there is some dark shit going on in this klipman .

like really dark geceler, geceler ( nights, nights ) yo it's me again Ladin.

or you can just call me 'kara rapçi ' you know, in turkish so today I'm back withanother Turkish reaction video you know when I'm making this kind of reaction Idon't talk too much in the beginning I just tell you to subscribe to like andcomment on my videos and I just go into the video so today we are going to reactto ben fero and ezhel .

Okay, I made a combination before which was likeben fero and Khontkar and today we are changing the combination today weare making the combination of Ben fero and ezhel and you gonna ask why asI said in the previous video it's because these two names are like bignames now in Turkish trap music so without much talking I'm asking theDj to give him a music I'm the DJ so I'm asking myself to give myself mymusic the first song we got is ben fero, mahallemiz esmer , mahallemiz esmer like our neighborhood is black that's a strange name to call a song thoughlike my president is black my neighborhood is black yeah so let's seewhat Ben fero has for us right ? I always admire this guy's style theway he dresses his fashion I always admired it so that's the neighborhood in İzmir ? The black neighborhood in izmir ? Ooh man Don't spit that drink , ther are people who need to drink that man this guy has been taking care of himself, right ? like you know, you can see these Like, he's been into sport wow I've got some too You know, I got some shit here too going on man I got some here so the whole clip is about flexing his body right showingoff that he has good body and stuffs ? cool but I right ? I mean it took himtime to make that body So I understand why he would like to flex with it and what is this obsession with animals ? we got birds we got dogs sports dogs again birds again some niggas out there black and white like beşiktaş it doesn't look like a bad neigborhood though you know, the place he's been showing like if we go back here, like this place doesn't look likea bad neighborhood right doesn't look like a black neighborhood I mean I'mtrying to think that when he said our neighborhood is black he wanted to meanthat like our neighborhood is like how can I say it, these neighborhoods wherepeople are doing bad stuff's illegal stuffs and shit maybe that's not what hewanted mean.

that was a good one, that was a good one that was nice mahallemiz esmer.

that was good that waspretty cool man so after mahallemiz esmer we going with ezhel which song is it ? geceleri like nights in English so this clip is for people who are over 18 okay.

ther is violence in it and maybe x rated stuffs thats a weird stuff its a weird start klassic trap beat but, the one you can dance to, you know you see, his hairs are like travis scot lşke and hairs and style Now I see that this is the reason why they say this video isfor people who are above 18 some gangster shit in there .

its weird thoug like you know it'sa bit weird seeing this gangsta clip with these voice I don't know, like it doesnt fit too much man, this video is on another level now they are going to dump the body or something ? in the ocean I am pretty sure that is what they are going to do but why going up there , why not just dumping it somehwere here oh okay I thought they will dumpthe body in the ocean but it didn't.

they hang it that was some dark shit man there is some dark shit going on in this clip man like really dark everything was like just perfect anywayso I'm pretty sure that you enjoyed this video too if you want me to make more ofthis kind you should probably just write your suggestion down there I will checkit and I will react to it in the next videos so if you watch this video up tohere thank you very much until my next video I'll see you guyswhen I see you guys so peace.


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