Try Not To Eat Challenge – The Office Foods | People Vs. Food

– (Kevin) Ancho chiles.

– Aw! – Oh, just scoop it in!(laughs) It just gets worse! – Look at how extravagant this dish is, and if I pass on it, I'm gonna feel so terrible.

♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we wannathank you guys for coming in to our office, because we're gonna be tryingnot to eat Office foods.

– Oh!- Wait, from The Office? – Oh my God.

– Like The Office, with like, with Michael Scott? – (FBE) Yes, we are not likegrabbing food from our break room or anything, this is foodsfrom The Office, the show.

– That's like my favorite show.

– Same, oh my gosh! Are we gonna get Jell-O? – (FBE) All of these foods were either featured or inspired bymoments in the show.

Since this is a Try Not To Eat Challenge, if you make it throughall of the rounds without eating, there will be a reward Office food, but there is a punishment for losing! For every food you eat, you'll have to take one bite of our punishment food.

– (gasps) Oh no, okay.

– And you know the punishment's[bleep] way worse.

– Yeah, yeah, okay.

Well, we'll see what happens.

– This is my Get Outof Punishment Free Card, so I get to eat all the foods, including the reward.

So I'm hungry, so I want to use it.

Exchange this card to skip a future episode punishment and take the reward instead.

– How do you get one of those? – I won it when I did theTry Not To Get Scared.

– Oh, when you went to Horror Nights.

– I love The Office, love it, so great.

– (Michael) You got it? – This is funny.

– This looks so good in the show.

– (Michael) Fettuccine alfredo! – Oh, I love fettuccine alfredo.

– (Michael) Time to carboload.

– Carboload.

(laughs) – That looks [bleep] good.

– I love fettuccine alfredo.

– Oh my God.

It's in the container, too! – (FBE) Yes, so we've got some fettuccine to start this challenge off right, as Michael says, it's time to carboload, and this not from a restaurant, this is still preparedby our gourmet chef.

– Gosh dang it!- Oh.

– What, this is torture.

This is literally torture, okay? – Does it count if I open it? – (FBE) Please do.

– Okay.

– Oh, it looks so good.

– (Ashby) I'm gonna go for it.

– You're gonna go for it?- I'm gonna go for it! – It's worth it? (buzzer rings) I don't know what to do.

I'm so conflicted.

– Oh my God, it is so good.

– Stop! (buzzer rings) – Wow.

– Oh my gosh.

– It's so good!- It's so good! (laughs) – Ooh!- Yes, bitch! – (laughs) This is, he just gets to eat! – It was like.



– For every food you eat, you have to take a bite.

– Yeah.

– Ugh, man.

I wish it was just likeone punishment, one and done, 'cause I would eat everything.

You know what I mean? I don't want it.

(Danny laughs) I don't want this one.

– Ugh, am I gonna eat this?Are you gonna eat it? I'm carb-loading for the marathonI'm not running tomorrow.

(buzzer rings)- I'm starving.

– Mmm, that's good stuff.

– I'm gonna pass on that one.

(sighs) Restraint.

– Oh [bleep] me!- Oh my God! It smells so good.

It's nice, and likethe right amount of creamy.

(buzzer rings)Oh my God! It's so good.

This is worth whatever'scoming my way.

Oh my God.

– I'm gonna hold off.

I'm in it to win itthis episode.

– Congrats to you.

– (FBE) You ready for usto spice it up a bit? – Oh.

– It's chili.

– Oh no.

– It's the chili.

It's Kevin and chili.

Yay!(Ashby laughs) – (Kevin) Some of my Kevin's Famous Chili.

– This has happened to mein real life, by the way.

– Has it really? – (Kevin) Undercook the onions.

(both laugh) – He's so close, yet so far! – He's like right there.

– Right there, oh! – (Kevin) I'm up the night before.

– (laughs) He's so.



– (Kevin) Dicing whole tomatoes.

– (laughs) And then the scooping of it.

– (Kevin) Ancho chiles.

– Oh, guy just gets.



– Oh, just scoop it in! It just gets worse! (laughs)- (Kevin) It's a recipe passed down from Malonesfor generations.

(both laugh) It's probably the thing I do best.

– Oh [bleep] Kevin.

– You know what's crazyabout that scene? Is like, that was probablyfirst take, one take, 'cause you can't [bleep] up the carpet and have a huge stain.

– (FBE) While we've been ableto keep ours off the ground, we do think that Kevin would be proud of his famous dish.

(Ashby gasps) – Oh, look at that goodness.

If these things weren't attachedto one of my favorite shows, this would be easier.

Kevin, this one's for you, buddy.

– I always like to seewhat he says about it first.

(buzzer rings) – Mmm.

I'm so happy right now.

Welcome to the failed group, it's the best! (buzzer rings) – (FBE) This is his exact recipe.

– Mmm.

– I don't believe that.

– Yeah, it's smoky, it's good.

It is damn good chili.

– I like chunky.

(buzzer rings) No, no.

– That's really good.

Are you sure you don't want any? – I think I'm sure.

I don't think you know.

– It's so good, that I wanna take a biteout of yours so that they have to send ithome with me too.

– (FBE) (laughs) And you have a cold.

– And I have a cold, so I know you guys can't use it.

Oh, I should've.



Very good.

– I'm in it to win it.

So I'm not gonna eat it.

– I lost already, but like I said, at this point I just, I don't know, I wanna resist and like make myself proud.

I'm gonna pass on the chili.


(laughs)- No! No, not today.

– Well how about we dothe short tour, and then I'll start dinner.

– Oh yeah.

– Some of my favorite episodes.

– It's great.

– (Jan) No no, just the osso buconeeds to braise for about three hours.

Everything else is done.

– Oh no, I love osso buco.

– I love this episode so much.

– It was so cringy.

– Three hours? – (Jan) They often don't evenstart eating until midnight.

– (Michael) When in Rome.

(Sharon laughs) – This is one of my, oh, this episode is so good.

When she throws.



(laughs) Into the television.

– I just love how awkwardJim and Pam are.

Like okay, can I go now?- Yeah, yeah yeah.

They like represent all of us watching.

This is how it feels.

– (FBE) This dish that Jan servesin the Dinner Party From Hell episode consists of delcious veal shank, white wine, vegetables, and broth.

– It's veal?- (FBE) Veal.

– Wow, you guys are spoiling us.

– I just hate he can justdig right in.

– Oh yeah.

Ooh, oh, I didn't even have to cut it.

(buzzer rings) I'm just a person that, when's the next time you're gonna have veal? – That's right! (laughs)(buzzer rings) Mmm, delicious.

– I'm looking forwardto watching her do the punishment.

– Ugh.

– Part of me like feels bad, because look at how extravagant this dish is, and if I pass on it, I'm gonna feel so terrible.

Alright, what the Hell, I'm gonna do it, okay.

– Oh.

(buzzer rings)I can just tell Ashby's gonna like it.

– I actually like thisbecause it does like.



– It just falls apart.

– Fall apart.

– I've never had veal, and I don't want to.

– I can't eat that.

I won't eat veal.

– Mmm.

– I'm good.

– (FBE) Really?- Yeah, I think I'll pass.

I love osso buco, but yeah, I think I'll pass.

– It, yeah, it looksreally good though.

– (FBE) For your final challenge, we decided to kick things up a notch, we're actually gonna becombining foods.



– Ooh! – (FBE) From two of ourfavorite Office moments.

– Okay! – (Michael) I enjoy having breakfast in bed.

I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me.

And since I don't have a butler, I have to do it myself.

– Same, it's so hard! – (Michael) So most nightsbefore I go to bed, I will lay six strips of bacon outon my George Foreman grill.

– Yeah!- (Michael) Then I go to sleep.

When I wake up, I plug in the grill, I go back to sleep again.

– Genius.

– (Michael) Then I wake upto the smell of crackling bacon.

It is delicious, it's good for me, it's the perfect way to start the day.

Today I got up, I stepped onto the grill and it clamped down on my foot.

That's it.

I don't see what's so hardto believe about that.

(both laugh) Look at that.

Nothing like grillingin the great outdoors! – Oh no.

– The George Foreman, again.

– (Ryan) Is it the same grillyou grilled your foot in? (both laugh) – (Michael) Yes, but I gotall the foot off of it.

– I got all the foot off of it.

(laughs) – (FBE) For our final tempting dish, we decided to combine two out of the three thingsthat Michael famously cooked on his grill.

– Is that bacon wrapped steak? – (FBE) Just not the foot.

– Shut up!- It's bacon wrapped steak! Yes!- (Kendelle) Shut up! – (FBE) Instead, here'sbacon wrapped steak.

(buzzer rings)- Oh! This is the best one.

This is the reward.

– Mm-hmm!- At least I think, this is delicious!- Mm-hmm! This is delicious.

– Mm-hmm! (both laugh) – I took a big bite.

– And I already know thatall of this meat is cruel, so don't, you know, kill me in the comments, but.



(buzzer rings) That's some good [bleep]right there.

– What's the sauce?- I've never had bacon steak.

Like this.

It does not suck.

At all.

God damn it, that's good.

– I made my decision.

– And this point, you're gonnago for the.



– Yeah.

– Good stuff.

– Yeah, I'm gonna go for it.

I've been craving bacon lately.

(buzzer rings) Mmm.


– Aw.

– Bomb.

– Damn.

– That sauce, actuallyis so good, too.

– Damn.

– Oh my God.

Yeah, this is good.

– I had steak yesterday.

(Kennedy laughs) So I'm gonna say no.

– Alright, here we go.

(buzzer rings) Mmm.

– Is it good? – Mm-hmm.

(Chelsea laughs) I can't get over this sauce.

It is so good.

– I don't know, it's just likedoes it seem worth it? And then the mustard, I'm pretty sure that's be more of a punishment, for me, anyways.

– I hope all this was worth it.

(both laugh) – (FBE) Congratulations, you have made it through all of the rounds of foodwithout eating any of them.

Are you ready to seewhat you've won? – Yeah, please tell me it's good.

– (Pam) Once a year, they bring in a little cart, and they give away free pretzels.

– (gasps) Yes! – (Pam) It's really not a big deal.

– Oh, pretzel!Pretzel Day! – (Pam) For some people it is.

– Oh.

– Yes! – (Michael) Please tell meyou have a sweet pretzel left.

– (man) We do.

– (Michael) Thank God.

– (man) And we have 18 different toppings.

We have sweet glaze, cinnimon sugar.



– Oh! – (man) Fudge, M&M's, caramel dip, mint chip.



– They're so happyabout the pretzels.

– (man) Toffee nuts, coconut, peanut butter drizzle, Oreos.



– Such a good actor, it's insane.

(both laugh) – (Michael) Is there any waythat you could do all? All of them?- (man) The works, you got it.

– Can you just get 'em all?- This is great.

– (Michael) Thank you.

– We probably could have hadany pretzel we wanted.

– Oh no!- Any pretzel! My heart is broken today.

– I am so depressed right now.

– (FBE) With our gourmet prepareddessert pretzel, here are all the toppingsand fixin's you could possibly ever want ina Pretzel Day pretzel.

– Wow.

– Nice.

– I'm gonna be making this.

– We can do it.

– (Danny) I'm gonna.



– (Kendelle) While he makes it.

– I am particular.

We might go over time.

(Sharon laughs) – My mouth is like glomped shut.

– Mm-hmm, so, this is so good.

It's working really wellinto my new diet.

– I still feel like a winner.

I mean, I don't knowwhat the punishment is yet, so I feel like I can'tspeak too soon.

– (Michael) Judges in session, what is the problem here? – (Dwight) They put my stuffin Jell-O again.

– Jell-O, okay, okay.

– Okay.

What's in the Jell-O? – (Dwight) That's real professional, thanks, this is the third time.

– I hate Jell-O! – (Michael) What is that?- (Dwight) That's my stapler! – (Michael) No no no no, do not take it out.

You have to eat itout of there.

– (Dwight) I do own property.

My grandfather left me a 60 acre working beet farm.

– Oh, yeah, oh beet Jell-O?- Together.

– Oh my God, am I eating beet Jell-O? – (Dwight) Stores and restaurants.

– Someone's clever.

– (Dwight) Sometimes teenagers use it for sex.

– Oh my gosh, it's beet Jell-O.

It's beet Jell-O! What the heck?- No! (laughs) – Oh my gosh, no!- Oh no! – I feel like it'sgonna be gross, 'cause of the Jell-O, but I don't know, we'll see.

I'm nervous.

– (FBE) So, as you'veprobably predicted, we have your beet flavored Jell-O.

– Oh, that looks like heart.

Like it just looks likea pure heart in there.

– (FBE) Yeah.

– Oh, I love the mug! – (FBE) But if you'll note, when Jim gives Dwight his Jell-O, he doesn't really give himany utensils to eat it with, so.



– No! – (FBE) When we say you have to take two bites and four bites of Jell-O, you're gonna have to eat itthe way that Dwight did.

– Oh! (laughs) Alright, here we go.

Ugh, oh.

– Too weird.

Go for it, just go for it.

(Ashby moans) (both laugh) – Ew, look at that, okay.

– Looks delicious.

– I have such mixed feelingsabout this.

– Get that, mm-hmm!- Shh! – Is it bad?Oh, nice.


– Oh no! (laughs) – My man, mm-mm.

– (gasps) This should be illegal.

– I might throw up.

– Oh, mm-mm.

– That noise, are you [bleep] kidding me? – Ugh, this grosses me out.

I don't hate it.

You know what it is? It tastes a little bit like candied beets.

This is why I didn'twanna eat it, with my hands, because beets stain the [bleep] out of everything, you a-holes! (Danny laughs)(Kendelle slurps) – Oh I didn't, the sound effectis what'd get me.

It sucks though, because I am that person that's like you want an M&M?She can't have an M&M.

(Kendelle smacks lips) – (laughs) Disgusting.

(Danny laughs) – Thanks for watchingus Try Not To Eat.



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