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What I Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Healthy Vegan Meals | Canada

hey guys we are right now in moira lake located in small town of madoc ontario its such beautiful cozy little place its funny all of our blog are in toronto this is the place we got to escape so were constantly leaving but this place truly is one

of our little sanctuaries we come here a lot in the summer we've been here for about a week an half editing the DVD soul sucking at the same time and he's alone too so he's be like calling me I'm lonely so i actually ended up coming out here

a few days ago and we shot our whole recipe book we woke up this morning and its such a beautiful day this is another episode of what we eat in a day lets start with breakfast so for breakfast we actually had one of our favourite breakfast meals which

is chia seeds mark is obsessed with it once we figured out a how easy it is b how cheap it is c how good it tastes he was like what is this crap and then literally three bites in he couldn't put it down to make chia pudding you

wanna start by making the mixture first so we usually like to add strawberries we take frozen strawberries mis it with coconut milk add the tiny bit of vanilla extract to give it some sweetness you blend the mixture together take a mason jar or tiny bowl fill the chia

seeds and mix it with this mixture put it in the fridge takes 4 hours to freeze chia seeds to soak the mixture and expand and then in the morning you literally have breakfast ready to go top it with fresh fruits cacao nibs if you tend to rush in

the morning this is a great thing to do you prep the breakfast the night before grab it run out the door if you buy it in the stores so expensive so thats out breakfast for snacks during the day we are obsessed with smoothie bowls lately which depending on

consistency we make them sometimes become smoothie soups pretty much your regular smothie top it off with awesome ingredients like fresh fruits and cacao nibs we use cereals granolas its a thicker smoothie you put into a bowl that becomes more like a sunday with little toppings on it that

instead of blended up you actually chew them up for todays smoothie we wanted to show u we used frozen strawberries, bananas almond milk almond butter acts as thickening agent you want to make the smoothie as think as possible that the ingredients you place on top do not sink

in when they sink thats when u know u have a smoothie bowl then here come our superfoods we love to include spirulina spirulina is high in protein which is great when we use hemp seeds kind of helps us not have to use protein poweder we love vega one

really nice to use just the natural natures protein powder i guess we have hemp hearts which we also include high in protein cacao nibs are amazing they're super high in magnesium they are high source of iron hint of chocolate but not too much after that you top it

with your favourite fruit hemp seeds the granola we use is mixed a little bit with raisins and dried cranberries it gives you that little texture and there you have it thats our amazing smoothie bowl for lunch we made today spinach arugula almond salad roasted nut salad and it

is one of our favourite salads and it think the ingredient that makes it super tasty is the roasted nuts and it sounds intimidating because you're like roasted nuts? but its a very simple and quick complex so to make the nuts we used almonds and pecans and before you

place then in the oven you want to cover them in a sweet mixture so the mixture we made is 3 tablespoons of agave syrup with a dash of cayenne pepepr and then you plop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds just to mix it up liquify

its a little more then you place the nuts on parchment paper cover it with the sweet mixture roll it around set your oven to 400 and then you just plop it in roast them for about 10 12 min you do wanna check up on them we did burn

them keep an eye on it and then they're so delicious they can they can eat them as a snack and then we got the nuts ready we start with the salad you take spinach and arugula chop up some apples and cucumbers a little bit of toss the nuts

in there and then you prep your dressing when the dressing we made today is one of our favourite dressings and it is literally a mixture of alive oil apple cider vinigar and again a little bit of agave syrup as well as lemon juice you just whisk it together

cover it the salad with it our last topping we love to include is hemp seeds to give it a little bit of protein and there you have it an amazing salad and thats our lunch alright guys so for dinner for dinner we're planning to make our favourite stuffed

pepper they leave a fantastic impression they look really really fancy they take a little bit more time just under an hour but at the end of the day the impression it leaves its perfect you're like look at me I'm a vegan chef and its delicious as well so

its one of our favourite dishes so to begin to make your peppers first you start with the stuffing so you make the quinoa on the side and then you move over to the stirfry you basically put a little bit of oil and you starry today we did carrots

mushrooms garlic and a little bit of onion you starry that up add the lentils with the stirfry 5 to 7 minutes or so and then you take a can of tomato sauce and you put that in there mix it around you cook for a little bit probably about

5 or 7 minutes with the tomato sauce starts to dissapate therefore next when you take the quinoa and you add that in with the starry and the lentils you're making more of a paste the goal here is to paste like stuffing rather then a tomato sauce and

then so after the stuffing is done you're going to move over to the peppers so you first take the peppers cut the top of most seeds and core will come with it but if theres anything left take spoon or knife and f=sort of hollow it out like a

pepper bowl and then all you do is take the stuffing and you place it into the pepper and then you prop them into the oven 50 minutes pepper cooks really nicely of its so good so you can actually dig in with your fork after you cooked it for

50 minutes you take the peppers out you add the tops that you cut off on top of the peppers like a little hat and then you put it back in the oven and set your timer for broil 5minutes keep an eye on it you don't want the broil

to burn the peppers cause then you get a really ugly looking fancy dish and then thats it you have a wonderful soft stuffed quinoa pepper alright guys there you have it thats what we eat in a day all the recipes and directions are down below in the

description so if you guys want to try cooking these you can go ahead and follow along and leave a comment let us know how it goes like the video and also if you guys end up using different variations of the recipes we would love to hear about that

like you know we love switching up our meals so if you found something that worked for you let us know buy!

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