his mind.

– ♪ Everywhere is honeyThere's a honey Pooh ♪ – The honey in Winnie the Poohlooks more appetizing than normal honey.

– ♪ Everything is honeyand I am what I eat ♪ ♪ I must be made of honey ♪ – I wanna be in a honey bowl.

– Is it literally gonna be just honey comb?If it's honey comb, I'm gonna die.

– That looks like so much fun.

– That was a lot of honey.

– Aw.

– My God.

– It's so cute.

How could you not? – (FBE) So, here is this delicioushoney treat from Winnie the Pooh.

Our chef was inspired by the movieand made this delectable honey flan.

– A flan you say? – Oh, this is flan?Also, this is adorable.

This is just whatWinnie the Pooh uses.

– Can we say, you could havejust gone with, “Oh, it's a flan.

“You made the aesthetic.

– Yep, that's a flan right there.

– I'm gonna do it.

– Yep, yep.

– I just love the little potit's in.

It's so cute.

Is it good? – It's so good.

The texture is like, wow.

I think you should try it.

I think you might not try something like this.

– I convinced you to try the pie, so I feel like it's only right.

– It's fire.

– Wow, that's really good.

– Wait, does it do the thingif I lift it? Oh, it does.


When she looks at me after she takes a bite, she just looks at me like.



– This is actually really good.

You don't know what flan is.

Maybe this will change your life.

– It could, it could, but I like to wave atthose moments as they pass my by.

– Flan.

Oh, I love flan.

– It's pretty golden, all right.

Good luck.

– It's a try not to eat.

It's a try not to eat.

You're gonna make metry something really bad.

I'm gonna pass.

I'm gonna pass on that one.

– I'd like to stay tied for now.

– Oh my God.

I don't wanna ruin it.

That's why I don't wanna eat it.

– Are you gonna do it? You're not gonna do it?- It's too cute.

– I feel like if she'sstaying strong, I need to stay strong.

Okay, I'm gonna pass.

If I could pass on the pie, I'll pass on this.

– (FBE) So Carson, you won.

– Oh, that was it? – (FBE) You made it through thiswithout eating, so you get this next dishall to yourself.

– And no punishment.

– (FBE) Technically, you both still lost, so you do not get to trythis winning dish.

– Oh, but you're— (FBE) But we're gonna show it to you anyway.

– Why do you do that? – But it's fun.

It's fun anyway.

– Please be somethingthat doesn't look very good.

Is it the gray stuff? – ♪ soup du jourhot hors d'oeuvres ♪ – Yes.

– Gray stuff? – It's delicious.

– ♪ Don't believe me? ♪- Ask the dishes.

I'm gonna cry.

– ♪ This is France ♪- What is the gray stuff? – It's delicious.

They have it at Disneyland.

– ♪ Second bestGo on and fold your menu ♪ ♪ Take a glance and then ♪ – Oh my gosh.

– ♪ Be our guest ♪- Why do you guys do this to me?- This is a classic.

– (FBE) I always wantedto try this as a kid and here it is, the gray stuff from Beauty and the Beast.

This is made in parts of Disney Worldand we copied the recipe as best as we couldto give you the most authentic experience.

– I get to try the gray stuff.

Oh, it's like red velvet inside.

Mm, mm.

– Oh and you can kinda seein a little bit.

There's a little red velvet.

You see that? – Oh, I wish I didn't know that.

– (FBE) Inspired by the Lion King, here is– – No, no, no!Oh my God.

– (FBE) Inspired by the Lion King, You have to eat one bug per food you ate.

– No way.

– God, no.

– Bugs are said as delicacies.

– What have I done?What have I done? This is the worst.

This is the worst.

– This is literallymy biggest fear is eating bugs.

You go first.

I can't do it first.

It's the texture that creeps me out.

– I can feel the little legs.

You know that feeling?- Oh my God, stop.

You're gonna make methrow up.

Ugh, that sound.

Oh my God.

Is that that bad?- It's airy, you know.

It tastes really bad, actually.

I need to put morechocolate on this one.

– See?You just told me it didn't taste that bad.

– It's pretty bad.

I'm sorry.

– Oh my God.

Okay, I did it.

Yay me.

Ew, I'm tasting it! – Ready?- Don't think of it as a bug.

– Okay, ready, go.

– I just swallowed it whole.

I just taste chocolate.

– You just swallowed it?- I was so scared to bite into it.

– This is so gross.

It gets worse with time.

– Ugh, oh God.

Now I just rememberedthat I ate a bug.

– It tastes so gross.

At first, I was really like, oh, this isn't bad, but now it's literally lingering in my throat.

I can taste it as I breathe.

– Ew.

I swear I saw it move.

You know, I've grown a loton this channel.

I remember when we firstdid our People Vs Food, I did a cricket episodeand I didn't even want to touch it.

I'm touching it and I'm gonna put itin my mouth.

– Exoskeleton.

– It's super okay.

It's a wafer.

Don't talk to me.

It's a wafer.

It's a wafer.

– Pst, vertebrae.

– Shut up.

– Okay, okay.

It's a wafer! – You're gonna eat this?- That tastes like things you put in the bottomof a birdcage.

– Or like a bug.

– Oh, why–you had– I saw you make that soundon purpose.

Oh my God, that wasn't bad.

– See?Yeah, see? – Swallowed it.

– Hakuna Matata.

You know what to say.

– Oh my God, it tastes like Fruity Pebbles.

Ew, ew.

I take it back.

This [bleep]'s[bleep] disgusting.

– Aw.

– Bleh.

– You have to trythree more, brother.

– I'm gonna throw upall over your [bleep] gray stuff.

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