Trying Tiktok Viral food ! – whipped coffee challenge

[Music] hello it's tasty here back in my kitchen today I'm going to try tic toc viral food I'm going to try to make them and see if they're good or not let's start [Music] I'm gonna start with this one where you're it's like a Cheetos toast so because

I don't have flaming hot cheetos since I don't live in America I got this little mole Cheetos from Korea little pretty almost looks okay oh that's a major shell incident here just because we might run out of eggs and I'm scared mmm so I think we were just

like we were just using eggs to coat the toes and I can use it for another recipe as well we need to brush these Cheetos off no you can't Rebecca do it well I really can't be bothered right now so I'm just gonna go ahead and let me

get this up should be much faster now pour our Cheetos into this I'm going to put some mayo on my toast just spread it around I dip it into egg and I did put onto just Cheetos coat it well ooh get a pan get butter butter the pan

first it well it's not that hot it's not a real recipe guys but buttery enough and then you place one side on here like so and then you get your cheese start with little serella my mozzarella is like frozen so I don't know how well this is what

I work for Oh see you get your cheese grater and your paw Mariano grab it and grateful too and this time I'm going to spread cream cheese over here I'm gonna go where the Philadelphia so in a way when they're like not on the right side and they're

like uh neither no I just put it on top of it like this and now we need to fry it oh my god she's like all over the side so I don't know it's gonna go but we'll see you can hear it sizzle I don't know what I'm

supposed to flip we gave it a little more was supposed to flip this Oh No okay so I somehow managed to make it the cheese has melted after I covered it up and looks good can you see this brownie oh my gosh you're so young though Oh Oh

cheers in the middle 0 yeah oh okay wait oh my god wow this is actually so good I think because I used cream cheese we both saw everything the cheese inside is super soft and thanks to my own it may as well corn Christine flavors from the Cheetos

and is so good even look at this well honestly everyone try it doesn't even have to be Cheetos just get your favor like bag of chips like crisps or whatever with Drive so go [Music] so this next one are making also require bread as well as like a

more sweet dessert to roll thing cutting board out cut out the edges which I'm happy with because not many people like the crust these white breads usually don't make it into squares once again with my rolling cane you're supposed to roll just spread out flat and we were

supposed to cover it with Nutella just the half of it there's like two types there are in the video this girl has Nutella and just white stuff on one side all right dissection oh I haven't had the talent such a long time I'm about to be fat I

swear to god I'm gonna finish this chart today I already got a father so I'm just gonna cut the strawberries in my scissor I [Music] love you just like places it's all stuff initely dog biggest one [Music] this one like already like sticking out so here I am

making some cinnamon sugar you're supposed to dip this little baby's into egg mixture coat them with this cinnamon sugar with a butter on the pan I mean this has to be on like why wouldn't this be on so I'm gonna try without crunches well first cousin Tala it's

like very um it's a strong flavor to it so I think it might just like numb the flavor of cream cheese so young fellow like sourness all cream cheese strawberry and sugar together is so freakin good now onto the Nutella one guy's Litella for the window anything that

teller is just going to be young ten out of ten it's amazingly yummy is so good and everything Bob I think I could make better food if I'm going to be putting this much work into it but is it worth the effort I'll say maybe depends [Music] so

this next one that we're making is actually a Korean training school retire gonna coffee so taiwanís iacocca pokey honeycomb whatever you guys called it in your country well like this is like the tick tock viral coffee so let me try I heard that it's actually really really really

hard to make and it takes ages let's see how well I do what I and then put like tiny bit of hot water Oh oh my god a few moments later all this way I'm using my freakin electric mixer and there's like no difference you see this there

are no difference I don't understand [Music] so I have failed I am honestly so tired and worn out after that coffee whipping thing but we do actually have one more food left that I so want to cook that I actually really want to try so I'm gonna go

outside and show you guys the last food head from pixel so another tip top trending um fire food video that I saw was gonna love chicken um they kinda made a dollar and but you know like I said I don't like anything that because too much cooking so

I decided just like get a doughnut and a chicken like people chicken and put it together but what I found out recently is in Korea and amazing can see our good old kimchi fried chicken they actually have a menu picks up video foods do you have a chicken

in between donut so I decide to fill this cavity and just do it at this and my hobby actually have it oh my god [Music] so here I have it I don't want it there ruin it I'm so excited to open it ready wow that actually looks pretty

decent so wait I feel looks better than iPhoto would it actually seems I thought I was going to be just like a flat said don't up on a come on and I'm just taking quite kind of will be really hard to eat it oh my god so at

first I thought I was thinking that this to just taste like chicken either oil tanks are gone too much but at the end like 40 and it's like in your face for the donut flavor it's just like the perfect combination between crispy juicy savory salty chicken and later

you got this a nice flowery carp carpi sweet flavor from the donut wow I'm not evil eye from KFC I think this is my third favorite thing from camp see first is Papua chicken second is the biscuit and third is this oh my god so good you have

to try this I feel is so good just like so perfect Wow [Music] so overall I think my tip-top fire of food half of it was good and half of it was bad because like I think all of them did taste really good but they're also hard to

make they're actually not easy I thought viral photos supposed to be I guess like they didn't say good heck it was more like viral food yummy recipe but for me I just like somehow because it's tactile I expect them to be easy to me but they were kind

of a lot of work but yeah overall they're really young maybe I'll do four types of related video for more food related videos I don't know until next time [Music]

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