Visiting GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar + Eating INDIAN FOOD in WORLD’S BIGGEST KITCHEN w/ 100000 People!

hey guys Sam here with another Indiatravel video and this time we'll be visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsarand eating Indian food in the world's biggest kitchen the golden temple alsoknown as Harmandir Sahib happens to feed around 100, 000 visitors everysingle day and get this the food is free this community kitchen is known as alangar and it's a place where everyone is welcome to eat regardless of gendercaste or religion the kitchen in the golden temple never closes and is run bycountless volunteers who devote their time to cook serve and clean forvisitors who pass through every hour of the day I had visitied Amritsar'sgolden temple (Harmandir Sahib) once before on my very first trip to india over tenyears ago but this time around i was joined by deepak from Amritsar walkingtours having him as a guide allowed me to experience the golden temple in acompletely different way and it was a day I won't soon forget but I'm gettingahead of myself let's kick off this video I can't wait I'm weighing a black shirtwith the orange turban in here's our guy looking for stuff up top he's got a lotof shirts up top there alright so I'm so excited to get my shirt entirely surewhat color could be purple that's very niceI'm not going to take my shirt off because I'm fat okay no one needs to seemy gut my my paneer and ghee belly let's see if this fits feels really nice likeyou were saying when you put yours on it felt a little bit silky it's verybreathable it's a breathable yeah it's superbreathable they have to go awesome in it all rightoh let's see if we can get it down i'd personaly more this everyday in Miamibut you know what I think it fits for my expanding belly yeah me too it's awesomelook good I love the color choice you need to be my fashion coordinator so wegot so we have black and it's like a burgundy yeah we're looking good goodokay so the total price was seven hundred each so 1404 bulbs and that'ssomething like ten dollars ten dollars the person a little less it's like $9.

50outstanding value man awesome for this I feel greatyou look good in it you I was taking whiz in Miami but people would look atme strange you look so good I feel good okay youever wear anything else after that I don't know right now like I feel likethis is the place of Sevilla you know yeah right place the right side it wasrelaxing when you're putting it on oh it's really like secure it's tight tellyou this time all my hair secure the hair I don't have so here it goes guysmy turbans coming on I think it's gonna be like yours in the sense it's gonna beblue first blue dressing and then the main color here it's gonna look greatdon't wait I love the blue yeah it's nice and tight all similar Roxy couldliterally just fall asleep while you're very nice good it's great colors yeah that wasabout really well well he just makes it like perfect in the middle I look goodoh my gosh awesome it's such a good job like it just feels so tight and securethe selection of the colors of your turban according to your OS isunbelievable unbelievable it's the best there are five things which were onebaptized ik have to be ver all the time and all these things starting from thecapital world came like Cara the bangles the second one is Keira pan which is ofdaggers the third one is of Katara Katara means undergarments a smallundergarment just like a boxer short and the fourth one is a conga conga is asmall comb and the fifth one is a cage cage means long here's the baptized sixdon't cut their hair and eat these things has its own symbolic reasons whenI'm going with my turban just like you and turban is it just like a crown justlike a crown for sing it is not actually the fashion it is a religion it is areligion yeah it's their faith it's very comfortable isn't it is it often justrelax yes relax saying thank you my friendthank you so much it is time to go to the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) and I think the firstthing we're gonna do is maybe have breakfast in the world's largest kitchen right side you can see Jalalabadmemorial it is a place where more than 2000 peopleIndian people killed by British Oh in the day of 1919 before Indianindependence so there is a well inside there is a sign of world inside sowhosoever is it coming over here especially the domestic people aftervisit the golden temple within this place also so next up we're gonna be taking off ourshoes so that we can go inside as soon as you get in you're mesmerizedby the sight of the golden temple and just by the sheer amount of peoplevisiting there's so many people lined up guys here is the line to get inside ofthe golden temple (Harmandir Sahib) and it's very long Cecelia cow so we reach golden templetemple where there is a no religion no caste no person is up noise at thougheverybody's the same over here golden temple was founded by 4 Sigma sir ShriGuru ramadasa ji the fourth sikh spiritual master so this sample is amore than 400 years old however presently we call it goldentemple (Harmandir Sahib) because actually the gold is plated outside that main temple but itsactual name is Harmandir Sahib a a name which was given by its founder 4 Sikhmasters so this temple is not dedicated to any specific Gordon Gurdas like inHinduism there are many but this temple is dedicated to one and only one whichis God which is same for me for you for everyone there are three principal inSikhism and followed by each and every Sikh through our his lifetime the firstis here at guru which means do your works honestly whatever you are livingthe life be honest all the time the second one is Nam japa recite the nameof the Lord all the time you are happy you are sad but remember God all thetime and the third one is a one shadow one cycle means sharing the food sharingyour things with other and this is exactly the three things which you cansee here which you can feel over here every hour roughly 10, 000 people comehere for a meal and this place is open 24 hours sothere's a lot of people passing through every single day at any time of theevening night morning it's pretty incredible it's incredible that everyone here is avolunteer now I'm taking you to the place wherethere is a big machine over the earth which is making Indian flatbread whichwe go on for Java in the lenders to come with let's go check it out yes come withme 8, 000 flat breads yes I asked you tovolunteer who is a drink service over here how many flat breads coming outwithin a one-hour he told me are eight thousands it's amazing so friends wehave a rich to the Admiral operational area of the Golden Temple the langararea where the dal the lanterns the kheer the sweet dish and the vegetablescooked over here come with me there is a very very huge utensils in which thefood is being prepared completely thanks I'm good here's a differentyellow you get that they know are to be thought of again there was no part ofthis okay so he's a main chef over here and here you can see the big utensilsover here which is of making 500 kgs of dal and once being cooked over here it'snot available yes and on daily basis in one day near about 20 to 27 windows ofdaal being cooked over here Deepak it was incredible getting to seehow everything is prepared yes if you think we both worked up an appetite wedidn't have breakfast this morning let's go get something now I'm taking you tothe langar dining hall yeah where the thousands of people can sittogether and have a meal set once cleaning is one of the most importanttasks and aspect in Sikhism of cleaning the floor – cleaning the utensils I toldyou thousands of people having their meals in a day so the cleaning utensilsis one of the you know the important tasks it is it not done without the helpof volunteers it is 24 hours it's just the love of governments here people theyare not employee over here it is just their love so that they've done thematch and the very good job my friend you can see this is a lanternmakhni dal with the chickpeas chole with a sweet dish which we call heat with aflat head which we call her Chara so it's it all together we call langarbecause it's a cord you know who when anybody asked the Deepak which isthe best restaurant in Amritsar my answer is the golden temple langar isthe best the food is a priceless the Buddhismmaking with the love serving it and eating it love this is a guruslangar guru means a spiritual master so spiritual masters restaurant wherethere is a no religion no caste you don't know the next person who will sit withyou why he's our King he's a slave it is a started by the first master you do nothave safety to making equality not only oh my gosh are so goodeverything is delicious it's amazing to watch house prepare it everyone comesover to serving the individual dishes one by one it's incredible experienceand from eating with this many people you just feel a kind of energy in hereit was a positive energy in here you really feel coming to the golden temple is one ofthe most impressive things you can do not just in India not just in Amrtisar Punjabthings out but anywhere in the world this place is specialeveryone is welcome as it is everyone is welcome it's amazing walking around andseeing the golden temple from different vantage points but the most impressivething to do by far is to go into the large dining hall and have a meal hereit's incredible the sense of community and just the volunteerism that's herepeople come they dedicate themselves to serving others it's a very special placeand at the feeling of austerity just the feeling of austerity the hospitality ofthe people yes is she coming from the heart of the tea there's a specialenergy here and I want to thank you Deepak you've been an incredible guide oh please howcan people find and follow you yes you can follow my channels on the youtubeAmritsar walking tours if you are coming Amritsar and if you want someinformation about the food of Amritsar what are the different sizing you canfollow my channels which is linked over here Amritsar walking toursthank you so much to subscribe to his channel please subscribe to David'schannel David's been here and our channel Samuel and Audrey just awonderful experience guys we will see you with more food and travel videosfrom India soon bye for now.

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